I happened to go by an Extreme web site and read the lyrics from their albums. What a joke. This guy Gary Cherone makes Sammy Hagar look like a real lyricist. Talk about moon/june lyrics... this is the next level??? Boy, you people talking about Che-clone being the savior of this band are in for a big disappointment. "More than words" should have been called "No words at all". What about the song supposedly about Roth, "Kid ego"? Should be called "Kids wrote this".

They say Sammy had no personality or charisma, wait till you get a load of "Mockery III". And don't you Roth-bashers forget it when the time comes - I TOLD YOU SO!

You know that movie with Michael Keaton (I think that's his name) called "Multiplicity", well this is what's happening to Van Halen. Sammy was clone No. 2, the working class guy who held the band together and didn't have any personality or charisma. Gary Cherone is clone No. 3, the nice guy wuss (Gee, Eddie, maybe we can have both Sammy and Dave come on stage with us and sing!!!) whose lyrics (or lack thereof) make Valerie and her friends cry.

Eddie, I hope after this fiasco that you will learn that nothing beats the original product. If you don't, I dread the coming of clone no. 4, Dee Snider.



The problem with Eddie is that he wants to have his cake and eat it too. When he says he "is not in it for the money" and "I don't care what the fans think" he contradicts himself by saying, "Going No.1 (on the charts) is the best feeling there is, outside of sex." Also why would he be getting a producer to get a more "commercial" sound? Because "commercial" sounds better to him? Why would he sell out to "Milk", "Pepsi", "WNBA", "Nissan" etc.? Oh I'm sure money had nothing to do with it. Why does he continue to milk the VH name with a third vocalist?

What these statements and other actions prove is that:

A. Eddie isn't in it for the fans.

B. Eddie isn't in it for the music.

What this does prove is that:

C. Eddie is in it for the MONEY.

So enough of this bullshit from the Eddie-lovers that he is this great guy and in it "only" for the love of music.



A Van Halen fan wrote:

I was just going to say that if you'd give Dave a new shot with a new band, why not Gary and VH?

You know, if Eddie would quit using the brand name "Van Halen", and call it "Eddie Van Halen project", "EVH and friends", "Mach 3", "Gary Cherone", "EVH and the kiss-asses", "Eddie Van Halen" etc. I would not have a problem with the guy. Van Halen, as he says it, "is a band". This is the 3rd different band to use the same name. Just because other groups play musical chairs with their people does not justify it neither. Sammy Hagar is often quoted as calling his stint as "Van Hagar". Who wants to go see these 3 original members and Gary Cherone give a Van Halen tribute concert? To me that's a rip-off.

Who cares if Gary says he wants to do all the old stuff of Sammy's and Dave's. Like Sam said, "You can go to a Holiday Inn and see a band do VH tunes." What's the point in living off your laurels? It all comes down to making money, pure and simple. Even Sammy, with his "My voice is gold " ego, says he was intimidated doing Roth's stuff. He knows it just doesn't work. Do you think he pulls-off "Jump" and "Ain't talking about love" successfully? I cannot picture Dave doing "When it's love" either. I give Sammy credit there, Eddie is stupid for wanting him to do more old stuff then he did.

And now wanna-be, rising-star Cherone is going to pull-off singing three different era's in concert? Dream on Eddie, Alex, Michael and that idiot Ray Daniels. You "fans" have fun going to the "Van Halen Tribute" tour.