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Man, is this page great or what? Just when I was fearful that Dave wouldn't have his own page (man, what LITTLE I knew of the net!) I find yours. It's SPECTACULAR! It is FANTASTIC! Dave is one of my BIGGEST faves and personal artistic influences due to his energy and sense of humour (I'm an animator). Whenever I feel down and need a boost to keep my spirits up, I crank up Dave. Also, it is FANTASTIC to finally run into somebody who truly understands the sheer genius, risktaking, honesty and IMPORTANT of the album quot;You Filthy Little Mouth"! (An album which I am SCARED to DEATH might get YANKED out of print the way "A Little Ain't Enough" did! Maybe Dave will rerelease these on his own NEW label which I just found out about?) I adore that album so much and barely had it NOT on, as I thought it was brilliant. What can I say? I love your webpage! If I sound overly enthusiastic, it's because I am. ;) I normally don't go this berzerk writing a compliment, but HEY! This is a great job your doing! Dave would be proud.

Thanks, and keep it up!


P.S. Do me a favour and keep harassing Eddie Van Halen in pulic--I enjoy it! Heh heh heh.... ;)



Quite simply, I've heard everything after David Lee Roth and Van Halen, and it's all shit.  Sammy Hagar and this new shit your putting out.  "Can we work it out?"  Give me a break.  From now on, if I'm listening to the radio and VH comes on with anything other than David Lee, I'm switching channels. The same goes for CD purchases.  I won't buy the crap your putting out now. Best advice from an old fan:  Get over your differences and get back to making good rock w/ David Lee.   Together, you guys are amazing.  Apart, both parties suck shit.  The only thing that gives me hope is Me Wize Magic.  My bottom line is that you guys are so fucking rich you don't really care what kind of music you put out now days.  I wish the VH of old would return. Otherwise, I hope all of you would just retire and save us from the misery your producing now.




Liked your page....SO NICE to see fans still exist for the real-deal DLR Van Halen. I saw them on MTV last nite---what a dissapointment! What in the hell was GC doing during "Panama?" Pretending he was a "real rock and roll guy" by flopping all around the arena like a crackhead? And I loved how he didn't have to balls to sing (or even make up new lyrics) for the "reach down between my legs/ease the seat back!" section. And Ed was a total limp dick playing "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love." You hit it on the head when you said in your site that they sound like a garage band. Too bad...put VH in the Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, etc category of bands that rocked and will never put  it back together.

Once again, sweet page, man.

Peace. ~Derek



I was wondering if you've been watching MTV lately, because I saw one of the funniest things regarding VH when I taped some videos the other day.  This was a 30-second skit inbetween videos called "Shirtless Ben Meets Van Halen," and all it consisted of was black-and-white still sketches of Shirtless Ben talking to members of Van Halen.  Since I taped it I took the liberty of writing down the dialogue. Use you imagination and check this out:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SETTING:         Sprouts Co-Op, a non-dairy, vegan, microbiotic food place.                  We see a man with his back turned at a dishwasher.  He is  wearing a jacket labeled "Salvation Army" and we hear  glass shattering.  Van Halen asks Shirtless Bob what's up.

MIKEY:  Who's breaking dishes back there? SHIRTLESS BEN:  Oh, man, it's this dishwasher.  I just don't know how to fire him. EDDIE: Look, you gotta be the boss.  It's like our lead singer  problem. ALEX:  Yeah, Sammy was in our band, so we hired Gary. SHIRTLESS BEN:  But this guy's really down on his luck...   ("More Than Words" is heard on acoustic guitar) EDDIE:  Listen, buddy...hold on a second.  GARY, if you play that  song ONE MORE TIME, I'm sending your ass back to Extreme! GARY: Sorry. MIKEY: Nice one, Eddie. ALEX: See?   It's easy.  Now go back there and CAN that dude! SHIRTLESS BEN:  All right, yeah, I'll do it!  Hey, new guy!  You're fired, man! DAVE:   Bozey-bozey-bop!  ("Just a Gigolo" plays) SHIRTLESS BEN,   (Throws his hands up in the air):  You always SAY that!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I don't know if the person who created this is slamming VH, Dave, or both, but I thought it was very funny.  I also read that DLR was asked to lend his voice to "We Are the World" but Noel Monk hung up on them the second they told him they were from USA Africa.  I'm glad Dave didn't do something like that even though it would have furthered his career, because then it really would have ruined his image.  Of course, Eddie would do something like that today if they paid him enough.



I didn't catch your name, but you have one GREAT site.  Personally, I like both DLR and Sammy, but I agree that VH should have changed their name to Van Hagar.  Now, their new album sucks horribly and I hope Eddie turns to alcoholism and ruins his career.  At the same time, I hope Dave's career blasts off.  I know I will be in line to buy a ticket to The DLR Band show, and will laugh at those in line for "the Gary embarrasment show".  Dave's two new songs are very fresh, and they are quenching every rock n' roll fan's thirst for good music.

Thanks for the Page,

Mike W.




What's up? Before I make any comment, I just wanna let you know that I am a life long fan of VH and DLR.I'm 28 now and have been following this soap opera since childhood, I have bought every album both VH and Roth have put out. I just read thru your entire page, and though I agree with alot of your comments, since you gave out your E-mail address I thought I would give you my 2cents worth. First of all, you are absolutely correct in saying the new VH album sucks. I was extremely disappointed in the effort. Ed screwed up big time, no doubt about it. I wish now they hadn't released anything at all.

  Anyway, I agree with alot you said about the new Van Halen. I will also say that Van Halen lost the "magic" when DLR left. But you make out like David loves the fans so much.....give me a break! was his ego that initially destroyed the greatest band on earth. Now Eddie's ego is as big as Dave's was, and VH continues to go downhill. But please, stop complaining about how Ed lies all the time, cause  no one really cares anymore. VH is dead now, its official.......its also official Daves been dead since 1988. At least we still have the music..... 1)VH     2) Fair Warning    3) W&C 1st    4) VH II    5) 1984    6) Diver Down

By the way, Romeo Delight is one of my favorites as well.

Later, Mike



Well it looks like the Mock III tour is not going as planned.  Here in Dallas/Ft. Worth one of the local radio stations...97.1 KEGL is selling the lawn seats at Starplex Amphitheater for a reduced price of $10.00!!!   The initial asking price for these tickets was between $25 and $35.00 each.

    Perhaps the people are not so dumb after all!!   This to me seems to be a drastic move as tickets were on sale here for almost a month prior to this reduction.  I personally hope that they play to an empty house...NOT THE OVER 20,000 THAT THE FACILITY IS CAPABLE OF HOLDING!!!!

    Thanks for the reply and info,  keep in touch and keep the faith!




This site rules and so does Dave thanks to Van Helen 3.



Your DLR site kicks ass...  Roth is the best and i agree with your view of van halen totally.  Thanks for the great updates and info on the new Roth songs and the new album..



I have visited you web page several times now; I am glad somebody else out there in the real world feels similar to me regarding the whole Van Halen saga (soap opera?). 

While reading your thoughts on Edward, Alex, and Michael (who we now call "The Eddie Van Halen Project"), my wife and I began to laugh hysterically: it was like reading passages from a screenplay taken from MANY discussions *we* have had regarding Van Halen and their deceptive antics and disregard for thinking fans.  For years now, I have been shocked and incredulous at the idiotic decisions Ed and the gang have made regarding their singers. Here are some of my thoughts:

First the Dave-era:  This was the first and by FAR the best Van Halen era; in my opinion, it IS the Van Halen era.  Ed and Al RARELY spoke and seemed to support their frontman.  (Of course, like always, Michael was completely silent.)   There were rumors of flare-ups between Ed and Dave--like all bands.   Everything was great and then 1985; during Dave's *side project* (read: he did not leave to be a movie star or a solo artist) Ed and the puppet boys claimed that Dave left them high and dry.  Though Dave had begun work on the follow up album to 1984 (several songs were underway including portions of Hot Summer Nights), The Eddie VH Project picked up Sammy Hagar.  Things were sure fishy in 1985-86 when Ed and Al fluctuated between claims that (1) Dave left them devastated as he went solo, and (2) they fired Dave because he was the "big cheese" that nobody cared for anymore.   Strange that Sammy added lyrics to songs already in progress by Ed and Dave!   Anyway, the rest is history.  Since 86 the world (and us VH fans) heard nothing but whining and finger pointing from the Ed, Al, and Mike camp.

NOTE: I don't care to put down Sammy for any of these VH antics.   As far as I'm concerned, he was a smart entertainer to jump on the chance to become the singer of VH.  Except for silly joking, I NEVER heard Sammy put down Dave. 

Second, the Sammy-era:  Clearly the Sammy era is frought with problems: shallow lyrics, forgettable guitar work, truly boring and diminished bass, and more forgettable drums [*electric* drums (eg 5150 and some OU812)].  A couple of observations: Sammy is to blame for the lyrics which have ranged from truly immature and sexist to pseudo-political, from jumbled ramblings to top-40 cliches; Eddie is to blame for everything else weak during that time.  The recordings are not even very clean or well mastered during this era, except for the last two albums.

Nevertheless, throughout the Sammy era, there have been some gleeming gems. And sometime around Carnal Knowledge and Balance, I believe they began to sound like a unified band.  Though I missed Dave (and had given up on hoping for a return of Dave), Sammy and the gang were doing their own thing: top 40 pop rock--with some cool guitar licks and some catchy lyrics and "rock anthems."  Clearly the BIG ROCK days were over (and will always be associated with Dave's bristling growl).  I will never forget reading the Rolling Stone interview with Ed in 1995 in which he claimed relations with Sammy were better than ever and that Sam would ALWAYS be the singer of VH.   That claim looks absurd now, not to mention very similar to what he claims in 1998 regarding Gary "Sammy Wannabe" Cherone.

Third, there was the Reunion SHAM: you, the web page owner/writer have covered this very well and I completely agree with your account: Dave, MTV, Beck, and many others' stories corroborate one another.  The Eddie Van Halen Project really pulled a fast and dirty trick on the music world and the fans.  Though I never believed Ed and Al regarding 1985/86 change in singers (Dave's story never changed, theirs did numerous times), I continued to be a Van Halen fan AND a David Lee Roth fan.  The 1996 MTV reunion sham  coupled with the questionable departure of Sammy ended my commitment to VH.  First, the claims of the VH brothers (regarding Sammy's departure) were almost IDENTICAL to those regarding Dave's departure.  They said he left willingly and amicably!  That Sammy wanted to pursue a solo career!  As they had prior to the well-documented breakup with frontman Dave, the VH brothers (with silent Michael) began to write/record behind the current singer's back: the two GH songs were created with Dave while Sammy was STILL in the band.  And finally, a third time the VH gang went behind current singer's back: behind Dave's back (for a second time) they began writing/recording with Gary Cherone!

Fourth: the Gary Cherone Era: The new album by the Eddie Van Halen Project is interesting.  It has some interesting guitar work--better than the licks on almost ALL Sammy-era albums.  There are notable bass lines in a couple songs (though they are NOT played by Michael Anthony--they are Edward); the drums are tighter than those of the past Sammy-era albums, etc.  And what's this?  Is that Sammy on vocals?  No, not quite, though the new guy sure sounds like it.  We all know Gary Cherone is the new singer.  We know his background (forgettable career as frontman to the now defunct Extreme). But did we know he sounds remarkably like Sammy?!   Did he sound like Sammy when singing Extreme hair-band songs?  (I can't answer that since I know next to nothing about Extreme except for a few songs I have heard and hated.  Songs I tune out like I would Poison, Bon Jovi, or other top-40 glam hair band crap.)  The truth about the new version of the Eddie Van Halen Project: it sounds all right for a new, Van Hagar clone band.  And I don't that mean that as an insult to Sammy; nevertheless, the lyrics are more sensible and thoughtful than most Sammy songs. This is clearly NOT Van Halen--not the Van Halen of VH1 through 1984.  It is something different. 

My first instinct was to bash the album because Ed and Al jilted Dave a second time, dumped Sammy (repeating the 1985/6 trash talk), and came up with a new singer that sounds like a Sammy wannabe.  My first thoughts were to laugh at Ed, Al, and Mike because they are deceitful humans looking for the quick buck.   But putting all of those well established facts aside, the new album is pretty good on its OWN TERMS; and before I invoke a flame for that comment, I add the following: this new incarnation should NOT be called Van Halen. Fans should not have to put up with this continuing sham: call the new group the Eddie Van Halen Project and let Edward continue to suffer from LSD.   With the new name, he could at least continue to change singers with little harm to what little integrity he has left. "...Project" implies the band is owned and operated by Edward Van Halen only--free to change singers on a whim.

It is no surprise that Gary Cherone is the replacement for Sammy/Dave.   He can sing the Sammy-era songs flawlessly (I am guessing) and he won't "steal the show" like the previous singers; he has no solo career to fall back on if he doesn't want to put up with the VH tyrany.  He is, like you claimed, a yes man.   He will bow to the leader of the ensemble (I am not sure if we should call this a band).  And finally, I do not mean this personally, Gary is not a charismatic entertainer.  He can just sit back and let Ed be in the spotlight.  NOTE: I don't blame Gary for jumping at the chance to the lead singer of the VH project.  Why should he be slammed for the decisions of the EVHP (Eddie Van Halen Project)?  He's got to take the opportunity. The finger should be pointed at the other three EVHP members, not Gary. (This comes out of no loyalty or love for Gary, either.)

In conclusion, I must say I enjoy learning that there are true Van Halen fans out there, fans that love the MUSIC (read: vocals, guitar, bass, and drums) and recognize the David Lee Roth ara Van Halen *is* Van Halen. Can't wait to hear the new DLR album!




VH III drops to #45 on the charts this week. Ahhhhh the pitter patter of little feet (Dave dancing on Van Halen's grave)



I really liked your article on Van Halen.  I do have one bitch with you though....Don't bad-mouth Dee Snider!!  Dee can sing with the best of them.......even Dave.



Well here it is approximately 4 weeks after the debut of Mock III at number 4 on the Billboard charts and as of today 16 April 1998 it can be found plummeting at number 44.  I would like to also point out that this is only 8 places behind HANSON!!!! who has been on the chart for 49 weeks.  Yea buddy...Mock III is a hit!

I've enjoyed the two new DLR songs...since learning about them on your site.  When is the new album due??

See Ya Later.....



Hey Wussup?, I'm a musician, geetar player who agrees VH needs Dave. Definately. Let me just say, furthermore....I always liked Extreme, so I won't put down who VH has up front these days, even though his voice seems lost in the mix. However, it might be interesting for  Dave to give Nuno Bettincourt(sp?) a ring, and do something from the heart with him. Now that would be interesting not to mention heavy duty!!!

Later,  john B:-)

PS (He could also call me, I'm no slouch!!  But realistically, I'd go with the first suggestion!!)



   It is crystal clear.  Anyone with good taste in music will agree that no Van Halen is legitemate unless David Lee Roth is lead singer.   Plain and simple.       I reluctantly own a couple of the Van Hagar albums because I kept an open mind, and the most obvious characteristic differentiating them from the classics are a thin, weak, trebely, overprocessed, overcompressed sound that fatigues the ears.  VH III simply adds insult to injury.   I heard one cut on the radio, and it was cheesy as one would expect.  My advice to Eddie:  If you need money, take the earnings from your previous work and invest in Mutual Funds, give guitar lessons then retire early because your beginning to annoy me. 



I read about Gary plugging the new album at concerts and asking people not to make copies of it.  Does Eddie REALLY think the album's bombing because a couple of people are taping it for their friends????  What an idiot.  How can he look himself in the mirror? 

I remember an experience I had with a VH grunt a couple of years ago.   It was in the summer of '96 and I read in Entertainment Weekly that Sammy quit the band because VH was collaborating with David Lee Roth.  Even though I only had a couple of VH albums at that point (VH2, WACF, 1984, 5150) I was hoping there was going to be a reunion or something in the future.  So later that afternoon I saw a kid with a Balance T-shirt and out of the blue I asked him more details about Sammy's departure and whether the return of Roth was imminent.

And you know what he said?  "Awww, it doesn't matter WHO they get to sing, as long as Eddie and Alex keep doing their thing."  Fucking little VH grunt.  Now I know why he had a Balance T-shirt.  I wonder how often he plays Mock3 now???  Eddie says it's good, so maybe it's his favorite.

Thanx.  Let's see how much MORE VH can bomb this week.



I totaly disagree with you on everything you think about Van Halen. It seems to me that you are hung up on the DLR trip. Give it up man! It was some great years and great albums but IT IS OVER!!!!!!!! You probably didn't even hear the hole VH3 album and you probably won't ether. It is a GREAT album,the solos are GREAT,and it is far from over for the band.I really don't think that Mike will ever quit the band. They will continue to make albums together for decades to come. And just one more thing, stop being imature by saying that Dave would kick Al's butt. THAT is stupid. Just grow up man.






An Open Letter To Edward Van Halen

I'm not exactly sure who this is going to reach, but I was told that it would be Valerie, Edward, Scotty, and Brad.  If this is true, Hello, howsit going?   I wanted to write to get some things off my chest regarding the current plight of Van Halen.  I am, as I'm sure you already know, your biggest fan (just like everyone else you talk to, he he).  My name is Aaron Mahoney and I am 27 years of age.  I have been a fan of Van Halen since I was 12 (1982), and boy was a mad at Eddie when I found out he married my true love, Valerie (kidding).  You see, I had a crush on her since I was around 9 or 10 from watching One Day At a Time.  Anyway . . . Let me just say this first.  Edward, I love you. You are one of my heroes.  I mean it man, you have brought me so much joy and happiness thru the years, that I just want to say thank you , from my heart.  I'm an artist and I finished a masterpiece about 8 months ago.  It's a pretty decent sized picture of Ed jamming on the old Red and White striped Fender/Kramer.  I'm not bragging, but it's awesome!  I'd like to get Ed a copy of it someday.  Hell, I'll keep the copy and I'll give Ed the original (just as long as you'll sign my copy Ed, hehehe).  That being out of the way, I want to give you all my honest opinion regarding current Van Halen.  This is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings, make anyone mad, or ruin anybody's day.  It is just my honest opinion from the heart.

Edward, I am angry with you.  Not angry like, 'hey I hate your guts' , but angry like you would get with a loved one, say, a brother.  When I was 12, Van Halen was a mighty machine.  The music moved you, actually picked you up out of your seat, and made you dance, play football, get in a fight, go up to that girl you were afraid to talk to, whatever. You did it because you were moved to.  That's how powerful and emotional Van Halen was.  The music made the hair on my arm stand straight up, and it gave me Goosebumps.  When David Lee Roth was in the band, the music that came out of VH was the best music anyone has ever heard.  That is not a shot at you Ed, it is a truthful statement . . . just listen to the music.  Edward, you are a genius.  No one will dispute that.  You are the greatest guitar player of all time.  That includes Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Vai and Malmsteen.  You are THE MAN!!!!  No one has done for guitar and music in general, what you have.   Having Dave back in the band would not make people forget that.  Ed, people loved you more, when Dave WAS in the band.  As you may have already guessed, I am also a BIG DAVE FAN.  I don't like David more than you Ed, don't worry.  You are still my hero.  It's just that . . . well . . he was Dave.  He was fun. There was no one better.  Edward, I have heard you say on many occasions, "those other guys didn't write the music"  I've got news for you.  Dave was a great writer.  Everybody knows and understands that you are a great writer.  But what was Dave, some schmuck?  I mean, did you tell him how to sing, or what to sing, or what melody to come up with to go with the music?  I'm not trying to be sarcastic, I'm making a point.

And here it is.  Just because someone doesn't play an instrument, doesn't mean they are not musical, and that they can't write music.  I mean hell, Elvis couldn't write a lick and he was a pretty decent musician.  He was basically very gifted, being born with that voice, those moves, and that presence.  Was Elvis a farce cause he didn't write all those songs he sang?  Hardly.

What's more Dave IS a great writer, arranger, cheerleader, and his lyrics and melodies weren't bad either.  Now I am hearing you say that with Cherone you are no longer limited in what you write musically, the same exact thing you said when Sammy took over for Dave in '85.  I must say, when I listen to the Roth era albums, it doesn't sound too 'limited' to me. What do you honestly think people would rather hear, Ice Cream Man or Poundcake?  Mean Street or Why Cant This Be Love? Unchained or Cant Stop Lovin You?  Drop Dead Legs or When its Love? Romeo Delight or Dreams?  You get the idea.  Don't take my word for it, just listen to rock radio.  I have not heard a single Van Hagar song played on the radio since right around the time Hagar left and Dave came in to do the two songs.  No lie!  Swear to God!!  But you cant go an hour without hearing a classic VH tune on the radio.  You tell me what people would rather hear!  Believe me, I'm not trashing what you did with Sammy.   I liked Sammy and I still liked VH with him.  The music was always there for the most part.  Songs like Good Enough, 5150, Summer Nights, AFU, Source of Infection, Judgement Day, Dream is Over and Pleasuredome kept me going.  Balance was a letdown though.  Not sure why, it just didn't do it for me.  Sammy was very good.  He was not great, but he was very good.  You were fortunate to get him.   He also was a decent writer and arranger.  Though his voice was often annoying after a few songs.

Here is another bone I feel the need to pick.  Neither Sammy nor Gary have better range than Dave.  Sure, they can both sing higher, no one will argue that.  But better???  Please.  Why is higher automatically better.   Dave was the one with the range my friends.  He could sing low and ballsy, bluesy and high.  He could shriek and yelp and his voice had subtle qualities that made it a great voice.  It was a trademark voice. Dave was, by far, a better singer, a better songwriter, and a better performer, than either Sammy or Gary could ever dream of being.  Edward, I heard you say at the premier of the new album, "Right Now was written in 1983 (or thereabouts), we just didn't have anyone that could sing it."   Ed, may I ask, who cares???  I would much rather have you tune down a half step to 'accommodate' Dave and get a song like Runnin with the Devil or Somebody Get me a Doctor.  I would rather hear ANY old VH song instead of Right Now.  And I'm not alone.  Ask anyone.  Edward, you seem to have this crazy notion that bringing Dave back would be 'selling out' as you put it.  Like Kiss, for instance.  Why would it be selling out?  Because the fans want it?  That is the most convoluted reasoning I have ever heard.  Kiss did not sell out, they did what the fans wanted.

And believe me, they fixed what was broken.  After seeing the original four members of Kiss in full makeup back in the 70's, do you honestly think what they were doing for the last 15 years matters at all?  Kiss is 4 guys, Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace.  No one else would have ever been Kiss in the minds of the fans.   No one else matters.  Let me ask you this.  Would the Stones be the Stones without Mick?  I mean, Keith is sure a good guitar player, right?  Would Zeppelin have been Zeppelin without Robert Plant?  What if Zeppelin had gone out and got Sammy Hagar as a replacement for Plant?  Sure, they would have still had fans, and probably even made some new ones.  But would it have been the same??? To true Van Halen fans, there are 4 guys that matter.  Mike, Alex, Eddie, and Dave.  Period.   Bringing Dave back would not be selling out, it would be righting what is wrong.   I don't care if Warner Bros. or whoever offers alot of money for you to do it.   That's not the point. The point is the music, as you always say Ed.  If that is true, bring Dave back, because the four of you guys together, especially you and Dave, it's just magical.  Me Wise Magic and Cant Get This Stuff are the two best songs you have put out since 1984!  And your playing is incredible!  Like the old days.   That solo in CGTSNM is amazing.  And the outro to Me Wise Magic is pure genius!  Your best outro since Mean Street.  Dave inspires you.  He must.   What else could it be?  Stop hating the guy!  People don't like Dave better than you Edward, they like the two of you TOGETHER.

Ed, it saddens me to see and hear what people are saying about you, and I must admit, I have also been one of the culprits.  On TV, the radio, the web, wherever I go, I hear fuck Eddie!  You have made alot of people hate you.  When I heard that David Lee Roth was back in the studio working with Edward and the boys, I almost wrecked my car I was so excited.  No lie.  I had to pull over about 2 miles from my house.  I have not been that happy since I was a little kid and my parents got back together.  After I came to, I bolted home and called all my friends and told them the news.  We were all ecstatic.  Then the MTV Music Awards.   When I saw the four of you walk out together, I was literally standing up on my couch, with tears rolling down my face, and I was just bouncing.  Like a little kid that just got the toy he's been waiting for all year long.  Except I had been waiting for this since 1985.  You couldn't have wiped the smile off my face with a baseball bat.  My wife Joanne thought I was nuts!  She doesn't understand the mighty VH and what it once was. 

Ed, only you know whether or not you screwed Dave over.  Only you know whether you let him think he had a shot.  Only you know whether or not you let him think he was in the band.  And frankly, I don't care who is at fault.  After hearing the new album, let me just say, Please go get all the kings horses, and all the kings men, and please put the mighty Van Halen back together again!  I have to give you my honest opinion about Cherone.  Brace yourself, it's not going to be pretty.   Do me a favor.  Go put in the new disc and just listen to Without You.   Listen to him when he says "so maybe theres a way that we can work it oooouut" Then listen to him toward the end of the solo where he goes '' ay yi yi yi yi yi!"   This guy is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  These are the elephant balls we were all told about?!!  I'm sorry Ed, this guys voice is one thousand times more irritating than Sammys.  Like nails on a chalkboard!!  It's like listening to someone grind metal in a machine shop.  When he tries to sing all powerful, he does nothing but screech. He is a screecher, nothing more.  That's not power!   His voice is flat, shrill and annoying.  And pick a key for Gods sake!!!   And when he tries to sing soft and pretty . . . ?    His voice is the most boring, monotone, plain, waste of time I have ever heard.  Don't take my word for it.  Listen to what everyone else is saying.  Fans, Radio, Music mags, critics, etc.  His voice has no quality about it at all.  This is the 'angel voice' ??  I don't care if you like the guy, HE CANT SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And he is the worst writer I think I have ever heard.   At least Sammy new how to put the song together and mold it into something.   He new how to write a catchy hook.  Gary cannot write.  His vocal melody (if you can call it a melody) goes all over the place, with no direction.  It has no groove, no rhythm, no hook, no balls.  And his lyrics?  Long winded and trite. It's like Dave said, ''If you have a message, use Western Union''  To be honest, the singer could sing about monkey droppings for all I care, just as long as it sounds good.   Well Edward, this album does not sound good.  And Gary is the one that ruins it.  Every time he opens his mouth, the song is ruined for me.  Again, don't take my word for it. Just look at the album sales (or the lack thereof).  It's like Alex said at the MTV Awards, "You can't fool the fans."

Edward, I am begging you.  Please don't waste another 10 years with this Cherone guy.  We could have Van Halen right now (no pun intended). It's very disappointing that you were unable to work thru your differences with Dave.  Take my word for it, the fans want Dave back. You would not be ripping us off.  You would be giving us what we have all wanted and hoped for, for so long.  You and Dave together!   We love you both.   We wish you could love one another.  I don't care if it's awkward, or uncomfortable to call Dave.  Do it.  Yell at him if you must.  Tell him you are pissed at him.  Tell him you are sick of his shit.   Work it out!!!!!!!!  Be men.  You can have arguments without ending your friendship.  You can yell at one another.  It happens.  It's going to happen.  I'm telling you, this album is already dead, and the tour is the next thing to die.  Now's the time, while were all relatively young.  I'm sure Dave is still game.  Do it for the fans.  Do it for the music.  Do it for history's sake.  If you do, the music will again 'speak for itself.'  

I hope I have not offended anyone.  If I have, I am sorry.   That was not my goal.  My goal was to hopefully regain what I had the priveledge of having when I was 12 years old.



Hagar's album is going to outsell VH3, and it would be SOOO nice if The DLR Band CD outsells it.  Hell, the bar isn't that high. I think SD and KOTH alone are worth buying it. Now that the public sentiment is on DLR's side for once, maybe he will benefit.  I know (from talking to guys at our two local Rock stations) that there are lots of DJ's that HATE the VH3 album (one reason KOTH and SD are getting airplay, perhaps?)  I am personally responsible for one station getting it on the air (patting oneself on the back). 

To be honest, after reading "Crazy From the Heat" and all those interviews on the Slawterhouse site, I'd rather see VH die.  I don't think it can ever be ressurected now, because EVH/AVH are too full of themselves.  The only thing that might bring them back to earth (if that is possible) is a taste of failure.   They are getting that now.  Now, I wonder if WB has the balls to take a much more active role in their next album?  WB has to have taken a big one in the pants over the sales flop. 



Dude, that Tommy Nast guy is the biggest fricken queer I've ever heard.   At the premier he had his head so far up Eddies ass, all you could see were his shoes.  I couldnt beleive it.  Telling Ed how great every song was. Please.   What a joke.  An then everyone's chanting 'gary , gary'  should have been chanting 'faggot, faggot'  Anyway, here's what I wrote to Warner Bros.

************************************************************************ **********************************************************

Yes gentlemen,

It's time for someone to take the spoiled brat, the petty, insecure, egotistical, lying , jealous sonofabitch, Edward Van Halen, and tell him how it is.   It pains me to write this, as Ed is one of my heroes.  But I'm sure the top brass there at Warner Brothers must admit, the new Van Halen is a joke.  And not a very funny joke at that.  Why dont you ladies stop letting the little shit push you around?!!  Maybe you should call yourselves Warner Skirts, or Warner Sisters.   Roth is not in the band for one simple reason.  Jealousy.  Edward cannot stand the thought of sharing the spotlight with anyone, especially someone like Dave, who is sure to get most of it.  Just watch the video of the MTV music awards,  When they got the standing ovation, you could see the anger in Ed's face.  Problem is, Van Halen sucks without Dave.  Yes, Ed is a great, great musician.  He just doesn't know the difference between what is great and what sucks wind.  That's where Dave came in.  Dave was a great cheerleader, director, and the most talented co-writer and arranger a rock band has ever seen.  And his vocals and melodies weren't bad either.   He had brains enough to tell Edward 'ya, ya that sounds great, let's use that'   or 'no that sucks, let's lose that.'  Edward obviously doesn't know the difference. 

Have any of you actually listened to this new crap?!!!  I'm sorry but New Kids on the Block and Milly Vanilly is better.  The problem does not lie with Dave.  He was obviously fine with the idea of a reunion.  He has no problem working with these jerks.  Okay, okay, I know you could give a rats jock about any of this.  So lets talk about the bottom line, shall we? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, or in the case of VH3, the lack thereof.  There is a reason people aren't buying it.  IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The fans want Van Halen back, and Van Halen is Mike, Al, Edward, and Dave.  That's it. If you want people to support these jokers than that's what we want. Van Halen!!!  Not Van Hagar, not Van Cherone, Van Halen!!!  Ask Yourselves, would the Stones be the Stones without Mick.   I mean, Keith is sure a good guitar player.  Would Zeppelin have been the same without Robert Plant?  I don't care how good Page was, it would not have been the same.  Not even close.  And you guessed it, VH is not VH without Dave.  Van Halen is, er  . . . I mean WAS your biggest franchise. Unless you guys take the bull by the horns, those days are over. 

The fans want Dave.  The music that comes out of the original VH is brilliant.  I miss that.  A Van Halen reunion would be the biggest thing since the Beatles in '64.  Bigger than Kiss?  Hell ya!!  You know it, and I know it.  So what's the problem?  I'll tell you.  Edward Van Ego. Here's what you do.  "Edward, we dont care if you don't want to work with Dave.  Tough shit.  Work with him or find a new label!!"  I promise you,  he'll work with Dave.  And we'll all be better for it.



The set list of VH3 is horrendous...yup, this *is* a tribute tour. Out of the 18 songs played over two nights VH played 7 DLR-era tunes and 5 Hagar ones which includes "Humans Being."  What's next, Cherone sings "Me Wise Magic???"  Plus the show opened with "Unchained" and closed with "Panama" and "Jump."  I've NEVER been to a concert where an established band, on OPENING NIGHT played one of their old songs and not something from the new album. Plus from what I read the band's in bad shape physically, too--Alex still wears a neck brace when touring and they let Mikey sing "Somebody Get Me A Doctor."  I think somebody better get *VH* a doctor--Dr. Kevorkian!

Doesn't Eddie realize the critical and popular negativity that has plagued Mock3 means that people want Roth back?  VH could NEVER get a standing ovation at the MTV VMA without anyone but Roth...I bet even if Bill Clinton came out with him no one would stand up.  Eddie even admitted in Rolling Stone that a lot of people hate the new album, but that's "only because they want Dave back in the band."   Well, SHIT YEAH!!!  At least the band was GOOD, if not OUTSTANDING when they had him at the helm, but in the last 12 years Van Halen has witnessed an ever-dwindling amount of fans and creative output.  Even though 5150 was a tremendous critical success and rode high on 1984's coattails, it still didn't sell as much. See, if Van Halen was a great band with Cherone then maybe I'd be foolish if I kept pining for Dave's return.  But Van Halen was and will only be great with the diamond one, no matter how old or talentless the public seems to think he is.

I like the new work you've done on the page, and I hope you update it again soon since the band has really been choking lately.



Can you believe Eddie's latest?  He can't understand why he, Sammy and Dave "can't remain friends". Take the guitar away and this guy is just plain stupid. It is pretty amazing though that all of Van Halen's problems everyone else's fault but Eddie's. Eddie! Get a clue about PR... you've got one foot up your ass and the other in your mouth. Are you aware of how often you contradict yourself in the press? Do you really think your fans don't pick up on that?  Take some good advice and just shut up! Shut up about Sammy. Shut up about Dave. And shut up already about the "LSD"... it's a retarded concept.

Another thing, you're character would suffer less damage in the public eye if you quit letting the press inquire about your drinking problem. You always end up sounding like an addict in denial. By the way, your comments in the Guitar World interview about being musically inspired while taking a dump were less than innovative coming from the guy who supposedly "reinvented the electric guitar". C'mon Ed, a recording studio in the crapper? Eddie, David Lee Roth isn't your enemy. Neither is Sammy Hagar. By being bitter, selfish, and dishonest, you managed to mock Van Halen's most loyal fans and became your own worst enemy, ever-contributing to your very public self-destruction... and the eventual demise of Van Halen.



I think your web page could use a little more class. I am not saying that I was insulted by your page, but that woman you have dancing should be wearing something red not purple. Also, I would like to know if you know any good poetry links.                 




You seem angry. A friend of mine Paul auditioned for Eddie but refused to do "old" stuff and was let go. You shouldnt be so hard on Gary. He's talented and taking a 'dream' gig. Eddie will ruin him for sure. But Gary's in no way at fault. Eddie's lost it. He was so jealous of KISS's reunion and making so many comments about Ac Frehley sucking and everything...Eddie the once God was having an insecurity check while coming clean from his substance abuses. Nobody is innocent here but Eddie is clearly confused. I'd love to see Dave ans Sammy do a couple of songs together. Just as a gag......