Whoa! Have you guys read the latest from that little red troll, Sammy Hagar? I checked out this interview at:

This guy is getting more desperate by the week now.

Sammy Hagar said:

"They thought it was going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread, getting David Lee Roth back. They figured, “Sammy don’t matter. We’ll get all the old fans back and we’ll be bigger than God.” This is what they were thinking. But those two new songs they did [on Greatest Hits, Volume 1] were shit. Those were the worst songs Van Halen made in twenty years."

The worst 2 songs in twenty years?!! Before, the troll thought they were decent songs, not great, but decent. Now he says the worst songs in twenty years!! How many times, just today in fact, have I read here that these two songs were the best VH has done in about a decade. My God, this dude has flipped. He goes on:

"That song wasn’t good enough to be on Balance, and what I did with it was so much better than what Roth did. If I played them for you or anybody else, you would go “Wow.” But they used his anyway. That’s how desperate they were with this guy. I think Roth’s fucking washed. So obviously they were struggling. They saw that it wasn’t working, that it was a big mistake, and it was too late with me. Obviously, they weren’t going to call me up and say, “Well, Sammy, we’re sorry.” And I wouldn’t have gone for it anyway, because I was well on my way."

If we would have went "Wow" when we heard your supposed version, why wasn't it on Balance? Why does it pretty much blow away most of Balance? Oh yeah, I'm sure Ed was close to getting you on the phone and begging you to come back. Especially since there would be NO interest in it. Where are your supporters Sam? Who gives a shit about a Hagar Reunion. It will never happen. Not because you will refuse, but because you will never be asked! You were well on your way huh? To where? Obscurity? The Troll goes on:

"Ray Daniels. He’s a piece of shit, this guy. But he’s also Alex’s brother-in-law, and he managed Extreme, which shows you what a great manager he was. And when the Roth thing fell apart, he’s like, “I’ve got a guy.” The whole thing just reeks of bullshit."

Hey Red Talker, how come you have always maintained that Gary was in, perhaps, even before YOU got the axe? Now are you changing your story? Watch what you say about Ray, he is part of Alex's family. The Red Wobbler went on:

"I’m proud that I was the lead singer in that band for ten years, and we sold 52 million records. All of our albums went to number one, and we sold 52 million of them. You can’t pretend that never happened."

Wow. You no longer sold 42 million records, now you sold 52 million records with VH. So you sold another 10 million the last year? ...Month? Sorry, but you lie. We don't have to "pretend" it never happened, because... IT NEVER HAPPENED! Sammy, once again, Roth era sold - 38 million, Hagar era sold - 21.5 million. You're off by over 30 million. Hell, the entire VH catalogue has sold only 59.5, you mean to tell me you are taking credit for 52 million of the 59.5 million VH albums sold? No wonder you think Ed made a mistake in firing you! You believe your own bullshit! More from the troll:

"I mean, with “Running With the Devil” and “Jump,” people would have been happy for about twenty minutes. But then they would have said, “Okay, what about ‘Why Can’t This Be Love’? What about ‘Dreams’?”

I can't even remember the last time I heard a Van Hagar song on the radio. What do I hear? At least one of these daily: Runnin' With The Devil, Jamie's Cryin' , Ice Cream Man, Unchained, Everybody Wants Some, And The Cradle Will Rock, Panama... That is probably up there as one of the stupidest comments you have ever made. How many people here and everywhere have overwhelmingly stated that the first VH was the best VH?

WW: Does it give you a chill to think about what David Lee Roth would sound like singing “Dreams”?

Hagar: He couldn’t even do it. That is a fuckin' scary thought.

LOLOLOLOLOL. Your right it is a scary thought. The day DLR sings the moon/june "Dreams" is the day the music industry goes to shit. What about all the real Halen songs you could not do. Yeah, you attempted "Panama" and a couple others... you only exposed yourself for the pop-singer you are.

Face it Sammy, it is so obvious you were nothin' to Halen. The more you lie, the more desperate you get with every new interview, exposes you more and more. Sorry Sam fans, but the Red Talker is full of shit. Can you guys even defend his words? His lies?


If VH was riding so high and mighty, and DLR was a lounge lizard, why would they put 2 new songs with him alongside their best ever?!! Why would they advertise "2 new songs with DLR"on every CD?!!

I, for the life of me, by what you Eddie-lovers say, can't figure out why a band like VH, that supposedly doesn't need DLR and say that DLR can't sing, give him such prominence. Answer this Eddie-lovers, why would VH come crawling back to a lounge lizard like Roth? Why would *Eddie* suggest they do two new songs with someone that can't sing and go on and showcase it along with their greatest hits?

Tell me, why does a supposedly highly successful, bullet-proof band (like you love to say), go and get a lounge act (like you love to say), and advertise 2 new songs with him on their greatest hits? Why do they get offered the GNP of Germany to perform with an old, shot-out lounge lizard (like you love to say)? You Eddie-lovers make no sense. But that is expected.

A fan replied:

Market for and interest in Roth as a member of VH: Very High.

Market for and interest in Roth as anything else: Zilch.

Sorry there guy, but *you* can't have it both ways. Don't tell me for one second that Roth can be a lounge singer and in the same instant, when paired with EVH, he is a great rock star with millions of fans demanding him. DLR is DLR with or without VH.

There is a reason he doesn't sell as many records without VH, he doesn't have the VH name. You give him the VH name, put Dave in with Al, Mike and any half-good guitarist and I guarantee you a platinum album.

The publicity and name recognition of VH paired with either:

a) Roth's PR


b) Ed's legend as a guitarist

will sell a million albums.

Let's see what Ed would do with a whole new band. Just him and 3 new players and called anything put VH. He wouldn't be as successful either. He would still be successful, but not nearly as big.

Whether DLR would be touring with VH and playing stadiums or playing solo in smaller venues, he is the same guy, same voice, same talent. Sorry, you can't have it both ways. This only proves that the name "VH" is the main reason VH have still been selling records for so many years.

Market for and interest in Eddie as a member of VH: Very High.

Market for and interest in Eddie as anything else: He's too chicken-shit to find out.

And it explains why Van Halen heavily promoted his appearance on the greatest hits. It also explains why Roth would *jump* at the chance to sing for VH again

...and it also explains what a name can do for someone. Too bad you don't realize that Ed is living off the legend of VH, he gets to release songs under the "VH" band name. It is too bad Roth didn't get to advertise "Two new songs with VH" on his Greatest Hits CD.