As you may recall, former guitar hero Edward Van Halen has stated repeatedly in numerous interviews that he did not hold auditions for lead singers (San Francisco Chronicle 10/27/96), he did not hire a lead singer and in fact, did not even meet Gary Cherone until after the MTV Awards in September 1996 (KLOSRadio 10/4/96 & San Francisco Chronicle 10/27/96).

In his first ever interview as a member of Van Halen, Gary Cherone told Kaz Hirose, Editor In Chief of the Japanese Magazine Burrn!, exactly when he first arrived at Edward Van Halen’s home studio 5150, which vastly differs from Edward Van Halen’s account. “I was told from our management to go to LA and write songs with Van Halen from July through September.” Cherone goes on to say, “I remember before I came to LA, I saw MTV showing their old videos with Dave so I called Pat (Badger, from Extreme) and told him, 'See they will get together again' he said, 'No, it's not gonna happen,' but I insisted, 'No, I think Dave will be back.' So I called our manager and asked about it, but his answer was, 'He was back only to record two songs in the studio. That's what Eddie said.' Once I got here, and found that we could get along well with each other, I started to hope to be in this band although Dave was to do two songs.”

As Internet fans began to question Cherone’s statement, sometime actress Valerie Bertinelli penned the following to the Van Halen Internet mailing list, even further contradicting Edward Van Halen’s insistence that he hadn’t auditioned singers or met Gary Cherone until after his supposed fallout with David Lee Roth at the 1996 MTV Awards. “Can't some of you people read? He (Cherone) didn't come out here 'til the end of August (he was informed of the audition in July) and someone else auditioned before him in mid August.” Oops Ed, guess the king of six strings doesn’t have enough fingers left to plug these leaks in the ole dike, huh?

WOW! We finally have the smoking gun! Eddie lied to the fans! No doubt about it! So after all this bullshit and media blitz about telling people to take lie-detector tests and how Roth supposedly disrespected him, we find out Eddie Van LIAR is a big fraud. All this just to hype his new group, Mock3. What a way to shit on the fans!

Now, more Edward and Alex LIES:


Eddie Van Halen told DLR while recording the two new songs on the GH:

"Well, you're a trooper, however long it takes and whatever. It's about making it a good song. There's no time frame here; it doesn't have to be done tomorrow, I just wanted to find something you like, and I'm glad I found one."

...so Dave took his time, wanting to give it his best effort. But then, after the release, Al and the band stab Dave in the back and say:

"It only took us three takes, just a few minutes to nail a good performance, and it took Dave two and a half weeks to get the vocals together to Glen Ballard's (the producer) approval."


Alex Van Halen said:

"I think what's more important, or as important to remember, is that the 1984 Dave is a lot different then the 1996 Dave."

...but said earlier:

"We had already jammed with Dave and it was like he never left... he hadn't changed. I think when you make music there's an energy that develops in the room, that you really can't contain. You don't think about it, it just either happens or it doesn't. And when the four of us came together and made music it happened. You don't question it."

...just to add, it doesn't seem like the 1984 Ed and Al are the 1997 Ed and Al either. What's the deal? Only the guitarists and drummer can age?


Al said:

"I started to remember why we kicked him out before, I thought he didn't handle himself well at all."

...so, if you "kicked him out" why did you go on to say:

"If the fans were so important to him, why did he quit 12 years ago to be a movie star? Think about that."


Eddie said:

"We were in the studio with Sam and boom, the guy was coming up with lyrics outta nowhere. The guy is incredible. With Sammy singing, we are no longer limited to what we can do. We all just looked at each other and said 'Looks like we gotta a new band here!'"

...then, 11 years later says:

"(With Gary) we did four old Roth songs, four Sammy songs... Just blew... just smoked them and immediately started writing. I mean, the guy had elephant balls and could sing like an angel. It was just incredible. Gary's a real talented guy with an incredible range that won't force me to write for him like I had to do a lot with Dave and some for Sammy."


Ed said:

"If you think we're going on tour this summer, forget it. We are not going to go out there and take your money. And if and when we ever do a tour with Roth, in the future, we have to write and record a new album first. OK. We would have been ripping off the fans, period."

...gee, didn't you guys tour and "rip off" the fans on your RHRN tour? I don't remember any new album? Just a "live" greatest hits package called RHRN. Like Sammy says:

"I just feel sorry for Gary, he's gonna stand up there and sing in a two-hour show, he's gonna sing an hour and 45 minutes probably of Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth songs. And you can walk into night clubs anywhere in the world and see that."

...talk about a rip-off! So it would be less of a rip-off to see Gary do Dave songs than Dave do Dave songs?!! Get real.


Eddie told Sammy:

"Van Halen is a band - not the Sammy Hagar show, not the Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen or Michael Anthony show. We could be called piss for all I care, but we are a band."

...but then said:

"That's when I finally put my foot down and said; Sammy, if you're not here at the studio by six o' clock tomorrow, don't ever bother coming back."

...well, it sure sounds like the Eddie Van Halen Show to me!


Eddie said:

"Dave, it's time for you take a lie-detector test."

...but then says:

"I'll put it very simply: Dave and Sam both suffer from L.S.D.- lead singer disease. Except Dave never lied."


Eddie said:

"We could go out there and make a killing on tour with Roth, but we're not a nostalgia band. I would never just take somebody's money for playing old songs to bring back memories. Memories are memories, to be left memories."

...but then Gary Cherone says:

"The worst thing that Sammy did was neglect that whole catalog [from the Roth era]. He deprived the fans of that great music for 10 years, but I have no problem with it.''

...so Ed, how many "old songs" you gonna play on your next tour?


Al said:

"Ed has the next 4 albums in his head."

...so why is it taking so long to put out the new album Al? Especially after you said:

"But in all reality it only took us three takes, just a few minutes to nail a good performance."

...sounds like you should have 4 albums released by now with Cherone! And you said Sam's work-ethic sucked?!!


Eddie said:

"We'll let the Greatest Hits run its course and then we'll put out the new album. I don't care. If it touches one person, then it's great. I don't care if it sells millions, I don't care if it sells a tenth of the records that we've sold. It's not about sales - it's for the love of music."

...but is already on record as saying:

"Going No. 1, outside of sex, is the greatest feeling in the world."


Ed and Al say the reason VH didn't get back together and stay together a second time was because of DLR's "disrespectful" behavior at the MTV VMA. One question guys, if you guys were so upset at Dave for his actions, then why in the hell were you laughing and giggling so much RIGHT ALONG WITH HIM? Why did it take you a week to "get mad"?

For visual proof, go to The MTV Lie section.


How much more proof is needed? Eddie is a liar. He broke up and quit Van Halen. We could have the REAL Van Halen. RIGHT NOW!

Do not support the group formerly known as Van Halen.

Dave CLEARLY got the shaft. You were all pissed at Dave in '85. What is fair is fair. It is time to be pissed off at Ed and Al in '97.

Say NO to Eddie and Alex Van Liar.

Demand and support nothing but the REAL, ORIGINAL and ONLY Van Halen!

psst... just wait till you get a load of Dave's book.

A fan responded:

Excellent post, Crazy!!!!! I agree on all those points.

Another wrote:

There is no more proof needed. Eddie and Alex have sentenced themselves to obscurity without the lead singer that made them famous.

A third also felt compelled to write:

Incredible post! I usually sit on the sidelines and just read postings in this newsgroup. You just did an excellent job of paralleling contradictory statements by Ed and Al. Their lying and childish behavior has been incredible. It's unfortunate that they, like many other bands, fail to realize that chemistry, to a large extent, is what makes it happen. Keep up the great postings.

Thank you for your comments. During a trial, a good attorney will usually get a person to discredit their testimony by bringing up contradictions in their statements. This is exactly the case with Ed and Al. These guys will say whatever sounds good at the time.

I think we need to dismiss most of what they say; "The tour would be a rip off", "We tried and it didn't work", "He better quit talking about my family" etc. Enough is enough!

What it all comes down to is that the VH brothers really don't care about the fans anymore. They want a singer they can control. They want VH to be a family run business. They want to live off the VH name and do whatever they please and disregard what the fans want. Why should they have a life of leisure while we suffer and listen to mediocrity?

No, DLR isn't completely innocent either. But now, things are even. Dave did it in '85, Ed did it in '96. Let's end this bullshit. Let's all support only ONE VH. Are you, most of you, really satisfied with the last 12 years? Man let's get it together. Let's show them that we are more than just people that will buy anything with VH on it.

Spread the word. Do not support VH without the original lineup. Send the message that we are tired of poor to average albums.

If we all come together it can happen. Don't buy the album just because it's there. Think of what might have been. It could be a lot better. Every band that is no longer successful eventually gets it back together. Why? Because the lose their popularity and the fans demand it. The more vocal and more powerful we are in the boycott of the "new" VH the quicker and less painful it will be.

If they get half-ass support, they will slowly die and wither away. Don't let VH fade into obscurity like so many others. Nip this thing in the bud. The reunion would have worked IF VH knew what failure was. They haven't experienced it yet. They did not have to get back with Dave yet. Their last album was No.1. There is no hurry or pressure to re-group. Well let's apply some pressure now! Spread the word.

If you support this you just prolong the reunion. If it is prolonged too much it will be too late. Think twice before you buy that CD. Think of what that could have been. It will not be VH. It is VH in name only. Don't support it.

Quit believing Ed and Al. Sure Ed is a good guitarist, but he lies through his teeth. He knows he can get away with it. He knows people judge him by his guitar first. Don't support this third-best group. We can have the real deal.

You too Extreme fans. You know how they will try and Halenize Cherone. Think of what Nuno said. Think of your own thoughts. There is no reason to support this band. Think about it. Why support this and then in a few years Gary gets screwed? You know what's coming. First the accolades, then the finger-pointing and the accusations of lead-singer disease. Why should Ed, Al and Mike be the ones that get to carry on and the singer always gets the shaft?

It's up to all of us. This time we have a choice. This isn't '85 all over again. This is completely different. The only reason I'm here is because of the aborted reunion. I lost all interest in VH.

Let's get united and support nothing but the REAL, ORIGINAL and ONLY Van Halen.

It's up to you.

Finally, one more fan said:

Excellent post - and more importantly, excellent responses. All quite civil. Very refreshing. At any rate, I'm not as rabid a VH fan as many here, but I consider myself a very big fan of the DLR era. I was ecstatic when it seemed  a reunion was looming on the horizon, but all this recent shit has been very disconcerting. I have never seen two public figures (in this case Eddie and Alex) consistently act so childish, pugnacious, immature, and two-faced, in my entire life. It really is nothing short of amazing. It is truly hard to believe these are grown men. Forget the reunion. I just wish people would never buy another VH album, cease and desist with their blind idolatry of these two extremely fucked up assholes, and let them fade into obscurity. You reap what you sow - and they sown nothing good in the last 12 months. They've had their time, they made millions, they lived it up, and they dropped the ball. I'm not encouraging a conscious boycott. I simply hope it will be a natural consequence of pissing off millions of people with their juvenile antics. I hope they suffer the same fate as Jerry Lee Lewis did. If there is such a thing as karma, these guys should watch their asses.



Van Cherone will make two albums. The first one will probably sell a couple million because:

a) it's something new

b) the VH diehards will buy anything with the VH name on it

c) it will be shunned by fans that are sick of  Ed and his ways

d) the "new" music will lose as many as it gains in fans

Mix all that together, cut the "Balance" sales in half and you end up with a couple million sold. The follow-up, minus Mike Anthony (who finally gets sick of being pushed around and joins Hagar), will do about half that, about a mill or so. So there you have 3.4 million sold for Van Cherone.

I can't see the Cherone and VH fans coming together with this album. They seem to be different types of fans for different reasons. We will always have the hybrids, but most will want VH to go in one direction (party/rock/VH) or another (message/rock/Extreme). VH will try and satisfy all, but will end up satisfying none.

I think Gary Cherone will be the first to call it quits because:

a) the band VH will limit his input and he will feel controlled

b) the constant pressure of SH and DLR fans and the past will be felt

c) he won't be star-struck anymore and get LSD like those before him

d) he will find out Ed is an asshole and hard to satisfy

...or Eddie will quit and disband because:

a) the Mighty VH sales power will be gone

b) the inevitable, he will argue with the lead singer

c) he will not want the band VH to play clubs etc.

d) he will want to play stadiums, gain fame and money again, and reunite with DLR

e) if not d, than he will do solo projects and movie soundtracks

Hey it's all in fun and I may be off by a million or an album or two, but I feel ultimately this band is doomed for many reasons. Let's just say that they are going to have to overcome a horrific beginning. I am not enthusiastic as some of you because:

a) I didn't buy Eddie's hype in '86 and I won't buy it now

b) the original incarnation is the best incarnation

c) I am not impressed in the least by Cherone, even less than I was of SH

d) DLR got the shaft, I got the shaft by being denied the ultimate reunion

e) hearing that "Ballot Or The Bullet" made Valerie and her friends cry was not a shot of confidence for me

f) get real, there is only one Van Halen. I won't get excited about a farce

g) fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me