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As I sit here listening to "Women and Children First", I am reminded that the original Van Halen was not only a great band but, a MILESTONE on the music world. The first band since the Doors to not use a tenor for the vocalist and, the best 4 piece group since Led Zepplin. Enough about the past...I enjoyed your site very much and will be a frequent visitor.



 A little note in passing; has anyone looked at the liner notes from the "Greatest Hits Vol 1" (As if there will be any more). If you have I'm sure you noticed that there are only pictures of instruments on the inside and back pages. Notice that only GUITARS AND A SMALL DRUM KIT are present. Shouldn't Mike be upset? Maybe this says more about Eddie than all of the articles...maybe the shadow like figure behind the drums represents the interchangible "LEAD SINGER!!!".  I never bought (other than the GH1) any of the Van Hagar albums but, I purchased all of the David Lee solo stuff. I first saw VH as an opening act for Black Sabbath here in Ft. Worth, TX. in 1976 or 1977 and have been a fan ever since. Me and several of my buddies heard the song "Me Wise Magic" at the same time...our initial responce was "Who did they get to play Guitar". We all thought that that guy was DEAD!!! I guess it turns out that he was just waiting for the right lead vocalist to come along...AGAIN!!! Any way got to go now, keep the faith, David Lee will be BACK!!



I just read your VH reviews...shit youre a bitter one  aren't you. Too bad youre too blind to see the truth. the hell is "Your filthy little mouth"better than  For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge or 5150?



I appreciate a fan of good rock music and the artists who compose and perform the tunes. VH was a great band. No longer. Do not be so bitter about the split 12-13 years later. You and I know that most fans sided with Roth. If for no other reason, the band he put together for his first two albums (no counting "crazy") was a better band musically. Hard to argue, but many guitar players would appreciate the talents of Steve Vai over Eddie. I'm not talking about your Metal Edge/Circus reading, guitar amp so big so I can drown out my sucky playing guitar player. I mean those of us who listen for soul and substance. Go rent the movie Cross-Roads. The entire Guitar score was done by Steve Vai. Eddie might have the talent, but he doesn't display it, or maybe rarely(he rocks on Spanish Fly doesn't he!!) Case for better line-up: Billy Sheehan vs. Michael Anthony. Bissonette vs. Alex VH. You do the math. So what is my point? I don't know exactly, but I didn't agree with your Roth album review. Skyscraper was a little "pop", but "pop" ruled in 87-88. Lastly, "Big Trouble" and "Ladies Night in Buffalo?" are awesome ditties you the expert left off your list. Put down the crack pipe and go pull the records, tapes, or CD's out of the dust bin and take another listen.  Great page. Fix you reviews a little.



Right here I would just to to say that I have nothing particularly for or against either DLR, Sammy Hagar or Gary Cherone. As an Australian fan of VH, I am waiting for them to tour here. You people are afraid of change. If the sound is different and you don't like it, then deal with it! Live in the now, not the past.... Have your page dedicated to DLR. I am cool with that, and enjoyed the 10% or so that isn't whining about the past. But if VH are so "evil" and "materialistic", then just forget they exist and get on with your life!  Dave's era made some great music. Sammy's era did some great music. Nothing is forever, people come and go... If you only want to listen to Dave, then go right ahead!  If you can't deal with the fact that music changes with the times, then go and live in your little "DLR rejoins VH" fantasy world. If Ed gets bigheaded about his talents and the accomplishments of the band, well... wouldn't you? Picture the situation where you are one of the best guitarists in the world, and are part of one of the great bands in the world.  All in all, I found your page to be somewhat of a disappointment. For someone who is obviously a big DLR fan, you didn't even take the time to put in a full DLR bio! All that aside, you should maybe put your time, effort and money into stuff you like, rather than crap you just want to cry about. I say forge on ahead with bringing us DLR news, and have something to look forward to. Keep up the good work


I think your site is really cool, and i agree with you about the whole dlr thing. I will put this site in my favorite places.




I just read your Guest book page...what a riot. 99% of the  "real VH fans(pro Dave-anti VanHalen) are babblng morons. I  laugh at their comments. Eddie,Al,and Mike(jee Mike is  still Eddie really a goon then) are VanHalen  period. So go ahead and dog the band but come Feb.24 the  hypocrites that "hate them will be inline for VH3. Fon't  kid know,I know,they know it...VH3 is a  highly anticipated release. In a perfect world Vh will always have Dave or Sammy as the only true singer  here...some people just don't get it though....I'll be  seeing the hypocrites fighting over a copy of VH3 come  Feb24.



Dude......Your page is fucking awesome!!!!!!!!! Someone finally has the nuts to say the real deal about what once was the GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! It took awhile to finish reading your page but it was far from boring. Just want to congratulate you on being honest and saying a line of truth that if Gary Coleman were the singer on the new album people would still buy it.




Best damn site on the web!! Do you have Diamond Dave fan club info you could pass on? And where do i get his book? thank you . Roth Rules!


Hey, Dave I read your book and I loved it. I think Eddie Van Halen and his brother are idiots. Van Halen with you as the singer kicked ass. Van Halen now will never be half as good as the classic Van Halen. I loved the MTV awards. Just remember you are only as big as the things that annoy you, so just fuck Eddie and let him bitch about his hip. He is such a baby. I just wish I could have seen you guys in concert again.


I was really impressed by the book. I wasn't sure what I would be reading when I picked it up. I learned a lot about the "behind the business" the the public never sees. I also respect how no one in your book was disrespected in text. However if they needed to be they were slammed between the lines. The next best thing besides the text are the pictures. Dave, with a good tan and long blond mane will be in my best dreams for a long, long time. Do another book!!

I finished reading DLR's 'Crazy From the Heat' last night-very good book. It's worth the $23.95. Anyway, I don't even think DLR knows this his book Dave says that his aunt and uncle were the owners of 'Cafe Wha?' in Greenwich Village. He goes on to talk about the acts who played there and the whole scene at his relative's coffehouse, however... In the PBS series 'Rock and Roll,' the history of rock in America, the late Chas Chandler (bass player for 'The Animals' turned manager) says that when he was scouting new acts to manage, he went to 'Cafe Wha?' after his girlfriend raved about this hot new guitar player. Turns out the guitar player was Jimi Hendrix. In fact, Hendrix played 'Hey Joe,' and after the show, Chandler introduced himself to Hendrix and offered to take Jimi to England-and it all happened at DLR's auntie & uncle's palce. Talk about history...nobody in North America knew who Hendrix was until until Monterey.


I really like Dave. Just don't write about how great he is and ignore his stupity. Roth eara VAN HALEN was great but face it he blew it. and the second time he blew it as well. Eddie may have screwed him and Sammy but he still made both of them. the page is pretty cool, looking forward to dave's new stuff with Vai!


I agree. I thought it was rather funny that Dave described Eddie as looking like someone who had just made a deal with the Devil (in Dave's open letter following the MTV disaster) and Sammy said the same thing when watching Eddie and Alex on CNN (I think Sammy said something to the effect that Eddie looked guiltier than O.J. Simpson during the interview). And these are descriptions from two different singers who have known Eddie for decades. Suspicious, don't you agree?


Great site, just started Dave's book. I am one of the true VH fans from back in the day. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Dave will be back anytime soon. Too bad because that was the real VH. Even though I wanted to like VH after Dave departure, as the years and albums went by so did my interest in VH. God I really miss the days of Women and Children First and Fair Warning. Keep up the great work on the site.


I'm almost done reading 'Crazy From The Heat (90 pages left),' and I've got to say that I respect Dave Roth more than ever-he's darn smart, a class act, and a master showman. When VH broke-up, I couldn't believe it. Four guys in one band...but Dave Roth created more than 50% of the success-no wonder the Van Halens were so mad. At my second VH show in Cleveland, DLR stopped the band in the middle of 'Light Up the Sky,' and looks down on the floor (I was in the nosebleeds and thought it was time for another of Dave's stories), Roth says, "Anybody who wants to stand out there and throw shit at me can come up here and we'll settle it, right now!" Roth stood there for a few seconds waiting for the instigator to speak up (Dave wasn't kidding around). Although the Cleveland Coliseum had 27,000+ people in it, I could hear myself breathing. Even though I was in Row 52 of Section 127, I knew Roth would follow through if someone was stupid enough to speak-up...s**t, I was scarred for the jerk who did whatever pissed Dave off.  After it was clear that there was no challenge from the audience, Dave turned around and said, "Hit it!" and the band started-up like nothing happened. "What grit," I thought, "Talk about case-hardened and chrome-plated balls!" Consider you think Bono of U2 (or anyone else) would call someone out like that?  I know...I mean I just 'know' that John Wayne is looking down on DLR and saying, "Keep on, keepin' on...Pilgrim."  "And the cradle will rock"


I was cruising the net tonight looking for some info on Dave. I've been reading his book and love it. I love VH with DLR. Without him, they are so weak. It will never be the same again.. :-)

you said it thanks...although i love vh....nothing they will do will ever come close to those glory days.....and its a f-n' shame that they don't put their shit aside and get on with business....see what happens when money goes to your head? ...what a bunch of are right when you said that they stringed us along with the dave reunion...cause we all knew it was for the best and were all excited about it......fuck, fuck, fuck.....and i am still as pissed as you......a fan from canada......

Hey U! I Just wanted to drop a line to say great web page. Van Halen has been and will remain a meaningless pop band without Dave. Sure, they will end up selling their share of albums keeping the people at Warner Bros happy. But the painful truth to the brothers Van Halen will always be that their best work will always have David Lee Roth's imprint. No matter how much they try to deny it, all true Van Halen fans will forever know the truth.


I read your web site with interest. You do have some interesting points but, I have to say this, you come off sounding really bitter. The squeeky wheel does get the grease, but if it keeps squeeking it eventually gets replaced. Get in, make a point, get out. It's more effective that way. But keep the opinions strong, buddy. It was a fun read -- just got tedious, that's all. I received Dave's autobiography, "Crazy From the Heat" as a gift for Christmas. I have to say it impressed me. I love the music from the Dave era, but I prefer Sammy's voice (sorry to offend you, but that's my opinion) and for the past 10 years I thought Dave was this mindless twit who not only blew the best job in the world, but also didn't really have many thoughts beyond where the next party was. I was wrong. The book is good and gives me a whole new perspective on everything. Of course, now I despise Eddie Van Halen, but that may be fair. I mean, can Sammy and Dave both be wrong here? Probably not.






Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your views of the VH/DLR/SH/MTV/etc.... affair. I recently read Dave's book "crazy from the heat", and although it was a tad self indulgent (it is diamand Dave after all), it told a great story, as well as bieng a showcase for Dave's version of history. A version that is much more believable than the Van Halens.



Your page is the best VH page I've ever seen. It's no BS. I agree with your album rankings up to WACF, but then I don't. Fair Warning is the one of the best albums ever. Hear about it Later? is a great VH song also. Thanks for putting in that interview about why DLR left. I've never seen that, and I've seen everything. I play drums and have been in a band. The only band I put in VH's caliber is Led Zeppelin. There was no one greater. They were all geniuses in the same way Beethoven and Mozart were, but a lot more fun. Sammy is weak! End of story. Van Halen needs to go back to Sunset recording or a studio in the middle of nowhere with old equipment and some cheap liquor. Then play like they had nothing to lose and money and record execs didn't exist.



Great Page. Alex and Eddie must think we're fools. You mean to tell me they brought DLR back for only a couple of songs-while looking for another singer??? I refuse to believe they are that oblivious to the greatness they once had with Dave. I heard Eddie say in an interview, "We didn't want to do a video like our old ones, it would have gotten people's hopes up for nothing." So what was the point to the MTV appearance?! MTV pressure? Bullshit. They didn't bow to MTV in '86 when they refused to do videos. "He (DLR) was never led to believe he was in the band." We sure as hell were! A bet VH reunion was in the works but scuttled (by Ed) for 3 reasons-Dave stepped on Eddie's toes (a no-no!), Ed and Al are the ones breaking down (ie hip/neck), and Ed's therapists are brainwashing him more than the booze ever did. It's all damage control.


Great web page!!!!!! No one screams like David Lee!!!!!!. I'll never forget drinkin',drivin' and Van Halen! I'd agree with your No.1 Album pick, the older I get(34) the better I like it. Fair Warning Rocks!


I just wanted to say I picked up Diamond Dave's book, and I thought it was the best! Also I haven't even SEEN Eddie's book in the stores. Well anyway I just wanted to pass on somemore support for true Van Halen fans and Diamond Dave Fans!

I recently went out and bought Dave's greatest hits album. Some of the tracks are too 80's for me, but they may grow on me. Anyway, I think Dave's stuff with van halen is better than his solo material. I was thinking that maybe you should write a review of his solo GH's and compare it to Best of Volume 1. Keep up the good work. My top ten dave songs are 1. panama 2. Just like Paradise 3. Running with the devil 4. Me wise magic 5. just a gigolo/ain't got nobody 6. You really got me 7. Hot for teacher 8. A little a'int enough 9. Unchained 10. house of pain



Dave's book truly shows the genius that he is. Dave is Superman; not of this earth and we are psyched he wrote it all down.  Can Ed and Alex read? Boy that'd be great if Dave and Sammy formed a band. Keep it up


I do agree with you that without DLR there is no VH. Unfortunetly it seems like it may never happen? Sincerely, Last real VH Fan



Cool site, I like the reviews..etc. However I could never rate the songs 1-10, cause I like 'em all. haha. I think some of the sammy stuff is ok, but I could never spend money on the sammy stuff.


I really really love your site I read everything on It!! Please dont be fooled by my name DiaDave was already taken. Your Wed page is the Most informative web page I've come across. I just wanted to thank you for puting up a page for Van Halen junkys Like Me.


I couldn't agree more, Van Halen ended in '85 (approx.). I loved Sammy until he joined them.  I also think that Dave was the creative genius behind the  band. Why else would his solo stuff sound so much like the real Van Halen? Could you imagine what it would have sounded like if the real Van Halen did Yankee Rose? Wow! The new stuff on the hits CD sucks because Dave didn't  write it; it's dave singing songs written for, and possibly  by, Sammy.  I'm a singer in a band myself, and I have worked with jerks and egotists. Frankly, I think there's some problems on the  parts of both Dave and Eddie, but not trying to work through them was the biggest creative fumble Eddie ever made. The average concert goer wouldn't know a good guitarist unless there was a "frontman" standing there saying "isn't he great?". Eddie has sucked up into his own little universe and has convinced himself that his "calling as an artist" is what people want to hear. WRONG! What people  remember are the songs--the songs that Dave wrote.  Have you ever noticed how the structure, flavor, and taste of Eddie's solos have gone downhill? That's because he doesn't have the instinctive Dave Roth standing behind the  glass saying "that's cool" or "that sucks".

Man this is the coolest new Diamond Dave wep page yet, keep up the good work!!! Sincerely ex-VAnhalen fan


No way man...i will never buy van trash! eddie sucks! dave rules.....hope his new band will rock! van hagar sucked too! later man, pray someday the old vh returns!


I was just at your site, and although I am still a huge VH fan, I found your site interesting and entertaining... your comments were well thought out.

Jesus!!! Finally a DLR site worthwhile! Well animated and with good views on that entire VAN HALEN shit! I love this page and was flabberghasted by all the cool stuff you implemented (especially the ultra-cool FAIR WARNING pic !!). Keep up the good work for there are thousands of us out there that still believe in pure and genetic ROTH'N'ROLL! hang tough!


This was one of the best sites I have ever seen.... if you did this, i hope you'r making a lot of money doing others as well. this was by far the best site i've seen, graphics were perfect, and yes, whoever you are, i agree, I'll always think of Van Halen with D.L.R. I never bought the Hagar thing, nothing personal to him, my son's name is sammy, but just didn't click with me. i saw VH in 1978 or 79, don't know, i'm old now, but it was awesome, then we saw them at a record store in philly the first or second album, NOBODY and i've seen a lot of bands play, does a spread in the air like DLR, NOBODY. i've tried it myself, i'm a girl, but no dice, LOL. Dave's dad was right, doesn't matter if ya win or lose, just how ya look. I always say, it doesn't matter how ya feel, just how ya look baby...... (well, most times). Anyway, it was a real pleasure checking out your site. Someone told me about it. I'm a loyal Aerosmith fan, found a question on the Aerosmith board asking the question: who did we like VH better with, Dave or Sammy. Of course, i picked Dave.


Brilliant site man!!!! Wish Edward could see that Fair Warning cover you got posted on your site! What a laugh! This page kept me up all night. A Little Aint Enough! When will someone get Dave to post some messages on one of these sites. He should see how many of us there are waiting for him.


Excellent page! You brought back many great memories for me. I can still remember the good old days when Diamond Dave was in the band. If it could only happen again...


Ok that is it. you are are completely brian dead. First of all I liked Dave era vh music, but if your really believe Dave's music was more artistic than Sammy's then you are smokin something. All Dave wanted to do was remix other peoples songs. You're right that is really artistic! Please, give Sammy some credit. Dave was nothing more than a showman, Sammy's the artist. I'm done with this stupid website. You are right about one thing. Eddie is a liar.





I have to say i really enjoyed your Website...even though I like Dave and Sammy equally ( especially after seeing Sammy recently!) But the thing that I always see is that Dave's albums outsold Sammy's...correct VH 1 sold Ten Million..but look how long the product has been on the market and look how many publications...Rolling Stone, Guitar World...have had Listed VH1 as a "must have" prompting non-fans to buy it?! Nothing really pertinent, just a thought....


hey man, don't you have anything better to do than post messages to a newsgroup bitching and complaining about something that is done and overwith. Get over it and choose another group, or should I say lead singer to bitch about.



Okay, I can't take this any more... This CrazyFHeat asswipe is getting on my nerves. I don't recall VH ever having a hit song, and I mean Billboard Hit, not just fan appreciated, prior to the coming of Sammy. 1984 did very very well... why? Because Eddie expanded the band's sound with the introduction of keyboards.... and the public responded in the positive... then they got Sammy, a much broader singing talent... less of a total asshole in personality departments, and overall, a better musical addition to the band. The guitar work between Sammy, Eddie, and Michael was incredible...  Yes I admit their last album did slip a bit... I kept hearing similar chords from For U.C.K. throughout... If you insist on DLR go ahead. And besides,... without Paul M & Wings... we'd never have had that great little tune "Live and Let Die" now would we?  Kiss my VH loving ass.... proceed to flame... I'm ready.


right on man, good rant...i second your talk about the power of Dave's lyrics, excellent mood setters, I mean, he didn't just get the diamond dave name for wearin' goofy stuff, although it helps, the man is a crazy fool.  who else could come off so genuinely cool as he does in Panama, or Hot for Teacher, or so confused as in Ladies Night in Buffalo? dave rocks forever, good post.


I just read your post about what each singer added/took away from the Van Halen sound and thought it was great. I'm a huge DLR fan, both in VH and solo. I definately agree that VH souned a helluva lot better with DLR up front. I was thinking the other day about when I heard "Why can't this be love" for the very first time. Hell, I remember what time of day and exactly where I was. Anyway, from the get go, I was very disappointed, both in the sound and lyrics. "It's got what it takes so why can't this be love"... man, I really thought that sucked.  Needless to say, I haven't purchaced an album nor have I been to a VH concert since 1984. Personally I think Van Halen would have the huge popularity it once had (before Hagar) if DLR and the boys stayed together after the greatest hits album. Don't get me wrong though, I have several Sammy Hagar albums, 3 Lock Box, Standing Hampton... and have seen him many times in concert but Sammy and Van Halen together didn't do much for me at all. I like Sammy better by himself. I guess I just miss the raw power with VH and DLR. There is absolutely no comparison, both studio and live with DLR up front. Keep up the great posts!


Its nice to see someone as yourself on this board who actually has musical knowledge unlike ***** who doesnt know a vocal melody from a guitar lick. Thanks


i loved sammy. he was my idol. when he got the boot, i had no interest in van halen any more, and i went and spent a shit load of money on boots off  the Carnal Knowledge and balanced tours. I dont like Cherone, and i didnt like roth, so i know its all over. and the new album will suck i bet. cherone isnt even writing the lyrics to the new songs! i can't believe that. thats so sad. if the album dies on the charts i will laugh forever, cuz i knew it would happen. oh well. Ed doesnt appreciate any of the Van Halen web pages out there, and if you look at the official site, you can tell. Warner Bros. couldnt care less about the internet and van halen together.


I really enjoy your honesty about all of the topics. At least there is someone who tells how they feel and not trying to advertising some stupid crap. Keep talkin!!!!! I may not agree with EVERYTHING you say, but keep speaking.


Hey man YOU are alright!!!!!!!!!!!  and I got your Email ....... Sometimes ***** is anal retentive! How long have you been singing???? Do you write lyric's??? Where are you located???


You wanta know something .. I only got a 1/4 way into you're post bofore replying to you before .... After reading the rest I am impressed! You really have away for getting to the heart of the matter! I do not alway's agree with you ... But 3/4 of the time you will say things in a way, that I wish I had the intellect for! I have been reading this group for a long time and finally someone who will stand up for Dave in the proper way! Are you Howard?!!!



Great site!!!! I agree with most of your posts. I will visit this site often.



So to answer your question about why I would boycott Eddie and not Dave. It's  because Eddie has shown a pattern of behavior which is offensive to me.  Because I don't think someone in Eddie's privileged position (or any one else, for that manner) should make it his goal in life to shred another man's dignity  to shreds and be able to just walk away from it. Eddie has no more professionalism then Mike Tyson. His unnecessary berating of  Dave and Sammy is as dignified as Tyson biting off Evander Hollyfield's ear. I don't boycott Eddie because he chooses not to perform with Dave. He has the right to play with whomever he wishes. I boycott him because he likes to destroy people when its to his advantage. He would do it to me and he would do it to you.


Great site! I love it!.... I'm a big "old" VH fan and I agree with 98% of your site. We should just boycott this band. If you get a chance, Listen to the song "the impression that I get" by the Mighy Mighy BossTones and get a Dave Flashback.


Spice Girls on the Van Halen site, please!!!! Take your Hanson loving, teen bop self over too say the MTV chat site and feel free to Umbop all you want!!!!!!!


cool...checked most of it out..going back later to finish...had to cut and paste the oj/eddie thing for the van halen my profile and you'll see why I think this is so damn funny! IM me if you're ever on at the same time...


Yeah I have to admit you page is pretty cool, I may disagree with some of your  views but who agrees with someone all the time. Buy the way did you make that graphic on your main index page? That's pretty cool.



It's obvious you HATE Hagar, Why don't you just shut up. Hagar rules a million times more than DLR solo and probably as much as Van Halen. ALSO, I know a lot of talented, incredible, rocking bands that sell damn near 0 albums a year. you cannot judge a band by how they sell. Judge them on talent. MTV rules who sells anyway. If MTV don't like ya, guess what. Y'know? The Spice Girls probably sold more albums this year than Van Halen's Balance did, does that mean they're better? HELL NO!!! They just got the right thing going at the right time. They lined the right pockets and they got lucky. If you want to trash Sammy...fine. Trash the music, but don't try to back it up with record sales statistics, because it doesn't make a difference. He could sell 2 albums and still have a great record. He sell 1,000,000 and it could suck [like Diver Down! So there.



Hi CrazyFHeat, I read your post in the lounge the other day and thought I'd visit your page. It's great! You really put a lot of work in this. You have some good opinions.



Now you are on track ... F 'em  Most of the time I will get 10% into a bs post and move on, till I see some sense, or something that interests me !The brain twisting, and literacy geeks, I find boring and usually a pissing contest ! I am surprised at some of the conflicts you have gotton into ...They're not worth your time ... Of course sometimes it is time to fight though !



Had a look at your Dave page today. I love it. I really laughed at the hamburger shop guy bit. that was funny shit. Y'know, I never knew how much I hated Sammy till this all happened-I got into Daves solo stuff first, then went backwards and got Van Halens Cds, then Van Sams. I never really minded Sammys that much as I kind of regarded them as 2 completely seperate bands (except for live without a net. Sammy was just obnoxious on that video!). Then that crap happened last year. I only heard bits of it (and I wasnt on the net...) so I didnt have a clue what the go was. Then I saw GH1. 2 new Dave songs. BUY BUY BUY. The grin on my face when Dave laughs out "Got me a date with a super model, i know I know I think its fucked" must have made me look an idiot,then Me wise magic just knocked me on my ass so hard.. It all became perfectly clear again. My judgement had been clouded by lack of Dave. This band cannot reach its full potential without Roth. He puts the spark back in VH. Ed and Dave, musically at least, were just paired together. Ed hasnt "sounded" like that in years. I love Daves lyrics. He sings about stuff I know about. Booze. Women. Feeling good. not the same love song lyrics recycled ad nauseum. Im no musician. I dont know the technicalities involved, but I know what I like....



Hey, thanks for the reply. My position was just that....okay, he "gambled" by making his own album, but he and his "people" have a pretty fair idea of what his market value is to a record company. So, SH is boasting a bit by telling the world what a gambler he is - I like him but there's no question he has diarrhea of the mouth.


enjoyed your page!WNBA & VH that about made me spew my spagetti. Gee I wonder who wears the pants in the Van Halen family or should I say panties. I would now like to introduce Mr. edward BERTINELLI Since you are a big Dave fan i was wondering if you could listen to the end of humans beings. I hear someone saying YEAH E YEAH & I swear it is DAVE. What do you think.



Hey  when did you start to go into the lounges? the chat channels, well I am kinda well real hated by the eddie fans, They do not like me very well. email me back partner  i am going to make a big big dave site, right now i am looking for another provider that offers a lot of web space and bandwith


I think your DLR web page is GREAT! I have seen every VH tour since 1979 and was in awe at how lame the VH/Hagar pairing was. The old VH shows were simply awesome. I remeber seeing all three of the Oakland, CA, shows in 1981 when they filmed the Fair Warning videos. I kid yo0u not, the audience drowned out the band on the opening song each night.  The first night my friends and I argued over what the openning song was because we couldn't hear it over the crowd. An audiene that reacts with that much wildness does so because theband RULES. The first song of a Van Hagar concert was clearly audible. Need I say more? I never really cared for Hagar much as a solo artist and figured he would only improve as a performer/song writer when he joined VH. (Why in the world did I give him the benefit of the doubt?!) He ruined VH as we know it. His arrival was evidence of how much DLR contributed to the orginal VH. And your web page honors Roth's contribution. It was also refreshing to see (for the first time) "Romeo Delight" listed by a fan as the #1 VH song. That song kicks ass over any other VH song definitely! I can listen to that song anywhere, any time. I heard VH play the first half on that song (minus the vocals) during a soundcheck in Sacramento on the Balance tour. It was as depressing as it was exciting.


Good job on the web site!!! Hey, if you get a chance, stop by the Dave message board. We could use some common sense over there!



I think I just had an orgasm! LOL...THIS person pulled this post right out of my brain! It is word for word exactly what I believe and feel (and was feeling during the description of seeing the awards...) I adore this person...who are you?????


Dude, come on down and hang at the SLAWTERHOUSE Lounge. Lots more Dave fans there... site you've got...



I think that the Spice Girls made better music when they were called...NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK...geez...



Great Job supporting Diamond Dave-- Look forward to checking out the web page often.



Finally, I think you have injected many good points into the NG, and an open forum makes it more interesting. I just think that particular post had little value outside of an attempt to bait SH fans and I tried to explain why I felt that way. Others post like that and maybe I have as well from time to time. I just think it's a misuse of energy. But you know what they say about opinions....



I just spent 45 minutes on your web page, i am blown away, you are well thought out, i have printed some of your page to show my roth buddies , you are on 100%.


Ok may be a Dave fan, but you are right!! This is one of the best quote posts I have seen.


I just read your post on the subject of Van Liar. Wow!!! If there is one thing I love is a person who can get his facts right. I must say that I feel very much like you do. I went to see Motley Crue without Vince. Sure, the new guy could sing, but it was like a race car running on 3 octane fuel. No pizazz. No magic. Van Halen hit it big with DLR, and got VERY lucky in getting Sammy. But will they succeed a third time with this new singer? ABSOLUTLY NOT Oh sure, the music might still be good, but the singer is like seasoning, the wrong kind will only ruin the dish. Backfire? A collossal backfire. And how great it will feel to have known better all along! And as far as all those flames you got, fuck-em. They are nothing more than pathetic sheep following the herd. You (and I) are the ones with the brains, and they criticize you? Hey, ten years from now they will still be working at the mall. I guess somebody has to be the pawns.  Stand tall and keep your chin up, for we can recognize ignorance when we see it! Shine on. The pen is mightier than the sword.


Hey Crazy, I checked out your web site (all of it). Whew! You try to inform people of what you believe and how you view events. You even go so far as to include proof! Go figure! I don't always agree with what you say, but it does make me think about the VH brothers and what is really going on I thought I was having deja- vu when I read about Sammy leaving the band! Ed said the same thing as he did about Dave! I think he had the same que card!  I've been a Van Halen fan from the beginning. I'll never forget the first time I heard Eruption! I almost quit playing the guitar! I also believe that Dave was a far better performer than Sammy, but Sammy is a better singer ( insert flamage here V&R ). I like Extreme also and except for the fact that a friend of mine used to ask me,"Is that Kiss?" whenever I played them. I wish I would have had the chance to see Van Roth, but instead I got to see Van Hagar.