While not totally unexpected, Eddie Van Halen now says his new hip can do stuff his old hip never could! He claims the original hip wanted to be a "solo act" and was never truly part of his body. He claims it suffered from Lead Hips Disease and thought the muscles rotated around it. Alex claims Ed is now like an Arnold Scharwzeneggar and before he was just a Danny Devito. The new hip is also mouthing off about saving Ed's body. Hmm...

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The new album from David Lee Roth, entitled The DLR Band is out everywhere! Here is my ranking of the DLR band songs, starting with the best:

1. Slam Dunk - This is the only true high octane song on here. This is the type song DLR made famous with VH. It shows how much Dave contributed to the early VH sound. Since his departure, VH have had no songs that give you a rush the way this one does.

2. Blacksand - VH would ruin this song. Eddie doesn't know how to hold back and would ruin it with elephant and horse squeals on his guitar. I hope this is the next single. This would be a great cross-over song, hopefully it could get airplay much like Damn Good did.

3. Counter-Blast - Probably the weakest lyrics Dave ever wrote, but everything else about this song is great! Like Sammy with the Twister lyrics, I think Dave was given a paper with a bunch of Internet jargon and wrote a song.

4. Going Places - The intro sets the right atmosphere. Great production!

5. Little Texas - Good lyrics, great vocals. The emphasis he places on "Say hello" and "let'em roll" is what sets Dave apart from Sammy and Gary. They would sing this song with no feeling and just hit the notes. Dave puts personality into music, Cherone and Hagar do not.

6. Relentless - Good song, but I think this is one where the guitar tone sounds a little annoying. The "I got no taste for second place" chorus is probably the catchiest on the album.

7. Wa Wa Zat - This seems to play back the most in my head.

8. Weekend With The Babysitter - Cool jam that could have been on the king of cool jams - YFLM. "Little Elvis is combat ready" is the coolest lyric!

9. Right Tool For The Job - Great guitar work with feeling at the intro by Kilgore.

10. King Of The Hill - Dave's vocals make this song. He has always had a knack of making endless noodling into singable songs.

11. Lose The Dress (Keep The Shoes) - Another one that gets played back in my head a lot.

12. Tight - The closest thing to an anthem on this album. I miss the "Howard's on the radio" bit though. Much better on CD than RP audio.

13. Indeedido - I didn't really like this at first, but it grew on me.

14. Blacklight - I haven't really warmed up to this song yet. It might be placement. It is a letdown after Slam Dunk. I think Counter-Blast should have been the second song.

I think for a man who has been around for over 20 years in the biz, this is an excellent album. It totally blows away any speculation that he is "washed" or his voice is gone. This kicks butt all over VH3. I think the lyrics are average for a DLR album though. Maybe it was because it was made so quickly. I think the songs would have benefited more if the band had been together longer and had more time. Some songs seem like they could have had more going on in them. The production isn't bad, but it does sound like a new album by a new band. The guitar tones sometimes remind me of Motley Crue's first album. I think they sound very dry and not fat enough. Terry Kilgore has a good tone for his playing though. The unexpected is the great playing by drummer Ray Luzier. This guy kicks total ass!

There are no hints of Lead Guitarist Disease. No "I-used-to-be-a-guitar-god- so-now-I-must- make-every-song-eight-minutes-long- of-guitar-tricks-to-make- my-point" shit. Request it, and hear it on the radio.



There will be no number 1 for Van Halen this time around. Their new album, "Mock3", had a short, one week stay in the top 10 at No. 4. It dropped like a rock after the first week and has barely sold 500,000. In comparison, their last album "Best Of Volume 1", featuring just two new songs with DLR, debuted at No. 1 and has sold in excess of 3.5 million! "Eat'em And Smile", a Dave solo record, matched it at No. 4, but stayed in the Top 10 for weeks longer. You can add "Skyscraper" as selling better as well. So much for the Eddie-lover myth that a DLR solo album would never outsell a Van Halen record.

"Titanic" had absolutely nothing to do with this album not reaching No. 1 as the VH web sites would have you believe. This album couldn't even get by the unknown group C-Murder. This is it people, the end of a once proud band. Eddie Van Halen "did it" to himself. The fans were turned off by his arrogance, lies and the quality of the music he made with Gary Cherone. The delayed special report on "The Fall Of Van Halen" is still planned.



I think Women And Children First is an awesome album. The real Halen sound.

As far as Mock3 goes, like Eddie says, the music speaks for itself. God, does it ever. When you hear "Apeman, Superman, Candyman, because the Candyman can!" on a VH tune, you know you've been had. Another, un-original Cherone lyric, goes right up there with "Jump Rope Relivio!" Gary is totally out of place in this band. He ruins the songs. Van Cherone just pulled a major choke. It was all fuckin' hype. Eddie lies again, Mock3 sucks... so what else is new?

In how many interviews does Ed have to cry about the dreaded Lead Singer Disease? Like it totally ruined his life or something. What a piece of work this guy is. EVERYTHING is either Dave or Sammy's fault. Take some responsibility for once in your life. Look in the mirror man.

And what is this constant shit about how he is just a "regular" guy and not a "rock star". "Regular" guys don't sign autographs at the record store. "Regular" guys don't live behind big walls in some compound called 5150. "Regular" guys don't babble about how bad people have been to him and his brother in every freakin' guitar magazine and for an hour on MTV and Howard Stern. If you're just one of us like you want us to believe, why the rock star lifestyle Eddie? Another lie from Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie hired Gary Cherone to sing because he is a nice guy.

What the...

Since when does a band hire somebody because they are "nice". Eddie said it himself; The music doesn't matter. It is who Eddie can control. It is who will let him write the words and let him sing on the album. Gary Cherone is a puppet. This "nice" guy is going to lead Halen to the promised land?!!

Someone said: "Gary, you are great, unfortunately a lot of  VH fans aren't willing to settle for a change. Too Bad!"

That is what is so ironic about these VH grunts. Dave had a "change" album with Your Filthy Little Mouth and explored many different areas. A great album all the way around. But guess what, since it was "change", and not hard rock, they panned it. What goes around comes around. The only difference is that Halen "changed" for the worse and Dave is back to playing "real" Halen tunes.

A radio station near where I live has a contest where the winner goes to Australia and has the choice of seeing either Metallica or Van Cherone. The following conversation took place on air:

One DJ said to another "So if you were to win, who would you see, Van Halen or Metallica?"

"I would say Metallica"

"It wouldn't have anything to with with the way the new singer (Cherone) sounds would it?"

(Complete silence. After a few seconds they changed the subject)



The ever-continuing saga of Eddie And Alex Van Liar continues. Gary Cherone has now admitted to Burrn! magazine that he met Eddie and collaborated with him MONTHS before the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. Watch your back DLR!This is documented proof that Eddie did indeed LIE to the fans and the world about the '96 VH reunion with DLR. Man, how many times have we heard him say, "Baby steps, Dave" and that bullshit about Dave "blowing it" with VH when the deal was already done with Cherone? How could he "blow" something that was never there? Gary also admits in the interview that he secretly wished DLR's return would NOT be permanent. I guess some people will want and hope for anything to gain fame and fortune at the expense of others. It was Gary's own way of saying, "Screw the fans, I want in on this!" Click on the link for full details.

Also check out The MTV Lie section. It has been updated with DLR's response to the VH brothers spin on the 1996 MTV Awards appearance. See the pattern here? This is the same shit VH pulled in 1986 with Sammy Hagar. The formula worked so well for them last time that they are counting on it again - "The singer was an asshole and... We are so much better now and... He has an angel voice and..." Van Halen seem to think that the fans are stupid and will pay for anyone singing, even Gary Cherone. Will it work? We shall see. The reaction to "Without You" has been very vocal and very negative. The song and album are a huge letdown to every VH fan. Hopefully, disappointing sales and fan revolt will bring Eddie back down to Earth. Until then, watch your back around this guy!



I've listened to the "better" version of the new VH song "Without You" now and it doesn't sound much better. The intro is terrible. A very average and uninspired song. Ed sounds old and repetitive and lacking motivation. Gary is also very disappointing. This is the great "angel" voice?!! This guy is going to be more irritating than Sammy. No passion in his voice at all. The lyrics are very bland and dull. All-in-all, a very weak effort. The internet and radio stations are currently being flooded with anti-Mock3 sentiment. People were just expecting so much more after Edward had raised their expectations to such a high level. See what bullshit does to ya Ed!

Hey, don't take my word for it, listen to it. Tell me that is not some garage band playing Van Halen. This is no anthem or hit. There is no chemistry at all going on between Cherone and the band. At least Van Hagar sang a tighter song. At least Van Hagar had more interesting moon/june lyrics. If I was a Mock3 fan, I would be VERY disappointed. After all the hype of "elephant balls" and the great advent of the singer Cherone, I would be very mad. This doesn't get it. This is the next level?!! Spare me.

...8...9...10... ding-ding. It's all over people. VH is DEAD! We have waited for the music before passing judgement, and judgement day is here. The music has passed Ed by, Eddie just doesn't have the talent to get it done by himself. And like I said all along, Gary never had any talent in the first place. No surprise here, it was ALL hype.



Sammy Hagar is the big winner in all of this. He was forever doomed to be compared to the original VH and lose, but Eddie cut'em and saved his ass. Now he will compare favorably to this new and washed-up VH. I have more respect for Sammy now. At least he was able to come up with a commercial sound for the band and make them some money. This Gary Cherone character is not a singer. No voice, no personality. He is the person you hear singing in all those beer commercials. There was a reason Extreme died off.

Sammy has suffered for years from "Larry Holmes Complex". Like Larry followed the legend of Muhammad Ali, Sammy followed the legend of David Lee Roth. In his time he never got respect, but look at the Heavyweight division today, Larry doesn't look so bad now. Look at VH today, Sammy doesn't look so bad either. Sammy, this is the best thing that ever happened to ya! Somebody sings for VH that has a voice more irritating than yours! Be sure you give thanks to your boy Cherone!




Without You is proof-positive that Ed is no songwriter. Gary stands by and is nothing but a yes-man. "That sounds good boss" can be heard frequently at 5150 these days. The quality control of a DLR is long gone. Like even Sammy said; Ed needed someone to point out to him what a chorus was, what a bridge was, where the solo goes etc. This is the crap Roth rejected. Roth heard Without You and turned it down. This and many other Mock3 songs. The Eddie-lovers said it was because Roth wasn't at Ed's level anymore. Well, we now know it is just the opposite. VH has regressed. The music and times have passed Ed by. He is holed up in 5150 and has lost all touch with reality. Like all dictators, Eddie has surrounded himself with yes-men. He now believes he is a god and can do now wrong. I hope you saved your money Eddie. The 5150 compound has a high overhead and you're heading for washedoutville.

The only reason VH is still talked about anymore is because of the '96 reunion fiasco. It is the dominant subject of the NG's, magazine articles and anytime you see anything about the "new" VH. VH hasn't had this much publicity since the Monsters Of Rock tour that lost millions. Remember, It's been four years since Balance. BOV1 sold well because of the reunion. It is a whole new game and time with Cherone. Will the VH name alone still be enough to sell records? We'll see, because it doesn't look like the music will.



What is up with this manufactured, re-hashed, 5150 hype that says "Gary has more range" than past VH singers? Hello out there, he sings in the same damn octave people. That is not "range". Jump rope relivio!Same with Sammy. DLR is the one with "range". Besides that, Gary's voice is as irritating as hell. Just listen to the new songs. Bring back Sammy before this shit, please. I wonder how long it will be before I hear some Eddie clone talk about Gary's great "range", or even better yet, his great "songwriting". What a shitty time to be an Eddie-lover.

I heard someone say,  "One thing DLR hasn't got (or ever had) was a decent range. Why do you think VH used to tune down the guitars a few semitones? - Because DLR couldn't hit the high notes."

Well, why do you think they don't stay tuned down? Because Cherone doesn't have a decent bottom end. His voice is thin. Cherone sings higher, Roth sings lower. It doesn't mean that higher is better than lower. That high stuff can get irritating and in the way. "Dynamic Range", that is what DLR has. Most of his songs exhibit dynamic range, spanning a few octaves. Cherone does not use any dynamic range, he is always high and compressed and it gets irritating. Check out BOV1. Listen to the Dave songs and how different the vocals sounds, then check out the Hagar songs. All the same range except for "Can't Stop Loving You". Except Sammy doesn't pull off the lower stuff. Why? He has no balls in the low range. He is very thin sounding. Same deal with Cherone.

That is why I get so burnt on the Hagar songs. They are taxing to your ears. No excitement. Just boring and bland "high" stuff. I'm already burnt on that "Hey you" crap from "Without You". No passion. Sounds like Dee Snider emulating Freddie Mercury. After listening to the "new" Van Halen, it sounds like Cherone's voice is shot. Apparently, the throat surgery he had for a nodule after Extreme's tour in 1995 didn't do a damn bit of good, only made things worse.



Van Halen's new album is all over the internet. Think before you support this new  Van Halen. Think of how much better it would be if the original Van Halen were back together. Think of what happened last time you supported the new Van Halen: 11 years of Sammy Hagar. Are you ready for 11 years of Gary Cherone? Listen first, just tape it off of the radio or off of a friend. Don't like it? Show your displeasure, don't buy it.