Dave wrote all the lyrics and almost all the vocal melodies from all the Van Halen songs that were released with him in the group. Don't you realize if Sammy were given songs like "Ain't talkin' bout love", "Runnin' with the Devil" and "Feel your love tonight" among others, how cheesy they would sound. And I'm not talking about just changing the words to moon/june lyrics like Sam is famous for, but the melody of the song itself. When Dave left so did the hooks, the feel, the soul of Van halen. I am a singer-songwriter myself, not the best, but I have enough knowledge to know that it is sometimes very hard to come up with a very good vocal melody to a song. Dave's melodies were just as important to a song as was Eddie's guitar riffs.

I never meant that Dave was the sole reason for VH's success, but a large role he did play. People get to caught up in his comedy routine and think he is stupid because of it. Comedy is not easy work either. Dave is much more then just a "singer". He is a poet, a philosopher, a comedian, a singer, a musician, a thinker, and a creator all rolled into one. Even Eddie said after the first break-up that "he is damn creative". Anyone who thinks Dave is an idiot just doesn't get it. I personally think he is a creative genius and a damn good musician.

Some people say they didn't like his last solo effort "Your Filthy Little Mouth". I, in all honesty, thought it was one of his best solo efforts to date, without all the big names in his band. He shows plenty of growth and plays many musical styles. People think it's not as good because they either didn't listen to it, listened to it and didn't listen to it with an open mind, because it didn't do as well on the charts, or because it didn't "rock" like a Van Halen or Vai album. Most importantly, many people will not accept a DLR that is not a "Diamond" Dave, and that is sad.

Dave's voice is good. He may not sing in the highest registers, but Dave's voice is much more bassy and suited for the lower stuff. He is very dynamic in his range. It has what Sammy's and Gary's lack: soul and personality. Sammy just hits the notes and goes through the paces, much like his live act on stage.  Sammy has no dynamics, no bottom-end, he always sings in the same range (same with Cherone). Roth has an "oomph" and passion that has been sorely missing from Van Halen. It is his voice and personality that gave Van Halen the edge over other bands and kept Van Halen from being like Journey, Triumph, Loverboy, Poison, and Montrose.

I like "Your Filthy Little Mouth" much more then any Van Hagar release. I'm very close to saying it is my favorite Roth record also. Roth still has it. Would I have been disappointed when he toured with Van Halen again? No, no way possible. He could have walked out on stage and be as washed up as Elvis was when he was 42. I'll take a 1997 Dave over a 1997 Sammy, a 1986 Sammy, a1980 Sammy, or a 1998 Cherone any day. Even a 2010 Dave. Because even if the voice were to go, the soul don't leave till you die. It's all about the attitude. Elvis had (has) the greatest fans on Earth. You can learn much from them.

If you like the stuff that Van Hagar released, more power to you. They were a pretty good pop group. But time is already not being kind to many of these albums. Remember, Star Trek (and no I'm not a trekkie) never was a hit in it's day. No. 25 in the Nielsens at it's best. But look at it now. I don't know if that's a good analogy, but I'll throw it out there just the same.

Why am I such a rabid Roth supporter as you may ask? God, the guy has influenced me so much in my life. In a world that sometimes makes no sense, he makes perfectly good sense. I can be feeling down and depressed, but the second I put on a Dave song I feel like going out and getting it done. The philosophy, the attitude. The guy is a huge motivator. Dave has never quit. Dave is not a quitter.

Dave is a risk taker. I just have more respect and appreciate him more than a lot of  "Eddie is God" people do.



If VH3 sells 3.9 million, that means Sammy was NUTHIN' in VH history. He said himself, "They can't replace Sammy Hagar with just anybody." And he considers Gary Cherone a NOBODY.

It's up to you Sammy fans; support the new VH and you will be stabbing your man Sammy IN THE BACK!


You cannot honestly believe that Sammy won't be hurt if Mockery III, a band he says is led by a "nobody", outsells Balance. He will be hurtin' for certain if that happens. A band he supposedly "saved".

That is a message to his fans. We will see just how loyal and how big SH's following is come Mockery III delivery day.

In 1984, VH had 10 million fans. With 5150, they dropped to 6.9 million. With Balance, they eroded even further to 3.9 million. Sammy lost 6.1 million VH fans during his tenure at VH.

How many will Cherone gain?!!

Remember, Hagar considers Cherone a nobody. If he sells 3.9 million, it looks like they are both NOBODYS.

Cherone has to sell 10 million to match Dave and 3.9 million to match Sam.

It's up to you Sam fans. Don't embarrass your man. Because if you do, Sammy will never hear the end of it. Imagine if it sells 6 million!! He will go down as the man that RUINED VH. Sam will never be able to show his face in public again! (maybe Mockery III's success won't be so bad after all!!)

It's up to you.

Sammy Hagar

On Gary cherone:

Van Halen can't replace Sammy Hagar with just anybody. Gary has got to fill not only my shoes, but Roth's shoes. It was a tough enough job for me and I was coming off a double platinum album. He's coming from zero. Well, if you were
both (nuno and gary) so good, why didn't you guys make it? Personally, I don't think you're gonna see the band last.

Does he want to beat out Van Halen?:

You bet I would. To be as successful as VH would be a dream come true. As much as they want me to roll over and die, I want to make this work. They are trying to make me the bad guy, like they did with Roth, 'cause it worked for them the last time. That's another manipulation by the manager.

To the Red Rocker's fans:

When they went and got Roth back in the band...To me, that was the biggest backstab I could imagine. I wanted to be, the lead singer of Van Halen for the rest of my life, but when Ed told me they were getting Roth back in the band, I
was pissed. It was like coming home and finding your wife in bed with her old boyfriend. I just didn't know what I was going to do. And I was nervous. I was insecure.

I'm going, "Man, they got Roth back, man that's gonna, the fans are going to be happy, and I'm gonna just be, you know, be, I'm gonna be like on the out" you know. I really was, it made me real insecure. Those guys tried to make me out as the bad guy, but I gotta tell you now-I didn't quit this band. I would have never quit this band. Plus, I want the fans to know that I didn't fuck'em and I would never fuck'em.

- Straight from Sammy himself! Boycott Halen! Show your support for the Red Rocker. Sammy needs you!