I hear some people say that Dave was hogging the mic and wanting all the attention at the MTV awards. Hogging the mic, no, that was just the real Van Halen my friends. He had the whole audience in his hands once again. He was merely being the Dave everyone wanted to see. Did you want him to come back and tour and just be meek and just say "thank you very much" after every song? No, I liked what I saw. This was Dave being the front-man again. Even Beck took no offense and said, "It was just Dave being Dave." I think the standing ovation and the very loud crowd pretty much backs me up on this one.

Beck didn't care, only the VH brothers were jealous and bothered. And as far as the "Tonight's about me not your hip" bit, you have to remember the source. Eddie was the ONLY ONE who heard that and we must rely on him for the journalistic truth. I'm sure whatever was said, was an ongoing conversation that started long before the MTV awards and was a reaction to many different events. If you are going to rely on Eddie's word as the gospel truth then you are reading nothing but propaganda. The fact of the matter is, Eddie became insanely jealous of Roth once again after hearing the reaction he got from his many fans. Eddie said to himself, "No way, this band is about me! I've have to stop this. Roth is out again! I got to come up with something to get the fans sympathy." It is Eddie who wants all the attention. It is Eddie who wants Roth to be humbled. It is Eddie who wants to hide at 5150 and call all the shots. It is 1997 and Eddie has the ego problem.

Just a side note - I find it incredibly revealing about Eddie when he says he told Roth he better be wearing a cup. Only a weakling girl would go for the testicles. Dave would kick his butt all over the place, you too Alex. His foot would be in your mouth quicker then you could say, "GOT MILK?"



A fan replied to my "Rating Van Hagar" article:

I think you're wrong on this may not be the first album, but it don't suck. I think there is a heavy groove on this album - things like Judgment Day an This Dream Is Over are pretty cool. Whatever Roth would've sung over this material might've been good, too, but the only one I'd like to see changed is Pleasuredome. Malmsteen and Vai are not the standard-bearers to look to, if you ask me...

I wasn't implying that Vai or Malmsteen were better players than Ed, just that they are regarded as "guitar hero's" like Ed. To me, there is more going on in "Aftershock" than there is on all of For .U.C.K. I guess this is the more "mature" VH sound. The thin guitar sound and tone suck also. I guess this is "Ed the songwriter". To my ears Ed comes up short on this album. Some good rhythm parts, but his solo's, the highlight of a VH record, are missing.

Kinda like a Cheap Trick album. But you don't expect flaming solo's from the Tricksters. Hey, forget Mach III, THIS album sounds like an avg. rock band. Ed loses when he tries to become a "complete"songwriter as he says. He should just concentrate on the riffs and solo's and let the singer concentrate on crafting it into a song. This is what Dave did so well. He's done it with every guitarist he worked with. It is no coincidence that Vai's and VH's and Becker's best work was done with DLR.

>The top 6 Van Hagar albums:

>1. 5150

>2. Balance

I can understand your #1 here, but Balance is tripe and is probably the furthest removed from the DLR era in terms of musical quality. Aftershock is okay, agreed. Amsterdam was not ruined, and Seventh Seal is acceptable but after that....this is Shit Sandwich...

Balance is very up and down. But the guitar work, on the few songs I like, blow F.U.C.K. out of the water. The OU812, F.U.C.K. type albums I do not like at all. I will buy 5150 when I see it used. I will keep Balance, but F.U.C.K. is going back to the store.

It sounds to me like VH was outta gas when they wrote F.U.C.K. and that was part of the reason for the live album. I think it's over myself. The only thing that is going to make the new album sell is the "newness" of Gary Cherone. After hearing these last 2 efforts from VH, I am convinced even more that the name "VH" played a big part in making these albums go No. 1.

Just like Aerosmith, to me, they haven't done anything good since Draw The Line. All these acts grow old and stale but still sell. It is beyond me. The name recognition, the airplay, the advertising all play a big role.

Hey, it's just my honest opinion. If I would have never heard their first six albums maybe I wouldn't have come to expect so much or a certain attitude. I think Sam era and Dave era fan's taste are a lot different. Will they come together for Mockery III? I don't think so. I wouldn't be surprised if it debuts at No.1 or completely bombs. I think there is too much going against them.

I definitely think their days of mega-stardom are over. And with this Ray Danniels character "family" now, I see no big shake up afterwards. I think Ed, Al, and Gary will sink with the ship. I think Mike will quit the band after this tour. It will be interesting!

1978 - 1985: Van Halen - 6 great rock albums. Legendary performances and tours.

1986 - 1995: Van Hagar - 4 marginal to good albums. Maintained a strong presence in the music business and considered successful.

1996 - 1998: Mach 3 - 1 average to good album. Moderately successful.

1999-2001: Mach 4 - 1 totally off-base album. Mike quits and does not play on this album. The tour dies.

2002 - ?: Ed Van Halen - Ed goes solo. Who knows how successful.

Ed either releases stuff every now and then or the big Roth reunion happens.


Let's just hope the fans totally reject Mach 3 and demand the return of DLR a lot sooner. It's up to you! Say NO to Mock III! Say NO to cheap, third-rate, rip-offs! Demand and Receive!