Anyway, obviously it is not "legally" fraud what Eddie and the others have committed, otherwise they would have been busted long ago. I was just trying to make the point that I believe a very good percentage of Van Halen's record sales would have been lost since Roth departed and Van Hagar's success has been exaggerated a bit by keeping the same name. Say whatever you want, but names do have a part in selling products. Dave had to start from total scratch and virtually start over  when he took the risk and left Van Halen in 1985. You can say he quit the band, but the guy got tired of being mistaken for being Van Halen. He wanted is own identity and you can say his solo career has been successful.

He took a risk and wasn't happy to just mail-it-in the rest of his life. He was a risk taker and lived life to the fullest. He won't come to the end of his life and wonder "What might have been". I respect you Dave, whenever I take risks in life you give me courage by example. Mike or Alex could never have any kind of solo career. Roth's sales have suffered like most every other heavy band from the 80's. Groups like Bon Jovi, G n R, Poison , Warrant etc. have either bit the dust or are have a fraction of their sales power left. And they did not even have to contend with Eddie and Al bad-mouthing them every chance they got. That whole genre that included David Lee Roth is pretty much gone as far as album charts and air-play go.

David Lee Roth's career is far from over. He was the original lead singer of Van Halen and because of that he will be back. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but he shall return. They got back together once before and they will get back together again. Eddie is wrong, the band is not all him. He can't go on and continue to replace lead singers with just anyone he pleases. He got a lot of good PR when Roth left and the fans had sympathy for him and in turn Van Halen did their best to foil Dave's solo efforts.

It was Eddie who threw the first mud in Rolling Stone magazine and called Dave an "a**hole" etc. and magazines like that that did not give Dave equal space. Well it's 1997 and they screwed over their second lead singer now and the public is finally beginning to see through Ed's crap and what a pitiful human being he is. Talented yes, but a s***ty human being sometimes. When Cherone joins the other departed lead singers, Eddie's popularity will continue to wane. I don't think it will take 11 years either. I think this will happen much quicker this time around. I think Eddie's ego has gotten way out of hand. He will be humbled, and the fans will be the one that will do it. His s*** stinks like everyone else's. He thinks his guitar playing alone can make anyone a rock singer. He is heading for a fall. He's says he don't care if no one buy's the music, he'll play small clubs.

Bs, as soon as his popularity sags, and some promoter waves an incredible amount of money in his his face, he'll be hugging Dave once again as he did at the MTV awards. Alex will once more say, "You can't fool the fans". You watch it will happen. And Eddie, there is nothing wrong with that. Come down a little off your pedestal, be human again. We all make mistakes, and I'll be the first to forgive you.



A fan wrote:

Can anyone here seriously imagine Dave trying to sing "Love Comes Walking In" or "Dreams"???? It would be just as disastrous (if not more) as Sammy when he sang "Jump".

...and then wrote:

What I find funny is that with Sammy, people were bitching up a storm that he wouldn't sing the DLR songs. Now that Gary has said that not only will he do the DLR and SH songs, he looks forward to it, people are bitching and calling it a VH tribute group. Make up your hypocritical minds, please. The three eras will all be different. If Cherone has a hand in writing the songs, expect more of a funk feel to them. There's no use in comparing the 3. It's like comparing Apples, Oranges, and Cinderblocks.

First of all, I, personally, never wanted to hear Sammy sing a Dave song or vice versa. So watch who you're calling a hypocrite. I think you have that mixed up with the Eddie people who probably always wanted all the songs sung anyway, thus not making them hypocrites either.

You're right, Sammy doesn't pull off Dave, Dave couldn't pull off Sammy. But for some reason, people are willing to see the new wonder-boy Cherone sing not only the new stuff, but Sammy and Dave era stuff also. That is what you call "The Van Halen Tribute Tour". Hell, I saw an Elvis tribute and they had two different singers for his two different era's, and he is just one person. When you go to the VH tribute, you will see just one guy covering 3 very different era's and 3 very different singers.

It is the third different band using the same name.

The difference with the DLR people is that we won't settle for second best. There is only one real VH. We didn't buy the new Coca-Cola and we don't go for the cheesy sequels. We are a group that is willing to suffer a little to gain a lot. We stand up for our rights and you would not see us sitting at the back of the bus just because that's the way things are.

As far as telling us to move on, hey, if VH wants to make a personnel change, they should have done so in a professional and adult manner. If they want to bash Dave in public and try and humiliate him in front of his fans, we are not going to put up with that shit. We were quiet in 1986, even though VH slammed Dave unmercifully, because what could we really say, Dave left on his own initiative. This time around, Eddie pulls a little publicity stunt, kicks him out of the band and then once again bashes him. That is not right, and that's just Dave's side of the story. That does not include Sammy's side.

Who are you to tell us to move on. You posted here and you are obviously on the Eddie end of things. There are 3 sides to this. We are all entitled to our opinions. Is one opinion better than the other? No, to each his own and may the best band win. Ultimately, in my opinion, that band will be the original VH, because deep down inside that is what most people really want.

In 1986, people accepted Sammy Hagar because they really had no choice. Dave had left, what else could they do? Now they have a choice. Dave wants to be there and the majority of the fans want him there.

This next album might be O.K. I am sure Edward is working his butt off in the process of making this new record. He has a lot to prove much like in '86. The album will be considered a success. Not their biggest, but successful. Once the tour starts is when people will see what they're missing. Eddie though, will be content and go back to resting on his laurels, and in a few years release a follow-up, much like OU812 was, and it will be only a marginally good album.

But this is where it will be different. People will slowly realize THEY DO have a choice this time around. They won't buy it because they will know that they can have the real VH instead of this average music.

Van Halen is like a plant that has been living in a rain forest, but there are hard times ahead. They will enjoy one more moderate rainfall, and then the drought will begin. They will slowly shrivel up and start to die. That is when Dave will come by with his fire hose and ask, "Is everybody happy?!! Is anybody thirsty over here?!!"

That is my prediction down to a tee, and you read it here first.