In The Mail 2


Must agree with you on Fair Warning as best overall album, although would have put "Sunday Afternoon in the Park" as the worst song. Would have rated "1984"'s best song(s) as the one-two punch of Girl Gone Bad/House of Pain, or Drop Dead Legs. Heard a smokin' bootleg version of VH in S.America in 1983 doing ZZ Top's "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers". Saw VH in 1984. They didn't perform many songs. There was a drum solo 3 songs into the show as well as a bass solo that was nothing but a lot of noise. Dave told a lot of dirty jokes and Eddie played a half hour guitar solo. All the same, it was awesome. Most definitely agree with you about the two new Roth songs on Best of VOL1. They both smoke!! I would put "Me wise magic" in my top 10 VH songs of all time, despite the production flaws. For those 6 odd minutes, that band grooved and boogied like nobody's business. I mean, the music had a purpose again. I briefly convinced myself that 5150 was a good album, but it was just delusion. Am searching high and low for 1981-84 live audio and video. Any help would be welcome.GREAT SITE




I absolutely loved your web page. Couldn't agree more. Assholes that wrote to you and said they liked both Hagar, Cherone and also liked David Lee Roth are lying. THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT BANDS PEOPLE! It's fucking bullshit what they did. Furthermore I don't think people are cutting down Mike Anthony and Alex Van Halen either. If Eddie had half a brain he would just get out and do solos for the rest of his life. As for me, I'm done with them. No more getting sucked into buying commercialized crap. Oh, by the way, have you ever seen the movie "Airheads"? My brother tells me there is a scene in the movie that you would definitely appreciate!



You say Van Halen had to change the name of the band. You keep on talking about the Beatles. But didn't the Beatles keep their name after taking Ringo Star for drums when they kicked that other boy out? The name "Van Halen" is because of the drummer and guitarist, Alex and Eddie, and not because of the singer. (Don't get me wrong about the Beatles, I love and admirer their work.)



Dear Dave

Just wanted to write real quick to say I loved your book and found it to be very true for someone who had to put up with a band that definetely had problems.

I saw you in 1988 in Toulouse, France and was startled to see on Stage the Drummer Greg Bisonnette because we met him a couple days before the concert and since I had no clue who he was and since my ex was suppose to know everything about groups well let me tell you his face was red. Greg approached us and asked us where a good restaurant was and since I had just finished eating in a Pizza place I thought as americans they would like to eat there and since I was born and raised in France I really had no clue what Americans liked as food anyway I think I had to much wine or something and just could not remember these great place to go anyway I am rambling on sorry,,,,,,,

About again your book I loved the part where you came in from work and told your Mother that you had smoked pot. I believe that you have great parents who are wonderful . My parents decided to be missionaries to France and also a preacher well let me tell you I was raised very weirdly and since I know my English does not make sense since I think a lot in French. Also about Huck Finn impressed that as a Rocker you would like to read do not get me wrong but since my ex was suppose to be a guitar player and he hated to read I thought all rock musicians hated to read.

I would continue on but then you would probably find this too boring I just wanted to say that I read your book 3 times and being a girl and all and not know much about the music industry found it extremely interesting.

One more thing can you send me a picture of yourself of the one in the Dog Kennel. If you still have it and an address of where your fan mail can go,


Libby Boyer



I loved it!! I love the original band, and Roth helped make it!! No one can deny that. They are all great in their own right, but without the man who made being a rocker, what it is. They are nothing. I guess they think they are fucking rocket scientist now, instead of a rock band. Live and learn, I guess. I'm glad Dave didn't go back, 'cause they would have fucked him, Well I guess they did anyway. I don't even acknowledge their existance after Dave, because there never has been one. Great web site. I'll be back!!! Somebody give me a shot!!!!!!!



You forgot to mention Sam is just as successful if not more than Roth in VH!

-Mike Bosmay



The problem with Van Halen is not with Gary Cherone,It's with Eddie. Eddie no longer plays with the intensity and reckless abandon like he used to. On VH 3 he sounds too rehearsed and too over the top with all of his goddamn sound effects , the production value of the album was piss poor. There's something missing from VH and it's not just Dave , it's Alcohol ! Yes ! Alcohol ! The problem with VH is Eddie's lack of alcohol consumption !

If Vh is going to survive Eddie must imediately go out and get a bottle of JD and a case of the highest alcohol content of Ice beer that he can find and call Dave up and invite him over for drinks to patch up their differences. if this happened the "real" VH would be back ! And maybe with a drunken Eddie Van Halen he would finally have the "elephant balls" to dump Yoko... oopps I mean Val. She's been like fuckin' drag, Eddie he need's to get some of that old inspiration back. He has to start banging some hot chicks just like Dave to achive that goal. And forget about that damn kid Wolfgang ,VH fans sick and tired about hearing about that little brat ! Bottoms Up !



DAVID LEE ROTH I have been looking for you for so long . I loved listening and and watching you. Van Hanlen ain,t nothing without you. But I must admit you all were great . What happened to you and where are you? You are awesome! Please e-mail back. Yoour Faithful Fan LESA



First of all, this site has some major balls! great job!Rolling Stone or any guitar mags can really take a few lessons from the creator.. My analysis of the Mock3 or new VH was that it's very imminent. Even great names/ bands like the Beatles, Eagles,Elvis, etc.. has to take a bow sometime.. For me, VH died years ago back in '84!! From then on, it was just pop/love songs/experimental era for those guys.. DLR/EVH were like a marriage kind of relationship--sorta like Lennon,McCartney,etc..--where you can't have one w/o the other... Every band has some highpoint, and VH real break was in 78-84.. History of Music tells us this because fans and times are changing...If you'd listen to their 1984 CD, VH signalled a direction of going pop <remember,Jump?>... So then, the pop fans bought the VanHaggar era.. Today, VH is pretty much like just another washed out band like any other old has-been! It's really impending becoz--only a few bands are considered timeless--but personally, I seriously consider the '78-84 as Timeless!!....

Beyond that, Hard edge fans had to go on to other groups like Metallica, Pantera, etc... even to-- DLR!, Softer goups carried on w/ the new VH only to be disappointed in Mock3!!--- I smashed that CD to pieces when I first heard it!--it has no right to be on my shelf and I haven't had the nerve to give it to someone... It's tough to disregard EVH guitar genius b/c he was the one who invented that style, other greats like Vai or Johnson, Malmsteen just improvised his technique & just blended their own ideas and VH for many years says he doesn't like to do instrumental solos,( I wonder why?) I
guess,- it's just different approaches for each artist !!and another important thing was that---it's unfortunate that DLR is only mortal on earth who can give life to VH, but maybe-- it's just another damn Filthy

thanks guys and keep on rockin'!!!!
from Mars of Vancouver



I enjoyed your book a great deal. It was the first book in a long time that maintained enough momentum for me to complete. Since reading your book, I was inspired to read IntoThin Air-Krakauer. I also kept the ball rolling with The Grapes of Wrath, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Three Musketeers, Catcher In the Rye, The Great Gatsby, A Clockwork Orange, A Farewell to Arms, The Cider House Rules, Old Man and the Sea,The Sun Also Rises, and David Copperfield.

Most of these novels, although classics, were not as funny or entertaining as your book. Thank you for the entertainment. Have you ever considered writing Fiction?

What's the status of your DLR Band. Good effort on the latest release! I enjoyed your lyrics including-"little Elvis is combat ready".

Jeff Bonner



Dear Diamond Dave:

Dude, you rule!!! I read your book cover to cover, it was very entertaining. I have always been a big fan of yours, and have always thought that you made the Van Halen band. They were fools to let you go. I play guitar and even sing a little too, so I know a little about what I'm sayin here. All their talk about "range" and all that is BS... Jim Morrison sang like an angel, huh? I don't think so. Can you imagine the Doors without Jim? same thing... stage presence, charisma, attitude, imagination, these are not commodities to be scorned! I always thought the Yankee Rose band sounded more like the old VH than anything else I'd been hearing. I think you would be way cool in a movie, (even though you said acting is not your calling) 'cuz man you are Mr. Hollywood dude! I laughed out loud several times reading your book. I wish you luck in all your future endeavors.

Stay cool bro

Meigs F. Hodge Alexandria, VA



Hey, glad to see a little updating on your web page. I was getting a little worried that you stopped working on my favorite page on the web...

Maybe you can add this to your review section. I had to get this off my chest. I just feel soooo sorry for anybody who bought Van Halen 3. True to my word, I didn't buy the album rather it is sitting on my shelf awaiting imminent destruction after my cousin dumped it off on me. His poor misguided soul actually paid for the tape! He wanted me to give it a listen just to truly see how pathetic it is before it's proper torture and burial. Here's what I found....

I really despised "Without You' when I heard it on the radio. The music is redundant and uninspired. Couple that with gary's Sammy wannabe vocals and you got a crappy radio song. The ironic thing is that this was the second best song on the tape!!!!

I can't even remember the complete track listing (I have spent a month trying to extinguish this album from my memory banks) but I remember the intro instrumental "New World" sucked ass. This is the first sign that EVH (1978-1991 w/release of uninspired FUCK and 1995-1997 after the MTV fiasco) is this time gone forever. There is no feel to his playing, no melody just a waste of tape...He's right, the music does speak for itself. It goes through the motions And sceams out: "I'm 40 odd years old and a mature rock star who thinks I'm as good as Hendrix or Clapton". It's sad to believe I actually thought he was that good at one time. This album shows just how overrated EVH really is as a guitarist. No soul, no elephant balls, and definitely no angels (of mercy to the listener) are present on this album...

This isn't even the biggest problem! Gary's vocals are no picnic, but his lyrics take the cake. How can anyone in their right, sane mind say that Gary is an incredible lyrisicist?! First off he's a puss, and it shows in his lyrics. Apeman, candyman, boogeyman? The lyrics are cheesey. Just read theM! They don't mean anything!!!! It's like bullshitting your way through a book report on a book you failed to read. You use a lot of big attention grabbing words to try and throw the teacher off so she doesn't actually read into the content of the report. Gary does the same thing on VH 3. Honestly, read the lyrics closely and tell me what they mean. You can't cuz every song sports incoherent, cheesey, Seaseme Street inspired lyrics!

Not only are his lyrics meaningless shit, they also cloud over what little potential the album has. I'll be honest. "Fire in the Hole" is a decent track BUT only from a musical standpoint. I don't know if it's because the rest of teh music is that bad or what, but this song was the only one that made me bob my head. Problem is, Gary's cheesey lyrics and God awful "I just got hit in the elephant balls" voice damage this track severely. I got an idea for the new album, don't let Gary sing and don't let Eddie play...

And what about Mike A? Why the hell is he still in this band? He is absent in the background vocals (His strongest contribution to the Van Hagar era) on all tracks but Without You and I'll be damned if I can hear ANY bass on this album (Of course I did fast forward through most of teh songs after a minute, minute and a half. Believe me, that was enough) . As far as I'm concerned Eddie might've pulled a Gene Simmons/Paul Stanley and given Mike credit for bass when he actually didn't play a note just like KISS did when Frehely and Criss were having substance problems....What is Mike waiting for? Quit Goddamnit! I bet Sam could use a bassist....

Finally, if you're a DLR or Sammy fan or an ex-VH fan, try really try in some way to listen to the track EVH sings on (w/out buying the album) and get ready to laugh your ass off! Eddie sounds like Patty and Selma from the Simpsons with his smokers voice and Gary fits in perfectly with his puss (regular)voice as they both slobber out the words "How Many Say I" repeatedly. If Websters ever hears this song, they may just have to remove the words How, many, say and I from the dictionary cuz Ed and Gary have sure massacred them to death...

Bottom line is, that EVH was absolutely right when he told Sammy that VH could be called Piss for all he cared cuz that's what I found myself constantly doing while this album polluted my stereo. My rating is a 35 for the amount of times worse this album is as compared to how horrible I thought it would be...

-Adam Kulawik



David.......i think that you have a lot of spiritual energy......and that it seems like you are gathering strength for the next level of your journey......"the further exploration of this world".....and i wish you luck and yolanda........Ps hope you also have found your sensible shoes......=]




Dude, thank you so much for putting together a kickass site devoted to Diamond Dave and how VH sucks without him, the way you use all that evidence is brilliant, I wish you could interview Ed on the radio and just bombard him with all that, he'd walk out, he'd be so shocked that he'd finally been exposed for the lying son of a bitch that he is. I'm reading "Crazy From the Heat" right now and it makes me realize why me and so many other people love Dave so much...he loves back, y'know? If you read it, do you remember the part about how Alex was telling Dave to really go nuts at the MTV awards, to really set him up and make him look bad? I thought that was so wrong, Dave must have felt horrible...anyway, keep up the great work, and thanks again!




after reading your thoughts on van halen i was wondering why you dont eliminate van halen from your site and do articles on just dlr. you seem to hate everything eddie has ever done. you seem to think that dave is responsible for vh's success which i dont understand since you hate this band any way. last time i checked dave didnt play eruption or spanish fly. he just ran around with his ass hanging out.






I thought your web page is awesome!!! I just picked up the DLR book and am half the way through. I am a guitarist and I can tell you Ed is dead!! The first person to blow the Eddie myth was Randy Rhoads. Ed has been regurgitating the same shit for many years!!! The production of Van Halen has sucked since the departure of Roth. I am impressed at how Dave got the band signed with out the demo tape...all on contact with the people!! No Dave is not the best singer....but he is one of the best entertainers we have been graced with. I have not followed much of his solo career... but I can tell you I have so much more respect for him now. No not one person made VH it was the combined chemistry of the orginal 4. That will never be recreated again...VH is a fading this point I doubt if even Dave could save it....I saw the original 4 on thier 2nd a goes on... thanks for the truth Dave I believe you and so do many others.... We fans can see auras...and the current VH is covered in SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Doug BenROTH !!!!(Benroth)



To whom it may concern, I loved your sight !!!!! It made me think back to 1978 when my best friend turned me on to Van Halen. I can still remember the excitement I got when the first note came through the speakers it was mesmerizing, it changed me forever. At thirteen I experienced Van Halen live as they opened for Black Sabbath. I was also fortunate to see them every tour after that until Dave left. To me it was like I lost my best friend, I can remember driving and hearing the news of his departure from the band and I had to pull over, I was numb. giving the band the benefit of the doubt I went to see the 5150 show at the cotton bowl in Dallas - when they hit the stage disappointment ran through me THIS IS NOT VAN HALEN !! Sammy just did not have the stage presence that Dave brought to the band. Then low and behold Yankee Rose, DAVE WAS BACK !!! I went to the 86 & 88 shows in Austin and was never disappointed. I never experienced any of his later tours except through bootlegs but Dave is Dave and I supported and still support his music no matter what !! Always have always will.

Then came the reunion news I felt the way I did back in '78, my wife who is a little younger than I looked at me like I was an idiot. "why are you getting so excited over a band" my only response was "you never got to experience the real Van Halen, I grew up on it". The night of the MTV awards I was glued to the TV, I couldn't move until I had seen with my own eye's that they were once again a group, I felt like a kid who was just about to experience Santa Claus for the first time. I was in cloud nine. Then came the disappointment, Eddie gave all us hardcore fans the royal chorizo !! After the Dave bashing started I to looked in to what happened, all the Eddie and Al slip UP's and Cherone's mouth in the burn interview and came to the same conclusion you have what a pathetic joke !

About two months ago I was talking to my friend who had originally turned me on to VH and he was telling me he went to the show in Vegas, he said it was a waste of money. He was telling me Cherone was like a cheerleader not a frontman, he felt he did no justice to either the Dave or Sammy era songs and that the venue didn't come close to selling out. Every now and then I take a look at the VH newsdesk and official sight and am amazed at the reviews the shows are getting, I guess those individuals never got the privilege of seeing the real Van Halen. Van Halen to me was Americas band. (the Roth era anyway) their music made me feel like I could take on the word and do anything I wanted in life and have a good time doing it, and I have. Just like the lyrics to unchained - "change nothing stays the same/ unchained and ya hit the ground running" and I haven't stopped yet. To Dave I say - thank you for being the soundtrack to the best years of my life... to Ed - PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS !!! and do the right thing. Thanks for letting me ramble Jon



Eddie Van Halen needs to be beat



Well, I remember buying the first VH album as a senior in high school (yeah, I played guitar...still do, but it's pretty much out-there Jazz now) and it just kicked my ass! I realized even then that this first album was definately a bench mark record in rock. Why do you think punk was so vital? The rock market was so bloated with corporate groups like Journey, Kansas and Styx that punk was a more refreshing approach--as was VH's first album which came across as a D-I-Y precursor to Nirvana, etc. Think about it, Hendrix was already 8+ years gone, Clapton was a boring noodler (obviously due to heavy heroin use), and Beck, Page, Blackmore et al were just as stale as the scene was....then came along this gawky kid from Pasadena with the striped, semi- home made guitar and WOW! In my opinion, VH's first album ALMOST erased the line between hard rockers and punk rockers. Balls to the wall!!!! Sure, Roth was the Hollywood schtick, if you will to Ed's virtuoso musical madman, and it worked well. As for the debate over which line-up of VH one would prefer, well the original is always the best. For what DLR lacked in actual musicianship he really was over the top with stage presence--which he could also exude from your stereo speakers right to you and not many people in or out of VH could ever do that (Hagar and Cherone have been boring live as well as recorded)! It seemed that DLR always made you feel like there was a party going on in that stereo and you were invited along.The magic has never been the same and with the years rolling by at an alarming pace and it unfortuately will never be recaptured. It's just time to move on. P.S. Nice webpage. Peace.




Checked out your web page, it was most excellent. Being in my late 30's I grew up on Van Halen, greatest band to ever grace this planet. I was however looking for recent photos of David as I saw him on a talk show late one night and almost died. He looked just like the old Jewish guys on Miami Beach, complete with a polyester looking blue suit and white shoes. Not that people don't age but he looked like shit to be honest. I couldn't believe it, I was wondering how this happened and even better yet, how I missed it. I guess it was just a shock seeing him that way. I mean after all, we are talking about the best front man to ever exist. Anyway, just a comment I had and also wanted to say thanks for a great page. Brought back lots of memories and plus it keeps Davids name clean for those who don't know the facts.




Well, You know whats funny? I was sitting here, bored as hell, drinking a bit, and saw David's old "california girls" video on MTV....and hopped over to yahoo and put his name on the search engine.

I perused the sites, found some really negative garbage, found some twisted things, some things that scared me.

Now...I came upon your site. I am a little disturbed at your negativity, but its understandable.

I am an impartial man, I have only THREE bands i will buy albums from without even hearing any of the songs. these bands include Metallica, Garbage, and Van Halen. Now...that number is reduced to Two....

I have been a Vh fan since 1984, when as a little boy listening to micheal jackson and getting into shit like that, I saw a BIG poster of 1984's album cover in our local mall's music store. The album cover looked so cool, I HAD to go in and get it. what followed after that changed this young boy's life forever. throwing away the pop shit I got into VH, got into queen, got into Jimi, got into ROCK.

Then..DLR left. And thusly, I left. True, they still sounded decent, but Dave was the man, not eddie. The only Hagar album i enjoyed was Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, which had some rippin' songs on it. However, I buckled, and bought the new album, Mach3

Ok..I am i'll tell you what I thought.


Its not the WORST they've done, its third, right under OU812 and Seventh Seal.

Its a complete joke, and know what the biggest turn off was? the attitude Eddie has towards all of this.

I love Dave, and I read on your site that he has a new solo album..but I never saw the damn it hard to get????

Man, keep up the good work on the site, you earned a link on my own.

C. Batchelor



Just wanted to tell you...your words have converted me, a man who was once brainwashed by Eddie and Alex Van Liar into believing that Sam Halen was a truly good band. I was sucked in by their schlock pop saccharine synth rock tunes and deluded into all but forgetting Diamond Dave. The "Great Rock and Roll Swindle" of 1996 had convinced me that Eddie, Alex, and Mike "Luckiest Man Alive" Anthony were liars, but it was not enough to sway me away from Sam Halen. Then the unthinkable happened.

Fairy Cherone. Listening to Bland Halen III was like watching an autopsy on a grenade victim. It was unjust and horrifying. It was Sonic Rape. There was nothing...NOTHING worth listening to on that entire album. "Ballot or the Bullet" made me cry, too. Just for different reasons. After hearing Dave and Sam say the same things about Eddie and listening to Ed and Al try to use the same tack with Sam that they had with Dave - plus the fact that Bland Halen III was obviously the "Eddie Show" proved to me that it was true. Eddie is an Asshole. He did not change the name of the band because he would have had to EARN his sales again, like Robert Plant did after Zeppelin.

The only band I recognize as Van Halen is the original. Everything else is like trying to make a cake without eggs. It's not a cake, nor will it taste like one.

I realized that I had been an Eddie Lover and the only reasons I listened to Sam Halen was Eddie. Once I realized that, I realized why no matter how much I liked, say, OU812, it always gave me a headache. It was because Sam's voice sounds like the brakes on my old Fiat. If they had changed the name of the band to "Eddie is God" and gotten almost ANYONE else to sing, I might be able to listen, but Sam Halen is the pits. It's not the same. Diamond Dave is the real King of Rock and Roll.

Now the only problem is, I know people who are still Eddie Lovers, and cling to Sam Halen. They make excuses for why the name of the band should not change. They make excuses for Sam. They are sucked in by the bouncy pop sounds of something like "Right Now" (Which would not be a bad song if someone else were singing).

But alas, now that my eyes have been opened, I cannot help my brothers and sisters who have not Turned Back to Dave. I can only lead by example. That's all any of us can do. Hopefully, Bland Halen 3.0 will continue to crash and burn like they did on Mock 3, and the Mighty DLR Band will establish itself as the new standard bearers of good time rock and roll. We can only hope. Thanks for your great page, and for telling the TRUTH about it all. Stay right, and remember...

Dave is King!



Hey, it wasn't like Sam was a dud, spending 11 yrs with them and having success. People liked the stuff, and Dave's solo music as well. Cherone will doom them and then they will have to split up or get Dave or Sam back, neither of whom would at this point I presume. (Unless Dave is that stupid to go back again.) So boycott the Mock3 lineup and support the Van Halen or Van Hagar eras. Anything but that schmuck Freddie Mercury wannabe. He doesn't even play an instrument. At least Da ve could play half ass guitar onstage for "Ice Cream Man" and Sammy some fill in guitar. !@#$ the "new VH"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx for hearing me out!!!!!!!!!!

VH Fan, no fan of bullshit!!!!!!



I'm totaly amazed by your web site, it's so informative. It's truely eye- opening to see Ed & Al's contradicting statements together.(could they still be drinking ? ) I will tell you that I have nothing against Gary, he seem's like a really nice guy and he's a big Dave fan. Infact Gary and Dave used to hang out together. They met when Extreme opened up for Van Halen in the early eighties. And I saw VH a few month's ago and Gary is so much better than Sammy in concert. No long speeches and almost all Dave songs. ( only 2 Sammy songs) but without Dave it's just a really good cover band. As for prediction that VH might sell a few million this time and diminish on their second "Extreme Halen" album, allowing Dave's return. It could happen sooner than you think ! "Extreme Halen" is already working on a new album that's due to be released in the Spring of ' 99, ovbiously because VH 3 was a huge bust. As i'm writing this they have now just reached Gold-500,000, only this after a world tour ! Good for a new band, not for " The Mighty VH". They didn't even sell out 10 thousand seat arena's in most places. That fact alone might be enough to spur a return for Dave if it doesn't improve when they tour again in the Summer of ' 99. Especially now i'm seeing in new interviews with Eddie, he's going around saying that he still loves Dave like a brother. Could he be having second thought's about reuniting ? I hope so !

Hi, it's me again. I'm still reading your articles, I had to respond. Sammy like Eddie has said before is the second wife who can't forget their was a first wife and in my opinion the relatives liked the first wife better. And I have a Sammy Hagar interview on tape from the Howard Stern Show. And Howard asked him how he felt about seeing the guys on stage with Dave and the crowed going nuts over the reunion. And for the first time ever I heard an honest answere. Sammy said he was worried about what people would think , especially if Dave and VH were really good would everyone forget about him. And the way everyone was cheering and giving a standing ovation made him sad. He sounded like a jealous crybaby but at least it was an honest answere from a man who's a legend in his own mind.



Van Halen was so much better with Sammy than DLR or that freak that they have now. You obviously know nothing and should shut your mouth. Van Hagar kicked ass and Van Halen's stupidity ruined it. Don't get me wrong I like Dlr alot better than Garry what ever the rest of his name is but Sammy was the best by far hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ok, here it goes: SAMMY HAGAR KICKS!!!!!! I'm not the prez of the Sammy Hagar Admiration Society, just someone who like his music. HE did a lot of good for that band, saved their asses after Dave left. To dump him shittlily like they did shows how above the human race these assholes have become. And does Mike A. have a spine? Maybe he doesn't give a rat's ass and only is concerned with the moolah he gets for saying "Yes ed, no Ed". And thx, VH, for "Fairy Chernobyl", because that's all he's gonna do for you guys now. WHAT WAS THAT SHIT ON THE 10 SPOT? Grabbing himself? Is this the ANGEL WITH ELEPHANT BALLS GUY? Maybe he was checking to see if he had any at all. Whatever, just don't do it on stage!!!!!! VH is over and doomed to sink now(duh!!!!!) Mike should go to Sammy's band since they seemed to be the only 2 guys in VH who got along. Let Eddie do all the bass, 6 and 4 string (get a quintuple neck guitar like Rick Nielsen) and truly be "VH3"!!! It's over and the Tubby Lady has yodeled!!!!



news flash pal, eddie has, is, and will always be the guitar king. sure, hes got an ego by your proof. but hey, dave has an ego the size of alaska. dave was thinking its all about him. HE was the first to leave VH. HE wanted to go on his own. HE said it was all about him. beck said dave was being dave. yeah, a dickhead. an ego. an asshole. sure, ill admit dave is my favorite singer next to gary. gary has good talent in the old stuff. i went to the concert in jul. 5, '98. i thought he was just as good. sure, after reading some of the areas, i will see that eddie has lied, especially about dave coming back, but think of it as getting dave back for dave leaving them. DAVE abandoned them, remember? i find it a little disturbing too that in some ways, eddie thinks its his band, but thats how he'll be. at least he aint goin off on a solo career ditchin his other members of the band. as for sammy, he ill admit was a mistake. only hit i extremely admire is "humans being". but he didnt really want to work. a band is a group that works together. sammy wasnt doin his job then. hell, i wouldnt be too surprised if gary gets off. i dont really think it will happen, but somehow, if he does, hell screw up like sammy, or become an ego like roth. roth and eddie would love to beat the shit outta each other. theyre enemies ever since dave left. theyre no good anymore together. dave is good on his own. my dad has his album. we got it just to hear what its like. its a good one. but i dont thinkthe guitarist can keep up with eddie. and my dad said the way DLR band mixed the music really sucks. i dont think ill even bother to try the sammy solo. maybe ill get it if i want to. who knows.

of coures these are just my opinions, i could be wrong. or i could be right (to some people).

your website is although a good one and is one of my personal favs.,

steven age 14 cleveland(parma), ohio

write back and tell me what you think on my opinions if you want:)



Come on, guys. Get over it.

Eddie Van Halen runs his own show. He is the leader of one of the greatest rock and roll bands in history. His talent is up there with Page, Beck, Clapton and Hendrix. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest guitarists of all time. We all know that. And he probably knows it. Is he arrogant? Probably. Is he insecure about Roth stealing the limelight? I doubt it. With a guitar like Eddie on stage, the Munsters could stand in as vocals and the stadium would still be sold out. Alex and Mike are baggage. But Eddie is the star, and he can do whatever the hell he wants.

I have nothing against David Lee Roth. I like the Van Halen albums he sang on. But I also like the Hagar albums, and the Cherone album. I'm not listening so much to the singing, but the great guitar. Roth is just another singer. Very few vocalists make a group. But guitarists like EVH are rare, and being a commodity leaves you room to be selective about who you want to play with. If Roth got the ax because of Eddie's arrogance, so be it.



Will the report on "The Fall of Van Halen" ever appear. I keep waiting and waiting but no report. Can you give a time estimate?



well eddie and alex you are certain to crash and burn......dave nice job on the way you handled this.....the two song s on the greatest hits record were the best thing the brother liars have done since 1984.. mike who?????? dave congrats on the new album and congrats on the last one which took a chance to venture on out........ hey eddie wake up bro.. rick/toronto



No shit, man. Take the wonderful name of "Van Halen" off of your poor excuse of a website. You are definately NO Van Halen fan, just a cry-baby of a DLR fan. A TRUE VH fan would NEVER bad mouth Eddie, Mike, or Al -- man, that's just common sense. Quit your bitchin' and go screw Dave -- cause you know you want to.



Dave ain't coming back man, I think you should reroute your negative energy to something else. Just because you're a Dave fan, doesn't mean you have to be a Eddie hater. I think that Dave is just as responsible for their initial breakup, and failed reunion, as Eddie ever was.

Dave Fan, Eddie Appreciator



Hey man, I totally agree with you! Van Halen is no longer Van Halen. Just recently, they had to play in NJ Garden state arts center, an outdoor lawn concert that was not even sold out. They also just played at Atlantic City, the Trump Marina, what a joke! I loved the VH best of vol.1 the two songs with DLR were awesome! I did tolerate Sammy, and even thought Humans Being was an awesome song, though Eddie finally woke up and remembered how to play guitar in that song, maybe he needs to hit the bottle again, and wise up and realize that VH is not VH without DLR. He and Alex are buttfuckin liars, and they screwed DLR and Sammy. They should have just called it quits after DLR part 2 failed, and leave with a decent reputation, rather than making a joke out of themselves now with Cherone. Do they sing "Moret Than Words" at their concerts now? I refuse to listen or to buy any VH CD's after the VH best of Vol.1 was released. They let me down, and after all, the fans are the ones who made Eddie, Alex, and Michael rich in $. They should just stop now, and save their reputations, while it is not yet destroyed. Andy




I just visited yer web site, today. Well, i support you, 100% on bashin' Eddie Van Halen, and his brother. It is unfortunate that Eddie destroyed "his" band, three times in one year. I personally, hate VH3, with a passion. It was a rip-off, and the only good song on there wuz, "without you," and even IT was butchered by Gary Cherone's horrible vocals.

However, i do disagree with you, on your views of REd Rocker Sammy Hagar. I personally think Hagar is a talented musician, with one of the greatest voices around. He has carried Van Halen for 11 years and has been a successful solo artist. As for the range in voice, he hasn't proven that he can hit the low notes like Dave, but he can hit the high ones ("inside," "you really got me: live").

As for the result of all this BS, on the behalf of Mr Van Halen, i can honestly say, that after everything that happened in 1996, David Lee roth is the one who is looking the best. Sammy Hagar, has lost his edge. No longer, are the days of the rockin' I can't drive 55, or Heavy Metal. Instead we have "who has the right," "kama," and "would u do it for free?" As for Van Halen, VH3, wuz so dissapointing, it made Marching to Mars an album filled with timeless classics. I have never seen such horrible lyrics, on any Van Halen album before. The "gayman, candy man, fatman, pizza man, apeman" was so annoyingly stupid. The rest of the songs either sounded Gay ("Once," "Josephina," "How many say i?"), or were loaded with Political JArgon, which nobody cares about. At least Hagar's lyrics, actually reflects the problems of today's society.

As For Diamond Dave's new album, i personally thought wuz unbelievable. When i first heard it, i thought, "At very long last, somebody filled that void in music!" Finally, after all this time, SOMEBODY (yes, mr. van halen, that somebody is your ex-employee you fired!), was able to give the music industry what it was lacking. I have never heard such rockin' tunes!! The creativity in the guitaring is unmatched (if you're familiar with Eddie's style, you can easily say he lacks creativity), and is immensly difficult.

While we have Eddie makin' an ass outta his whole band, we have this DLR band, who's gonna make Eddie look like such a loser (not that he already looks like one). Eddie is not in the music business for the sake of producing music, but for the cash alone. From what Sammy Hagar said, he was fired to bring back David Lee Roth, so they could go on a world tour, and earn shit loads of cash.. .. but of course something stoopid on the behalf of Eddie Van Halen and his agent went on, and this was not possible. Eddie is nothing more than an egotistical, money craving, deceptive sob, who doesn't care about his fans. All he cares is how much there is in his bank account, and attention.




Hi! I'm a former VH fan, and a current Dave & Sammy fan. I really enjoyed your site. Not knowing how to throw up a site, I can still appreciate that yours is well put together.

Agree or disagree, I respect anyone who says what they have to say without apology. So many flip-flop and stand for nothing, choosing to be merely sheep agreeing with the prevailing popular notion of the day.

I, like you, think it's a joke that they said that Gary had more range than Sammy. What a joke! They may have wished for this, but this is not the reality. I don't know anything about him having throat surgery, but your assumptions seem correct. Frankly, I thought he's simply blown his voice from trying to sound like Sammy. I don't really like Gary, but if he was able to be himself, and if they had quality songs, they could have done platinum. As it is, the music sucks, and Gary's peformance is painful to listen to and completely dishonest.

About the only point I disagree with you on is that of range. I am a musician, and musically speaking, Sammy has a broader range than Dave. Dave is a baritone, and has a very cool voice. When it comes to low stuff, he sounds much better than Sammy. This has nothing to do with talent or otherwise, this is just the way the big dude in the sky made Dave. Likewise, Sammy can sing higher, and can do so throughout an entire performance. This doesn't mean he is better than Dave, this just means he's a different type of singer. This is also precisely why Sammy can't sing old VH as well as Dave. They are two different animals. However, whether you like one or the other, Sammy has a broader range than Dave, period. I think the reason you dispute this is that the brothers used this as a way to put Dave down after he split. Thus, the argument is lost on most people, musically speaking. Since I am not saying this to put Dave down, perhaps you can accept this at face value. I love Dave and I love Sam, and listen to both to get different things.

Anyways, have a great life, and keep up the great work on your site. I'll be back to visit!

P.S. My favourite Dave tune is "Big Trouble" from EEAS. I do a cool acoustic version of it.



just a quick memo. saw van cherone @ jones beach theatre 08/15/98. boy they suck. as far as eddie is concerned, he could learn some tech from satriani. cherone looks like a euro trash fag from amsterdam and they should let m.anthony sing lead. later



I just checked out your Dave page and its really cool. I've seen Van Hagar three times, and I just saw Extreme Halen. I've never seen the real Van Halen, but I have seen Diamond Dave at the Masquarade in Atlanta. Seeing Dave in a small club was better than the last Van Hagar show. Enough said, DAVE RULES. I have some pretty good quality bootleg videos and cassettes of Van Halen. If you're interested let me know. We must preserve the spirit of Van Halen.

later, Jason






I really enjoyed visiting your VH page. I agree wholeheartedly that the band has fucked themselves with Cherone. I adapted to Sammy because the material was still pretty good (though nowhere near Dave's stuff); Cherone's is just crap. VH III is the biggest hard rock disappointment since last year's horrifically bad Generation Swine from Motley Crue. I just picked up DLR Band and it REALLY does sound more like Van Halen than Van Halen does now! Great album, especially Slam Dunk and Lose The Dress (Keep The Shoes).




I liked all of the info that was provided concerning this entire situation. I have to say that I'm more impressed w/Hootie & The Blowfish than I am w/Van Cherone er..... I mean Van Halen. Cherone should've stayed w/Extreme, at least he had another voice to play off of. Now Cherone sounds like a Sammy wanna-be impersonator (ala "Fire In The Hole"). I find myself switching stations when I hear VH (w/Cherone). It's really sickening the way Eddie moons over Gary in all of the fluff pieces I see in the media. I almost expect Eddie to lean over and start giving Gary head.

I was really pissed at Dave in the mid-80's, now I am super pissed at Eddie. It's hard for me to swallow this whole bit about him being screwed over by two lead singers. It seems that Eddie does no wrong. Dave & Sammy suffer from L.S.D while Eddie suffers from a bum hip. I don't think so. I just wish that Eddie, Alex & Michael would pull their heads out of their proverbial asses and get down to serious business. Making music & making money. With Dave there's a literal "diamond mine" but with Cherone...... who knows. Eddie reminds me of a pro-wrestler named Raven who is always complaining "What about me? What about Raven???" Poor, poor Eddie. You brought this on yourself.



Man, you and your readers hit the nail on the head. "F" Gary and for that matter, Ed too. I busted out laughing when I heard Ed singing; sounded like a drunk goin' through a stone crusher. I 've always said that Ed needs to get back on the bottle, that's when he was at his best.{along with DLR.} Pick up some hooch, Ed! Do we have to suffer 11 years of Van Cheblown? Ed said "It's not about the money." OK, swallow your ego about Dave and do it for the tunes! Dave's willing! Give the damn fans what we want. David Lee Roth! Thanks for my 1 minute. Todd VW



Hi DLR page,

I am an older guy than maybe some of your readers, (32 years and counting), but I have to say that this page is refreshing. I have been a big fan of VH since I was a kid when they started out. The songs and albums just got better as they went along. I even liked Diver Down, which many people panned.

Now we moved on to a new era with Dave being kicked out and (sounds like) being told to basically hit the road. Sammy comes in and is alright at best. Hmmm? Maybe Dave was a real ass? I still like him anyway and bought the solo albums. Now after some rehashed average VH, they kick Sammy out. What is with these guys?

I had the deep displeasure of watching the VH concert with Cherone in Aussie on July 27/98 on Much Music. WHAT A DUD HOUR OF CRAP. Eddie kisses Gary's hand after a song. The music was tame at best. Micheal Anthony sings(eeck), the stage show I could have produced in my toilet, Gary fondled Eddie so many times I lost count, Gary also does a bad take on Freddie Mercury. MAN, was I dissapointed!!

The VH boys with Anthony have some game plan in mind, but no one else gets it. VH has sucked bag since they dumped Dave and has never recovered. This is not the only band that has suffered when losing one of it's whole parts. Kiss(thank God now reformed), Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, etc. This will happen to GNR, STP, and many bands from here to come. The most important thing for these ego trippers (which we all have) is to realise they're mistakes and patch it up or disband complete. Don't go under a phoney name and say it's the same band(even if it is your namesake).

The band could never be as good without Dave, and he may never be as good without them, but with the shitty music they're putting out, he is better off.

I haven't bought one album since Dave's departure and continue not to.

Van Halen will never be Van Halen until the original unit is restored. Until that time I have my oldies.

Jody Moroz









It's about goddamn time I found someone who knows what's real.I have never,ever bought an album after 1984.I fuckin' cried when I heard the news that DLR left.Eddie alone has no idea what to do.Damn alcoholic and his resentments.That's what it's all about.DLR is the catalyst for VH.There is NO VH without him.I have,I think,the first VH tatoo on my arm since '78,and I have been musing that maybe it was time to cover it up.I don't have the heart.I loved that band.I was in Ohio just before the MTV awards,and there I am,43 yrs old,talking with an 18 yr old fan of the original VH.We talked for hours.I never thought this young pup(he works for one of my customers) and I would have anything in common.....yet there we were,when he told me about the reunion,my hair stood up.He and I swapped stories and opinions for hours and it felt like ten minutes.We are the ones who make them famous,yet Eddie insists on doing some nowhere shit.I just don't get it.I try not to think about it 'cause it is too much for me.All I ever wanted was something in my life to be constant.Seems like everytime I really like something,it changes.Don't they GET IT?The best of only sold like crazy 'cause of the new songs with Dave.That's the only reason I bought it.I gotta go.I could type a hundred pages.I miss that BAND.I have to turn the radio off everytime I hear the "New VH".I start to wonder how many great,great songs they would have made by now.They just got better and better.I can't bear to think about this anymore.Thanks for a GREAT page,man.Al.....



Dave, as you can see everyone loves your new CD! I know that things might be rough with putting a tour together BUT, you know that your fans will come! So please, please, please, tour. And tour soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.



doood.....what the fuck can i say....

your like my twin.

like you...when i heard cherone was being made i waited, you know, said to me self, give the poor fucker a chance....

...lo and behold, but what do i see? eddie van schmuck thinks he can pull a fast one...thinks those of us who made him rich (and happilly so) will swallow any shit he serves....

....ive been thru the rough and iv been thru the good, but nothin is quite a slap in the face as the thought that the vh boys think id buy any shit they produce...

im happy to see they only sold half a mil. next time they wont sell half that. i got every dlr cd ever...not cause of vh but caus dlr is an awsome entertainer....

i only pray, and every night do i pray, that your prediction comes true, that eddie will realize aint the ed show its the dave show.


too bad i didn't realize ed was and arsehole sooner...i would have stopped buyin vh cds in 1985