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The radio stations here (DC101 and XL102) are now playing Slam Dunk. I request it every day and apparently plenty others are as well. I guess Dave has Washington D.C.'s vote as well as Md. and Va.




Hey man, You will be very happy to know that a friend of mine who is an electrician got together with a bunch of guys in the union (over 800 so far), threw each of their new VH3 albums in a box and are sending back to the record label with a note saying it sucks! They don't want their money back, they just don't want the album. I could not put my copy in because I bought Dave's greatest hits instead. "Don't piss me off" is still better than anything VH has done since Dave's departure. Keep up the good work on the Diamond Page. Ciao



Does anyone know an address at Warner Bros. where I could write, where someone with some klaut would actually recieve the letter and read it? I've got a few choice words and some helpful tips and suggestions for these clowns. It's time for them to stop letting the little spoiled brat edward push them around, and give him an ultimatum. Anyway, my pen is ready.


p.s. This might be a good idea for everyone to do. If Warner Yesmen . . I mean Bros. gets enough letters from pissed off fans, and enough demands for Dave, they might have no choice but to bring Eddie Van Liar ( Van Crybaby, Van Whiner, Van Ego, Insert your own), into their office and tell him what he is going to do for the good of the fans, sales, and common sense. Come on people, this is America, let's start the ball rolling!!

Mail Warner Brothers:



I acquired Skyscraper and Eat `em and Smile yesterday. Those were the only two that were in any of the record stores. I was hoping to get A Little Ain't Enough but 4 record stores didn't have it. I liked both of them, Skyscraper is more like the "1984" sound, where EAS is more like the earlier VH albums. My favorite songs:

Hot Dog and a Shake (possibly my favorite DLR song)

Elephant Gun (could have been on VH or Fair Warning)

Stand Up (great Synth-Rock tune, DLR was much better at this sound that Van Hagar)

Yankee Rose (Vai IS as good as EVH)

Going Grazy

Two very good albums. I wanted to get ALAE, because I really liked the song "A Little Aint Enough" that was on "The Best".

I tell you, I am glad I stumbled on your web page and got interested in Roth's solo stuff, I never realized what I missed all these years. The "REAL" VH lived on with Roth. Sure he isn't hard rock 100% of the time, but then neither was VH. I still like 5150 and OU812 (because I love the Synth-Rock sound that they and 1984 had, one reason I love Rush), but DLR's stuff is better.



Hey man, I love your page! I am glad that there is someone out there who feels exactly like I do about Dave and Van Halen. I used to be brainwashed (just like Alex and Mike) by Eddie about Dave and VH. I supported Eddie through the years they squablled w/Dave and even enjoyed the fact that Dave wasn't doing so well w/out VH in recent yrs cuz, I believed Dave was at fault for leaving the band. But now the fog has lifted and I realize the truth: Dave is the one w/the Charisma, and most of all the talent.

Consider this, most peoples favorite version of VH is w/Dave, no matter what their feelings are about the other versions. Why? cuz Dave is talented. He is the kind of rock start we need right now in an alternative nation where evryone is down in the dumps and sounds exactly alike. Thank God Dave is around to entertain the audience jsut like many rock stars used to do.  As far as I'm concerned when VH dies after this crappy album and Ed begs for him to come back Dave should just tell him to fuck off. I'd appreciate more info. Also: Your opinions on the 2 new songs off of BOV 1. I like em both, but Cant Get this Stuff No More is my favorite, cuz Me Wise Magic sounds musically and sort of vocally like something they'd do w/Van Hagar.

If you have time, please read my assessment of the current state of VH. If not, please just send me back some information regarding songs, tour, etc. Thanks, and by the way Diamond Dave's greatest hits is indeed THE BEST! It is always in my CD changer! Can't wait to hear the new songs.

Re: VH today. First, Dave and VH=Unbeatable bottom line. I think you're a little rough on Sammy cuz Daves shoes are hard to fill. He aint bad but he's sure as hell no Dave. 5150 is a decent album. OU812 is a sign in my mind of Ed, "The mature musician". Could you see VH circa 78 doing OU812? I don't think so. There's some decent stuff, but way to laid back. FUCK sounds like they never got excited about the whole thing. There is just a vibe of lazy musicianship. Runaround is the liveliest of the bunch. Balance I think has very good and very bad points. The rockers are much livelier than anything after 5150, but the ballads and the pop songs are too much. Plus, why all the damn instrumentals? I agree on your statements on Sammy's "range" he really doesn't have any. But hell, I thought he was trying. I think it kinda lies w/Ed. It's like after 1984, he stopped being innovative w/the guitar. He just like turned on the keyboards and did the same ol shit w/his guitar, and now it's fianlly caught up w/him.

Re: The reunion fiascos. Bottom line is Ed is a egotistical prick undergoing a mid life crisis. Dave was kicked out the 2nd time cuz the spotlight was on him. Dave kinda did hog the mike but, that's his style. Eddie cuz he's sober now (supposedly) wasn't drunk and failed to blend in the background like he used too. He realizes now how he neve rhad his time in the sun cuz he was always to wasted and withdrawn. So because Dave did a little more talking and cuz it's Ed's name (not Ed and alex's just Ed's) he fired him. I think that too led to Sammy's demise. According to Sammy, he got kicked out cuz he didn't wanna work cuz his wife was pregnant. If this is the case, Ed is a bigger prick than I thought. He had a problem cuz Sammy didn't say "yes Eddie whatever you say" to the new, sober, mature musician. So, bye Sammy.

Finally, Gary. Gary is LEAST at fault here. Ed sees a guy who is pretty unknown, hires him not cuz "he's a nice guy" but because he kisses my ass and does whatever I say. Consider this, if your carreer was going nowhere and Ed offered you the chance to jam out old VH shit out live plus get paid a shit load wouldn't you do it? I would. Ed is a prick who thinks he's god's gift to music all of a sudden and Alex and Mike are puppets. If Mike had balls, he'd quit after the tour(hopefully) fails miserably. Forget Alex, his head is to far up Ed's ass. He is Ed's robot. The new songs suck. The music is redundant nothing new. Actually, Sammy should be relieved he got fired, cuz the same redundant shit would be coming out w/him at the mike. Wow I can make noises on my guitar. The singing is bad too. On Without You Gary sounds precisely like Sammy or tries, but he can't hack it. That's what happens when you base your vocalist choice on whoever kissses your ass.....

I've written a mile long. Keep up the good work on your page. I'm so glad Dave is releasing Real VH music. Hopefully, the public will smarten up and open their ears to what's REALLY HAPPENING.

Adam Kulawik BTW, how is the new Vh selling? Hopefully poorly!



Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows how the new album is doing sales-wise compared to the last couple albums. The reason I ask is that I'm hoping it is bombing big-time so Van Homo will see the light and make peace with Dave. I know . . . I live in my own little dream world, but as Dave would say . . "at least they know me there" I heard it has sold around 250,000 copies so far. Is this true and if so, is this alot considering how long it has been out? Eddie needs to ask himself, 'would the Stones be the Stones without Mick?' 'Would Zeppelin have been Zeppelin without Plante?' Cause Van Halen sure as hell aint Van Halen without Dave!!

And a brief comment on Eddies playing. It has no fire, no heart, no raw blazing fast solo's, and no Brown Sound. His playing to me, is just a bunch of noodeling, he never just goes off anymore. Sounds like he's thinking too much, like he's planned everything he's gonna play, no spontanaity. I miss solos like Girl Gone Bad, Mean Street and I'm the One. And his tone or sound is to smooth and polished anymore, not raw and brown. Let's lose the Music Man, or the Peavy Wolfgang, or whatever the hell it is we're playing this week, get rid of that crappy 5150 amp, and dig the old rig out of retirement!! And then he needs to go get good and drunk because since he's supposedly sobered up, he's acting like a complete jackass! Can I buy you a drink Edward?!!




Halen's chart failures are a great thing because now Eddie has realized how much he has bullshitted the fans. See, when Dave was with them at the MTV awards he got a standing ovation. He never got to sing ONE NOTE with Halen but people still went wild for him. Now Cherone, despite all of Eddie's claims, has proven himself to be an awful singer and a total creative blank for the band. Eddie was definitely lying all along about this "angel" voice, because no one has said that Cherone's voice is better than either of his more talented counterpart. I personally couldn't care if Roth came back in the band and VH made the worst album of their career--if that's possible--it would still have charm, energy and charisma, which is definitely not any of the traits of Mock3.

I hope the next video for Mock3 will be the one with Eddie singing. I also hope that Dave's new album gets reviewed in every mainstream magazine across the country so he can finally get some public sympathy and start going platinum again.

Justin Tedaldi



Roth and Van Halen haven't spent much time in my brain for a while now. Years. Once in a while something passes through, usually connected with Dave. Like a quote I read somewhere (that you don't have?), a reaction to getting busted for a working stage prop (a huge replica of one of those bar statues that piss whiskey). Something like, 'What do you expect me to do, hand out individual dixie cups?' A zen master of showmanship, like Madonna (she should have gone to Dave for an immaculate insertion).

I was trying to spell gigolo and the first thought I had, after "the net knows everything", was "find reference to Dave song". Which brought me to your website. Then I did a lot of reading, and laughing (great biography!). Now I want to buy books and CDs. Maybe even an early VH CD or two. Rediscover the summer fun of my youth. And hope that Dave plays Santa Cruz, the women could use a reminder too.

Great site! But could you trim some of the VH II/III stuff? It's fuckin' boring.

-- Gary Johnson



You know what's fucked up? I've now read two interviews with Ed (the latest in the issue of Rolling Stone with the Verve on the cover) where he blames his drinking on being "controled" by Sammy and Dave. Besides it being kind of pathetic that a fourty year old man can't take responsibility for himself, Ed started drinking when he was twelve. In guitar world march '98 Eddie says "I started playing guitar, drinking and smoking at the age of 12."



Hi there. Found your site off Yahoo! when doing a search for Van Halen/DLR related material. I was wondering if you would consider linking to a bulletin board I've started. Its located at

It started as a base for fans of Motley Crue while I hosted the band's official board. Well, as you will see-its not quite the same since I pulled the plug on them.



Hi, you might have noticed some of my recent posts to a.m.vh. I am a VH fan (own every album), a fan more of Roth than of Van Hagar, though I loved 5150 and Ou812. I bought Vh3 (much as you bought 5150 and wished you hadn't). Your web page promted me to go out and buy some of Roth's solo stuff (which I had largely ignored beyond the stuff that was played on the radio). I bought "Best Of" hoping it would give me a good sample of it. It DID! Suddenly I discovered that the REAL VAN HALEN lived with Roth, that MUCH of his solo stuff was hard kick ass rock in the style of Van Halen, Fair Warning, and 1984. I intend to buy more of Roth's singles, eventually collecting them all. My favorite discoveries on the Best of Album were: "Hot Dog and a Shake", "A Little ain't enough", and other tracks. I liked "Don't Piss Me off" (I wonder if some of the lyrics were inspired by the VH mess?).

Truly DLR is the best, and I am KICKING myself for not getting into his solo stuff earlier. What album would you suggest I get next? Thanks, your web page is great!




Hahahahah LOL! I checked Billboard's website yesterday hoping to find out how Mock3 was doing in its scond week but it wasn't updated...thanks for the info! For VH to sell less than HALF of the album in the second week is hilarious. I think Dave has finally gotten his revenge, because reviews for this album have been lukewarm-to-deadly nationwide and no one out there could honestly believe that "Without Talent" is better than the two songs on VH BOV1. I still can't figure out myself why BOV1 had such soft sales, though and it isn't available in record clubs yet. VH could post a lot more sales of that album if they did. Keep the fans posted...



I agree whole heartily....check out my cemetery at



Remember the days when Dave did ALL the talking for Van Halen? Millions yearned for a mere utterance from Eddie Van Halen just to hear his natural voice. All we ever got were the boyish smiles and happy-go-lucky facial expressions... but he never said a word!  I miss those days.



Hey, I just spent three hours, reading your stuff about David Lee Roth. It was quite informative. Thank You. I am not a David Lee Roth (Solo) fan, although I do think his works rock. I am a Van Halen fan. I was sad when he left Van Halen, and I was happy when I thought he was coming back. I bought the "Best of" album just for the two new songs. I am also happy to say that I've NEVER bought a Van Hagar album. I got 5150 in a trade, but it went to the used CD store for $4.00. As far as Van Halen goes, David IS Van Halen! Well, this is what I have to say...

I will NEVER support another Ed Halen effort! (without Dave)

After the shaftwich they served up with this stunt they pulled, I no longer want to see Dave reunited with these people! Why would we want our man singing for a band like that anyway! Let them have Gary, they deserve him. (Barney has more charisma)

As I said in '86 R.I.P. Van Halen (again)



Hi there, I really enjoyed your site... I never really appreciated DRL until I saw him on Howard. It made me go buy his book, which was also enjoyable. I remember seeing VH @ the Meadowlands in the late eighties... I also walked-out on Van Hagar when Sammy sang Panama. Thats the only concert I ever walked out of.. lol. Listen, I tried to listen to your cut of Slamdunk on the Realplayer. When I doubled clicked I got... "This is not a realplayer document"... Can you help me Keep up the good work!!!!




I found out that VH3 clocked in at No. 4 with 191,000 copies sold. It looks like all of your prophecies are going to come true. This is one of the reasons why your webpage is so important; it allows once-casual VH listeners to see the truth; for example, I believed everything Eddie said after the MTVMA fiasco because Dave didn't speak up and he had a bad track record for being an egotist and all, but everything you have scribed has proved the opposite.

Likewise, I used to think that since Dave's career turned to crap--at least, in the public's opinion--his music must have been inferior to VH's, but what a surprise I was in for when I bought The Best and the subsequent albums accompanied by the glowing reviews on your site! It's a anyone can give Skyscraper two stars is beyond me, because that's exactly what Rolling Stone gave VH3. Even if you found the biggest DLR-hater on the planet I bet he would give Skyscraper a more favorable review than Mock3.

I cannot think of any good things to say about OU812. Skyscraper is much better in terms of production values, vocals and creativity--and let's not forget ENERGY. Sure, if non-DLR songs like Damn Good, Hot Dog and a Shake and Just Like Paradise were *bad* we'd have a problem, but they're actually quite good. VH would have been lucky to record songs like that with Sammy, because even though they were poppy they're more fun to listen to. You'll definitely have to slam Mock3's charting on your page the next time you update you said, anything less than #1 for the "mighty" VH would be considered a failure.

I won't buy Mock3, even at $2.99.....Maybe they can sell YFLM out that price, but I know at least I won't get tired of that classic disc. Can't wait for that upcoming MTV performance; this will be the nail in the coffin that VH has been begging for ever since '86.



Hi, remember me ("Dave talks more shit than Ali"). Well...At least Eddie plays great on III. But Gary?? What the fuck?!? After reading all Eds shit about his lyrical genius...please...I'm confused...what's happining. Ed is super bad though, but those vocals. I need a hook. By the way I cried when I heard "Ballot or bullet" too, cuz I never thought I would hear such crap on a VH album. I mean Sammy got out of his depth lyrically with his metaphysical shit but...I don't know man maybe if I listen to it some more. Eddie is great though. That bass solo on "Once" is beautiful, very motivic. Well...I gotta hand you this round.



I just got done reading some of the stuff you said about VH & DLR.   I think you might find the following letter interesting... I sent it to Warner Brothers a few weeks ago..  Also, do you know who plays guitar on DLR's new songs? Sonds like Slash, but he's not that good!!!  Read on:

Warner Bros. Records does not dictate what a band does creatively, especially a band like Van Halen. We realize we can't please everyone and so do they. So they stay true to themselves and hope for the best.

> subject: Warner Bros Records > Artist Related Feedback > >

comments: I recently heard the new Van Halen song "Without You". I have been a Van Halen fan for 17 years (I'm 32). I must say that this song is pure crap. I have yet to find anyone that likes this song. Even one of the local radio stations here in Kansas City doesn't like to play it (  My question is:  If this was a brand new band that nobody had ever heard of before, would Warner Bros. be releasing this song? Or is Warner Bros. just  trying to ride the name of Van Halen? If the rest of VH III is this bad, I won't waste my money on it.



Just wondering who is behind this kick-ass page. If that's you Dave , "YOU DA MAN!!!" Anyway, here's my idea. We need to have a pay per view fight between Dave and Cherone. Whoever wins gets to be the singer for VH. Gee, I wonder who would win. And then all the fans get to take a punch at Edward. I get to go first. Sign me up! I'll work cheap.

Hey Dave, where's you 'Jesus ensemble' ???

Luv ya babe, never shave!

Aaron Mahoney

p.s. Good luck with the new band/record. I hope you tear Van Whiner a new one.



I have never been an ultimate fan of the DLR era of VH due to the fact that I didn;t start listening to them until 1984 came out but lately I have found Women and Children to be a really good album compared to VH3. I plan on giving Fair Warning a try.


p.s. Drop Dead Legs is one of my favorite songs on 84', it is a shame that you think it is the worst (like Girl Gone Bad).



What the hell were you thinking when you were writing about the worst songs on the VH albums? the correct answer to the worst song on every album was "NONE" any track that had DLR on it rocked. Especially Drop Dead Legs and Little Dreamer. I like your site and would like to get some video files off your site soon. Write back with your response to me complaint i am eager to hear what you have to say



Where in the hell did that come from?

Somebody call up the ambulance... I'm deep in shock! Overloaded... I can hardly walk! What was it that Eddie and thugster brother Alex Van Halen said about Dave being too out of shape to play with on a full-time basis? I've listened to both records and that's not the impression I get. If anybody sounds tired and out of ideas it's Van Cherone.

I had to listen to Neworld 8 times before arriving to the conclusion that it's probably not the worst music ever written, although it might be the worst music Van Halen has ever written. I heard one verse and a chorus from Slam Dunk and went into a full-scale WOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA before it was even finished.

Dave hasn't sounded this healthy since Fair Warning! Sounds a little like the first three Van Halen records!

1. level 10 intensity 2. boogie-woogie-feel-good-groove... from the soul! 3. exciting twists at every turn 4. killer, not cluttered guitar work 5. Dave's trademark shrieks haven't been this razor sharp in years! This song will make many a Van Halen fan realize whay we all fell in love with Van Halen in the first place. Eddie's guitar playing was only a part of it. I don't know anything else about what's going on... only that the plot has significantly thickened!

After all the bullshit is said and done, you listen to both efforts... It's almost hard not to feel sorry for Eddie! Poor bastard finally lost it! Remember the end of Hot For Teacher video?

Keep up the good work...

Tony B.



great site, dude. i'm a dj in houston at classic rock 93.7, and a huge Diamond fan. check out my site at

i linked yours in my david lee roth section..if u don't mind. my page is linked to our station's homepage and listeners always check it out.



I'm wondering if you happen to have any information concerning the unreleased Van Halen track, "Angel Eyes" that was written solely by Dave and allegedly features just he and Ed on acoustic guitars. I've got a copy of an article (I believe it is from "Record Review" magazine in 1979) where Ed says it is a great song and was considered for inclusion on VHII. Has Dave ever discussed this track to your knowledge? I'd really like to know more about this song. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Steve



Super Van Halen Page. It's good to hear somebody set the record straight.  I had to stop listening to Van Halen right after they added Sammy. His screaming out of key was too painful for me. I saw DLR in Charlotte, NC on his first tour after leaving the band. Incredible show. He and Stevie Via (Vai?) rocked the house.

Again great page, - Love the dancing girl.

P.S. Ever heard from David Lee? I wonder how he likes your page?



Read the book and had a really good time. It was exciting reading about his advetures and Big Ed (he seems to be the only one that could be trusted). I was in Love with Van Halen from that first night on Van Nuys Boulevard when Mark Brown played his new eight track for everybody. You could have heard a pin drop when Running with the Devil was on. As far as I am concerned when David Lee Roth left Van Halen Died.




thank you very much for telling it like it is! van halen isnt van halen without dave the diamonds are forever and so is david lee roth! eddie needs to check himself back into the clinic to sober up cause he is doomed with mr. more than words can say! thanks alot for sticking up for the original frontman. hell KISS did it and thats what the fans wanted to see. eddie knew that david lee would get all the attention and he didnt want that!oh well they wont survive with this new idiot the new album sucks. hell no i didnt buy it but i did listen to it on the radio for the preview and it sucks. keep bashing the band and take up for the true fans of van halen not these eddie wannabes ...thanks again......ron.....



your site really made me stop and think. i have to admit up front that i like "van hagar" (ok, you can stop throwing things at me now!). but - if you asked me which cd's i play more often, i would have to say the roth version of van halen. there is an "energy", a "rawness" to the roth albums that doesn't exist in the hagar albums. the two are really apples and oranges to me, though. i appreciate both for the different sounds they possess. one point i think you made beautifully is the ongoing "name game". i never realized the raping of the van halen name until i read through your site. they really should have changed the name when they took on hagar. i wonder how that would've affected sales. i wonder how it would've affected my outlook on the band. i guess i'll never now the answer to that one!

one thing i really appreciated was your album rating of fair warning. i thought i was the only person alive who valued that record the way you do! i call this album a "front to back" album. which, obviously, means the whole thing is good - so i don't have to program my cd to skip certain songs! i really love this album! well-made, rough-edged, pure van halen all the way. my husband says "but there's no good songs on it!", and i always thought i was crazy for liking it as much as i did. not any more! as for gary cherone, my husband and i laughed for about a week straight when we heard he was the new victim!!! we walked around singing "more than words" (off-key and opera-like!) while rolling our eyes and laughing. yeah, that's gonna fit with eddie's playing!

you could not be more on target about eddie's EGO. i saw the MTV interview (march 17, 98). oh my my. this guy is so damn precocious, i don't even know where he's coming from! he rambled on and on and on. i couldn't even follow what he was saying half the time! i guess he thinks everything that comes into his head is brilliant and will sound brilliant coming out of his mouth. well, it doesn't. he needs to shut up and concentrate on his playing. oh, i can't wait to see how this album does. it will be sooo interesting. eddie claims the singers were the cause of all problems in the past. i think it is becoming very apparent that eddie's super-ego is the real reason. hold on gary. you're in for a hard ride.

just wanted to give you a new nickname for the mockIII band - ~~~~~~VAIN HALEN~~~~~~~~ how's that for a tribute to eddie's never failing ego?

sign me, used to be a van halen fan



Van Who? Van Halen, Van Hagar, New Van Halen, Old Van Halen, Original Van Halen, Van Halen with David Lee Roth, Van Halen with Sammy Hagar, Sammy Hagar with Van Halen, Van Halen with Gary Cherone, Roth Era Van Halen, Van Halen Reunited with David Lee Roth, Van Halen with the

lead singer of Extreme... Van Finished.



While my friends danced to Disco-I rocked to Roth!!! Being 36, I grew up on Van Halen..Thank God Im an adult now-I feel sorry for the kids of least they can see the old videos on MTV and VH1. when Van Halen really "Jumped" . We miss you Dave! Laurie



van halen kicks ass sammy was the shit when he was with vh i dont know what to think about the new album all i know is that track 12 sux



It's simple to sum up the whole Van Halen situation. Name one Van halen record with DLR that sucks.....Thats right...NONE. Now name a Van Halen record with SH that sucks...Balance....OU812....Maybe more, Now name a Van Halen album with Gary that sucks....Van Halen 3. Hey is there a trend somewhere? -Westly Richards



If gary was giving the opportunity to have some input on the new album, IT WOULDN"T SUCK! What happened to Eddie??????? Please tell Ed to call Dionne Warwick.

Ps- Tell him to stop taking Smack!

Pss- Gary call Nuno~!!



Love reading your thoughts on the whole Filthy Little Mess

As pissed as I was about the whole thing, I figured I'd give Cherone a chance. I didn't think Extreme's first two albums were too bad, but I thought the third was awful. Well, I gave him a chance and the songs I heard on the simulcast were mediocre at best and certainly don't hold up to anything DLR ever put his stamp on.

Didja hear Eddie and Co. on Howard Stern this week? I seriously wonder if there is something wrong with Cherone's voice since they wouldn't play. One suggestion on your site. Howsabout having a What's New section. Every time I check your site, I look to see when it was last updated. If it was updated, I have no clue which section was updated.

Keep up the good work.




You have the coolest website for DaveFans. The new VH BLOWS. I thought that I hated Sammy, while true, Gary is another Sammy and so on and so on... There will never be another good VH cd, Make No Mistakle! I was watching my copy of the VH US FESTIVAL today & realized I need a new copy. Do you know where I can get a good copy? I have a vanhagar fan at work & he has never seen THE REAL VH. Please let me know. THANK YOU!!!!! LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE HERE TONIGHT!!! DAVE RULES!!!

Lenny Bandoch



Hey man,

I totally agree with everything your website is about. Dave got screwed and so did we, the fans . . . again. Eddie is a selfish prick and he and his brother are a couple of big liars. If their mouths are moving they're lying. Anyhow, just wanted to give you a 'hell ya' Keep up the good work. There is only one VH.

later, Aaron



I've been sitting here for an hour thinking of how to put this... but here goes.... March 17, 1998... VH R.I.P



Part of what makes traveling Life's road each day is the hope that you'll encounter individuals who see the world and it's occupants in much of the same light as yourself. I remember a time it was 'unpopular' to remember the better days--that the new VH then better suited the feelings and "DREAMS" of the that generation. Those who disagreed had to sit in their silence and think back to the times of pure, electric rapture.

As time has passed, bold voices have chosen to step back out into the light and express doubts & displeasure, but mostly to recall or recapture just a small sample of those vanished times. Still in the minority, I am afraid, yet no longer hoping alone. I have listened and appreciated the talent....yet what I would not give for one last opportunity to feel that rapture one last time.


Can a person lose twice?

We did.


I wanted to add My $0.02 on Ranking...I too place them in order of personal playability (rather than muscial impact--I mean, VH1 goes there in THAT case!)

We nailed # 1: I am sure it's a bit of nostalga that creeps into my judgement on this one, but FW is still the one record that makes me whole. I hear that hammer-intro and once again, I am invincible. "Sinner Swing" makes me a mean machine, baby.... worst: "Hear About It Later"

I think I have to place WACF in #2....Hearing "Cradle" on the summer radio...the poster of Dave....the group photo that to this day hanges on my wall. worst: "Romeo Delight" (sorry...I know it's high on your list)

#3 for me is VHII....for no other reson than my fav song of all: "Beautiful Girls"---Van Halen for me in a nutshell. Not to mention, every girl I dated at the time "just loved" worst: "Women In Love"

I dutifully place the first LP in the 4th position. I think it just got overplayed in my life....I, of course am honored by those those admit it's their only VH record....Perhaps it's why I get such good responses to "Ice Cream Man" at Open Mic nite at the Blues Club. worst: "Little Dreamer"

The 5th place winner is 1984. I beamed with pride to knowing "Jump" was getting such attention...then "Panama"....and then "Hot For Teacher"....even the lesser known tunes still leave me warm worst: I'll Wait

Bring up the rear is DD. I found little to grab onto (comparing to FW) or songs that rocked me. Of all my VH CD's, this record is nowhere to be seen (next to 5150 perhaps?). I suppose I have a soft spot for "Pretty Woman" since it was VH on the radio.... worst: Pretty much all tracks

As for the solo stuff, only certain moments/tracks stand out: Easy Street, Yankee Rose, Damn Good, It's Showtime (closest he ever got to VH sound, IMHO), Going Crazy (video won me over on this one)

Great site....keep hope alive....If Neg press on VH III holds up, he might drop ol' Gary (by the way, was a collector of Extreme CD's).....That's the first step!

sign me:


VH R.I.P. 1979-1985, 1996



I have a question maybe you can answer. Is there anywhere I can send email or mail so that Dave will be able to read it. I just wanted to tell him how much I enjoyed and learned from his book. If you can be of any assistance I would appreciate it very much. Thank you for your time and assistance.




a good web site. i like the comparison quotes from the current vh members that contradict each other the most. i usually don't spend much time looking at these van halen websites. too much syncophantic and mindless drivel from the pro vh and the pro dave camps. "fuck yeah, eddie sucks, fuck him." or "fuck you, gary rules." but at least you have some intelligent things to say. i can't say i agree with all of them, but to each his own.

but what all these people are missing is the fact that the band we (the true fans, the ones who have been with the band since dave's time) have been deprived of the magic of van halen since 1985. i tried, along with millions of others, to get into the "new" van halen. it was okay, i liked 5150 alright and i tried to like the albums after that. but the magic was gone. look at the 1984 tour bootleg videos. or the us festival. it simply does not get any better than that. period.

each album since 1984 has gotten progressivley worse. and i believe vhIII will bring them to an all-time low. what i've heard on the radio is rock-bottom crap. cherone sounds like a weaker version of sammy. of course, i won't buy it. i have lined these guys' fat pockets for too long. no more. the last one i bought was f.u.c.k., and it was horrible. and the live album...oh my god, does it get worse? one look at that slick, overdubbed "live in the studio" video will show how the life and soul have faded from van halen. they are money grubbing sellouts, and even the eddie-lovers will have to agree. crystal pepsi, nissan, wnba, milk. a real musician with integrity doesn't sell their music to corporations. by the way, i used to get into fights in high school defending eddie's honor against those who said vai or malmsteen was better. i was ed'd biggest supporter. now i just don't care.

eddie 's said he doesn't care about the fans' opinions. well, guess what, ed? we don't care about your band anymore. bring dave back, and we'll talk. van halen fans, please, tape it from someone if you must hear it, but DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM.



Filthy Little Web Page Guy,

Hi. I like your site a lot since you take the time to respect both the great Van Halen and the talented yet underrated solo career of David Lee Roth. I've been following VH for several years now but have only recently begun to get into the magic of solo Dave, and it irks me that so many people consider him a relic of the '80s and a disgraceful artist. For instance, I have a Rock Record Guide book that gives the "Crazy From The Heat" EP 3 1/2 out of 5 stars, which is a star and a half higher than "Fair Warning." "0U812" is also ranked a star higher than "FW." Since these reviews come from the exact same person, I have no idea what the hell that guy was thinking.

To add insult to injury, Dave's "Eat 'Em and Smile" clocks in at 3 stars, and his other albums only get 2 apiece. How a piece of absolute garbage like "Balance" can score higher than "Your Filthy Little Mouth" (which, by the way, I got for $2.99 BRAND NEW at a Long Island Sam Goody--more proof that Dave is considered a has-been by the market as well as critics) is beyond me. I think all forms of music today really suck--it tends to be overtly commercial and devoid of any art. Do you listen to AC/DC? There's a band that was even better than VH in its prime because it had a singer who was even crazier than Dave (which is probably why he's dead now), two kick-ass guitarists, and collaborative songwriting talents. Plus their albums contained none of the filler or lack of songs that wound up being on too many early VH albums.

When Roth was let back into the band in '96 I was really overjoyed even though I only had a couple of VH albums then, but since my dad had "Not Here, Not Now" I knew Sammy was only a creative albatross for the band and I wanted him gone, so when Dave stepped up to the plate I felt it was permanent. However, a few weeks after the MTV awards he got the boot, and I was devestated when I heard about it. He never got to sing ONE live song with the band after they reformed, and this really upset the hell out of me. Plus, the video to "Me Wise Magic" was never even made. Just terrible. I mean, their appearance at the MTV awards was easily the best part of the show and then everything was derailed all of a sudden.

At first I thought it was Dave's fault that he was kicked out for a second time--after all, he WAS the wild one--but after looking over the information on your site I do think that the Van Halen bros. set him up. I plan on buying the "Crazy From the Heat" book in a couple of weeks and I'll read it over the summer, so then I can get the whole story. I will say that I don't think Dave is prone to lie like Eddie did, because Eddie has a big history of not telling the truth. Remember when he shaved his head in '95? He told a reporter that he lost a bet but in reality he got really drunk and just flipped out. Now, I can see how Sammy would want to get out of Van Halen--he just got married again and if I could live in Hawaii with a supermodel for the rest of my days instead of hanging out with an over-the-hill rock band, I would, OK? Even though "Marching to Mars" was a huge failure and what could end up being the album that ended Hagar's career, you have to admit the satiric video for "Little White Lie" served its purpose.

This brings us to 1998 and now "Mock3" is out. I don't know if I'm going to buy this album; probably not, because "Without Talent" is an awful song and a REALLY awful to boot. I can't believe I wasted three hours watching MTV to see it. Cherone is a much worse singer than Hagar, and the reviews of "Mock3" in Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone even say so. (Have you seen the latest issue of EW? The reviewer makes fun of Cherone's physical appearance, and there's an interview with him in which he calls himself "Kato" for living in Eddie's guest house and says "The differenece between me and [Roth and Hagar] is that I don't need extracurricular sexual devices.") This guy is already making an ass out of himself. I heard that VH played a "classic" eight-song concert the other day, and it was ALL Roth-era material. Cherone has about as much business singing those songs in Van Halen as *I* do. Of course it shouldn't be ILLEGAL for him to sing 'em, but for Godsakes just because "Mock3" sucks doesn't mean VH has to turn into a cover band of its former self.

You should borrow a copy of "Mock3" from a friend and personally review it so everyone knows how terrible it is and refuses to buy it. I don't even think it's going to sell that much because that Titanic and Celene Dion shit is so popular. Only people who are willing to buy anything with the name of Van Halen on it will pick this album up; why would someone who just wants to get into Van Halen buy crap like this? If there's any justice in this world the album will tank and they'll ask Roth back. We KNOW Dave wants back in, and Ediie will be more than willing to lie to the public again (after all, he sold his songs to Pepsi and appeared in a goddamn milk advertisement), so why not sell out?

But we know what's going to happen: VH will tour and only play the classic VH songs, which will make people want Dave to come back into the band even MORE. Meanwhile, Dave's new album will come out next year on an even MORE insignificant label than Rhino and tank on the charts even though his recordings get more mature every time. It's just the nature of the beast.



Found your web sight thought it was great. But I have a couple of problems with your comments First I have always been a big fan of Van Halen, David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. Not in any particular order. But from all this that is going on right now. And from the sound of the first release of the new album I don't think it will have much staying power and now we can see who the real song writers were in both of the other VH. Like what David did and also liked what Sammy did with VH. But i think the new VH will go over like a terd in a punch bowl. I don't think people can let go of the early VH and won't them to get back together, all I can say is get over it Both ex-lead singers do better on their own. They get what they get from the present, not form their past stuff.

I think Sammy and David should get together even if it is for a couple of songs and call the album WE WERE VAN HALEN getting back to the new album I will buy it because I have all the other albums. and I also have all of David's and Sammy's albums and will buy their new ones also. By the way David's best album was Skyscraper it was the right words and music for me at that time of my life. It's funny how Ed always says it's the singers that have the egos and I bought intuit hook line and sinker. But why is VH on their third singer. They should call themselves the Dallas Cowboys.

Thanks for lending me you eyes. A big Fan



Great web site. We all know that the original group will never be.But what they did in that period of time,was legendary. I'm just glad I was fortunate to see the band live several times. The trouble was when Eddie got married, It all went downhill from there. Diver Down was the most diverse album they ever made. And that's true Diamond Dave. Valerie started to run Eddie's life and she really hated Dave.Dave knew that the conflict was'nt going to stop, so he decided to end it with dignity.

If you really listen to 1984, they we're starting to lose the chemistry. The album was missing that special touch. It was a shame that Eddie took on such a vengence to Dave that he wanted to ruin him forever. Eddie had full control of the band now, Dave's out of the picture, Eddie has the studio at his own house. Too bad, he was lost from that day on. The only one he should blame is himself. Dave did it right, and he stayed the same through all the obstacles he's encountered. God bless, you Dave. Your music has always been something new and different. Don't fear fellow DLR listeners, Dave is presently in the studio cutting a new album. The album will mostly be hard rock. As Dave said, " It's going to kick plenty".



I love your DLR site. Van Halen is nothing w/o him. He is the man!!




While I may not agree with you that DLR is the be all end all of Van Halen, I certainly agree that VHIII sucks! I listened, for free, on 3/13 to the simulcast and I must say I was embarrassed as a VH fan(with a VH tattoo). Gary Cherone commented how the band had now been together for a year, but you could tell that the music was thrown together in days.

Also, a big emphasis is being placed on the fact that the new band will play lots of old VH. Obviously this is a ploy to try and bring back the fans, not unlike yourself, who are hungry for the old days.

Van Halen Sucks Now!

Funny, I remember back when MTV carried a live simulcast of VH doing Best of Both Worlds during the MTV awards (I believe 1986). After the song the whole band surrounded Sammy and I remember how Alex hugged him as if to say, "Thanks Sammy, for saving this band's ass!" I don't get that same feeling from Cherone. It seems to be all business, no chemistry. Eddie and Alex are angry but don't want to admit they screwed up. Unfortunately, Michael A. is just a puppet on a string.

And I know you disagree, but Sammy DID bring a new dimension to VH. He also brought them to a new level. When you compare the sales of old VH to Sammy's era, that's not really indicative of his popularity. Remember, Led Zepelin and Beatles first albums STILL outsell their last ones.

Dave forgot how to sing over time. At the Diver Down tour I realized that VH was losing it live with DLR because he no longer sang the songs, he just screamed the words and jumped around. And that's okay, but I am more of a musician than a guy who wants to cream over DLR screaming and jumping. I think DLR knew that and when I saw Eat 'Em and Smile tour he had learned his lesson and was singing again.

Like Sammy or not, he is an all 'round, classy musician. And he LOVED Van Halen. And don't forget, he SAVED Van Halen.

Good luck. I really enjoy your website.




Mississipi Power was the song I was thinking of. I knew I should have bought the single when I had the chance! I think its cool that I am not the only one that liked Your Filthy Little Mouth. I am looking forward to news about DLR's new band and hopefully new album.

A Little Is Never Enough! Geoff



Come on Dave, I miss u man! FUCK VH and their holier than thou atitudes...I want to hear some of that rocking diamond dave music that im used to....U R known as the SHOWMAN so show me man........the world is waiting on u.........and how bout another tour....and what's up with the short hair????? UR GREATEST FAN......4-SURE GENE FROM CHATTANOOGA



You rule. You should be the singer of Van Halen... I was so physched when the 'rumour' spread that u might be back. I jumped on your limousine in Hartford, Ct. at your 1984 tour. I handed you roses. and I basically worshiped u. My Mom was upset when she saw u walking through the Civic Center w/ your manager and she chased u down for your autograph for me and you declined. So she was a little pissed... But I got over that.... Peace love and Eddie is a meanie..!!!!!!!! Kim

The guy u were walking w/ in the Civic Center was Pete Deangelis... I just had a brainstorm.. By the way, one of my favorite Van Halen tunes was Simple Rhyme.... LOVE it............. Peace P.s. u reallly kick ass.



Some fans might think your page is a little biased, but I think you've nailed it! I've been listening to VH since 1978 and tolerating them since 1986. Dave made VH interesting and exciting. With Sammy, VH was only slightly better than mediocre.

Nothing against Gary Cherone, but the whole VH III deal is a major insult to the fans who put VH where they are. I heard some of the new tracks, and I won't need to protest this PR disaster to keep myself from buying this disastrous album. It's just not good. I would have agreed with EVH that Dave might have been too difficult to collaborate with, but over the years, everybody's true colors showed. In the long run, Dave showed more character and maturity than EVH... much more!

I feel sorry for everybody involved; EVH, for publicly displaying his emotional weaknesses, Dave, for getting royally ripped off, and most of all, the fans for being strung along this ridiculous bait-and-switch PR fiasco. Everybody loses.

David Lee Roth: (wherever you are) What you contributed to Van Halen remains without equal. NOBODY can ever take that away from you.




I have one little question about the so called "Great Ed Van Halen song eruption" The story goes like this. I was at work one day and a friend had his cd player going, playing what I thought was "eruption". I said cool Van Halen ? Eddie's he's the best. He said no that it was the late great Jimi Hendrix ! So I was wondering if anyone else has heard this and thought that maybe Ed copied it from Jimi. And could you find out what cd it was on? Thanks from a fan of David Lee Roth, Sammy and yes Van Halen .

P.S. But not the new VH III. The first single really really really really sucks green donkey dicks!



I've read "Crazy From the Heat" 3 times now. I've been asked to borrow it at least 5. "NO!" Buy the book! I can't even politely say no. If someone wants to read the book badly enough, someone who I actually would care to know what they thought of it, or what they got out of it, or how entertained they were with it, then it's worth buying. If they don't think it will be worth the $25, I really don't want them to read it in the first place. I don't believe that they would have the capacity to apprecitate it.

I was at the Lake Tahoe show at Caesar's. I about wet my pants (wait, let me rephrase that), it was a dream come true to see David Lee Roth play in a small venue like that. After reading the book and finding out that I was one of so few people who was there that night, the very first night that Dave played that kind of a show (I attended both nights) I felt so privledged. God, let me tell you that it was everything I knew Dave could be and so much more. Dave singing a love song, what girl doesn't think that it doesn't get any better than that? I really felt as if I shared a special moment in history with Dave. Oh well, whatever works for my little mind.

Two things:

1) I live in Sacramento (about 1 1/2 hours south of Tahoe) and I NEVER heard about the show being advertised ANYWHERE!!!! It was a fluke that I found out.

2) Dave never said "Look at all of the people here tonight!" I have never heard of Dave NOT saying that at a show. It has haunted me ever since.

If this isn't making any sense than I need to set the champagne down and start drinking some coffee. Anyway, I have been a fan for many............. well, a long time. I haven't ever written to any member of the band, nor do I plan to (the band being "the REAL Van Halen) I have met each member with the exception of David. I have passed up 3 opportunites that I have had to meet him. Sometimes I tend to believe that the illusion can be better than the reality. Or maybe I just need it to be. When you put a person up on a pedistal you put them up there on the premise that they will not be taken off. Let's just say that when I met Eddie the pedistal thing wasn't such a good idea. I can handle that. I remember an interview with Dave back in 1984 on I believe Friday Night Video's (if we can remember back that far) when Dave said "Ed will talk to ya......" Well, not when he is 2 sheets to the wind.

Anyway, I didn't mean for this go in the direction that I feel it has, but I will say that every ounce of my being knows that although Diamond Dave is not the flavor of the month this month just wait, you haven't tasted anything yet.



This is possibly the best theme for a web page ever. The old VH is the only VH as far as I'm concerned. Van Hagar sucked and this new signer guy is a fag! The band has no chemistry without David Lee and Eddie together. I think I will be pissed off the rest of my life because this band stopped prematurely. The had alot of good music left. Now they are all a bunch of losers. David Lee's book is pretty good though and I think the last chapter really explains the truth.

Keep this page up for a while so I can tell some friends to check it out and
keep preaching the good word of Classic VH



Hey, Was cruisin' your site, very cool, indeed. Fantastic layout, etc... I see that some of  the content "sort of" refers to voicing opinions to bring DLR back to VH for good. This would be the historical comeback of all time, after every other huge band has done, Motley, Aerosmith, etc... The tours VH did used to do toppled stadiums, everybody you knew was a VH fanatic, there was no room for all this pansy new alternative shit that oozes out everywhere nowadays. I wonder if gangsta-rap could have never came to be if VH never broke up? As far as I'm concerned, the listing you have for Hagar's top five songs should include the work he did with Montrose or his solo career before VH, because nothing he did with VH has any balls compared to his "younger work", then again, nothing he ever did compares to DLR, either. Anyway, my point, do you know somewhere online that I could add my vote to any tally or where someone might reach DLR to let him know he should work for a reunion? The fans want it and need it!



Hi... Cool website. Roth-era Van Halen ruled. You're right, they should have been called Van Hagar with Sammy. Eddie's ego was too big to allow for that to happen.



Hi--Your website is interesting. As far as I was concerned, Van Halen was no more after Dave left. Van Hagar was a disappointment.I must admit that I think Sammy Hagar has a nice voice and he is a better singer but it really depends on WHAT songs he sings. DAVID ROCKS! David was perfect for the songs he did with the group. When Sammy joined the group, they became wimps. They sounded pathetic. I felt sorry for Sammy when I heard on the radio that they had kicked him out and asked Dave to come back but I was so excited about possibly seeing Van Halen in concert! That is one of my 'musical regrets', I never saw Van Halen in their heyday. It would have been wild. No one can rock the way they did.
A few days ago, I heard the tail end of someone saying something on the radio about Van Halen's new vocalist from Extreme. I couldn't believe my ears! Actually, that is why I visited your website--I was wondering what happened to Dave. From what I've read, I guess they used him for a greatest hits album and then they dumped him. If that's true, they're real jerks. It doesn't matter that the new guy has a nice voice--that's not what I love about the old (good) Van Halen. Van Halen knew how to rock and I think THAT is why the fans loved them. If we want an amazing voice, we can listen to Placido Domingo!!



I have read your thoughts on your web site and I respect your knowledge so much that I had to write you immediately upon hearing the new VH song. Let me just say that when they decided on Gary Cherone over Dave I was crushed as well as pissed off at Eddie. As time goes by though, wounds heal and you learn to forgive (never forget). I have also been reading in the Guitar magazines these articles and quotes from Eddie about how great the new album is. So I went from boycotting the new VH to figuring "ah what the hell I'll buy the stupid thing out of curiosity".

Well I just heard the supposedly new single on the radio "without you". I want to tell you this song blows. The guitar play is boring and Cherone sounds like Hagar. Who cares if the guy can hit high notes and (supposedly) has "elephant balls". I mean I can't stress how boring the song was. Sounded like everything else on the radio. Droned on and on. I think Eddie thinks that the longer a song is the more meaningful and grown up it is. I wish I could tell Eddie to his face that this sucks and you wasted a year working with Cherone. Sure the guy has a (supposedly) great voice and can hit all the notes but so can Whitney Houston. I don't buy her albums either.

PS...can these guys keep their hands to themselves. I mean every picture in the magazines is of Ed and Cherone hugging each other. Geez enough already. This is exactly what Ed did with Hagar. "Oh I love this guy. He is the 2nd coming". When in reality these guys are mediocre yes men. SUCKS



Youre really pissin me off. I dont know why? If you're DLR fan you would post some lyrics and some guitar tabs.



I am one of, if not the most loyal Classic Van Halen fans of all time. I used the word 'Classic' because that is the word DLR used in his autobiography to describe his days with VH. I refuse to contribute to VHIII in any way, shape or form. I actually bought a couple of the Hagar albums just because I was curious, but I will not make the same mistake with Cherone. VH has lost their attitude. Their songs lack that crisp sound that DLR brought to the band. Roth sang about partying and women, and having a great time. He sang it with so much attitude, and it rubbed off on the band. Hagar sang about love. 'Why Can't This Be Love', 'Can't Stop Lovin' You', with Roth it was 'Aint Talkin' Bout Love' and 'Outta Love Again'. Hagar is a mediocre front man at best. Is there any truth to the rumors about Cherone being gay? I also heard that Extreme had a fairly large homosexual following. I wonder what Ed will do when he looks down from the stage to the front row and sees nothing but gay men on firewall, and Cherone is loving every minute of it. Quite a change from the days of Roth when women would throw their panties on stage. Howard Stern put it best when he was quoted on the air "Van Halen is NOTHING without David Lee Roth!!"



Hey guys - I hope as well as many others I'm sure, that this will be the end of all this. I have been a Van Halen fan since day one, and truly love the music and talent that has been shared with us as I'm sure my feelings will be the same with (yes here we go again) another lead singer. But for the love of God can we put an end to the Soap Show Shit? This is Van Halen, not the GO-GOs, or Talking Heads or Devo, its Van Halen. You know like...Led Zeppelin, the Stones, RUSH, Deep Purple, the Beatles and again Van Halen. You don't mess with it. Its against the rules, you just don't do it. God forbid Alex gets into a car crash and looses his arm, cause I have a hint he wouldn't get the Def Leppard-like welcome home. Get along guys, please for all of us and yourselves. I hear of change and how change is good.

OK let's use that for a moment. Put yourself in all of your fan's shoes. People use music and their sense of smell to reflect back on fond memories. How is one supposed to reflect back when Wham is singing Summer Nights or Whang Chung is doing Humans Being. This is Van Halen not some bubble gum tennie bop group. Its MORE THAN WORDS guys. The last thing I want is for people to think maybe their album cover should have read:




Hey, I just checked out your site. I realize that you loved Dave in the band. The thing you gotta realize though is that a band is like a marriage relationship and sometimes things don't work out between the involved parties. It doesn't mean it's all one person's fault (like Eddie's or Sammy's). In fact, that's usually not the case. Everyone wants to hear good music, but if Dave were back in the band and he and Ed weren't getting along at all, how good do you think the music would really be? I tend to think that it wouldn't be that great. I don't think that anger would produce a good classic "happy" Van Halen album. Also, if you're a musician and you've been playing stuff for 20+ years, after awhile you're going to want to experiment and try new stuff. I'm as scared as the next VH fan about the upcoming album, but at the same time, I realize that they're gonna want to experiment with different stuff and I have to respect them for taking that chance. If you look back at all the VH albums and read about how Ed wrote and recorded a lot of the songs, you'll see that he's always been experimenting with new things. It was just that many people latched onto his early experimentations. Anyway, this is just my 2 cents worth.



Two words: FUCK YEAH!!!

The truth, the lies, and all the shit in between...Van Halen is truly no more...They should change the name to Eddie and tour old age homes...Maybe Ed can get a fucking discount on his hip surgery...Dave, We own the CD's, We read the book, We miss the man, the myth, the LEGEND...Keep your mouth open and more people will finally hear...anythings better then Cherone's
voice..ANYTHING!! Take Care and Keep up the good shit



This sums up all our thoughts and puts it on the screen for everyone to read. I like the part of "we're a group thats willing to endure a little pain for a big gain" the best. As far as I'm concerned theres only one Van Halen - and that's the original. Fuck Sammy and Gary - they're both horrible singers with nothing to offer. Hopefully Dave can return and once again bring some integrity to the words "Van Halen".



Awesome Page - keep up the good work. Are you going to be adding to it anytime soon? I really liked the graphics/pictures and quotes!





HI THERE!!! Great web site!!!!! Old Diamond Dave is the best performer that have ever walked out on a stage. Im a singer and do a "DAVE" look alike thing for a living,and now im gonna put up David's las vegas show  I live in sweden and its little to far from vegas. best regards



I understand now when I hear people like yous boycotting the current, bogus Van Halen and demanding the return of the great David Lee Roth. I have recently finished reading "Crazy From The Heat" , and after reading that book and remembering how crazy and entertaining DLR was, it just makes me anticipate a DLR/Van Halen reunion ever more. Anyways, before I get all worked up and write a whole book to you, I want you to keep up the kick ass job and keep on rockin'.



Beautiful! Long live the mighty Dave! An engagement ring ain't crap without the Diamond! Keep up the cool work!



I must say that your web site very entertaining. I agree with a lot of what you say and its good to see someone stick up for Dave. I was depressed for about 3 weeks when VH announced that Gary Cherone would be their frontman. I mean, here I waited 10 yrs for Dave to come back and I was so close to getting my dream, only to have it ripped away by Eddie. If anyone thinks Eddie doesn't have a huge ego they are seriously mistaken. I read Dave's book and I have a better undersatnding of him now. I used to give Eddie the benefit of the doubt about Dave being tough to work with, but no more. Eddie is a headcase who wants to be in command, yet is uncomfortable being the leader. He used to hide behind booze, but now that he's sober he has his wife, manager, and therapists tell him what to do and how to act. Through it all I still, deep down, love the guy because I think he is a genius and he has brought me hours of joy listening to his riffs. Now all I can hope is to see the 4 of them back together for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.



You are a mother fucker with your homepage.



I've seen a lot of Web pages and yours is the best. You say everything that I have ever thought or felt about the whole "Filthy  Little Mess". Van Liar - NEVER! I will never buy another Van Fake  album ever either! Thanks for a great trip, and keep up the good work. The truth must be told!



I was very impressed by your knowledge and I could tell from your posts how much you cared. I think the Van Hagar fans don't realize how much pain us "Dave" fans have been in through the years. I used to be sickened everytime I saw Eddie and Sammy hugging each other while critics would pan all Dave's stuff. Dave has gotten a bad rap over the years and it almost became cool to diss Dave. However, I'll always love the guy because he not only made great music but he cracked me up too. He has a charisma you just can't measure. I read his book and at first was a bit disappointed because he didn't elaborate enough on the Vh splitup stuff. Now I realize that is not his style. He really is a man of class. I respect him more now than ever. When they got back together for that short period I felt so good for them and not just for the selfish reason that I was going to hear some new music. I genuinely felt good that they were all friends again. Then I felt like crap when they disbanded again. People have to realize that Eddie is the one thats hard on to get along with. He has everyone around him kissing his butt and here comes Dave and he won't do that...not even after 10 years of feuding. I'm glad Dave still has some self respect. Sorry I keep rambling , but I just have so much to say...can't stop. Anyway thanks for listening and keep up the good work!



Thanks so much, it's good to correspond with people who love Roth and Roll and dont dig this Hanson/Spice Girls shit-- like Roth said "Cant get this stuff no more!" Thanks again...




LOOSER! Take the name VanHalen off of your site.. YOUR NO VanHalen Fan. just a dlr fan.